kapil and Kejriwal Marching Together To Cage Narendra Modi Now On opinion polls

Kapil[sibal] And Kejriwal[arvind] Are Marching Together To Cage Narendra Modi Now On opinion polls.
Kapil And Kejriwal both have alleged that opinion polls are manipulated and favoring Modi.
They both have demanded [separately ] that opinion polls.should be banned
Law Minister Kapil Sibal today said the Election Commission should take “hard decisions” if it finds that opinion polls are used to further the cause of parties as a sting operation showed that poll data is manipulated by agencies conducting such exercise.
“If this sting operation represents the truth, those opinion poll results amount to paid news, which subverts democracy and all that we stand for.The sting operation titled “Operation Prime Minister” carried out by a television channel recently, suggests that a particular political party is involved in manipulating opinion polls and publicising them in conspiracy with some sections of the media. This needs to be investigated
Kapil said”I request the Election Commission to take a call on the revelations, on the nature and impact of manipulated opinion polls, especially in light of the impending elections”.
While demanding transparency “AAP” Party demanded regulatory frame work
AAP Party believes that banning all opinion polls is not a solution, but this situation calls for a regulatory framework for ensuring transparency in public opinion polling.
AAP has issued following demands
1. The News Broadcasters Standards Authority and the Editors’ Guild should, having checked the veracity of this sting, conduct an inquiry into the role of news channels in broadcasting manipulated polls.
2. The channels, such as Times Now, Headlines Today and India TV, which have used “polls” conducted by these agencies under cloud should offer an explanation and make full disclosure to public.
3. The Election Commission should institute a code of conduct and a regulatory authority for the conduct of opinion polls.
4. A criminal investigation should be carried out by an SIT, preferably under Supreme Court, to verify all the allegations contained in this sting and get to the bottom of this political conspiracy regarding the role of political parties in manipulating the findings of opinion polls in the recent past.
5. All the media organisations must be required to disclose the list of their share holders, investors and lenders, their annual financial statements and make full disclosure of their political connections and business interests outside media.
AAP will write to the NBSA, Editor’s Guild and approach the Election Commission of India with these demands.