Lalit K Modi In Latest Double Digit Tweets Raises Just 1 Question For ED Why Only Me?

[New Delhi]Lalit Kumar Modi In Latest Double Digit Tweets Raises Just One Question For ED Why Only Me ? He Said That Out of 8 noticees, I was the only one SINGLED OUT! Only my passport was revoked. Why just me?
IPL’s Tainted Commissioner Lalit Kumar Modi has also Slashed ED For not Interrogating #ArunJaitley + #RajeevShukla Etc
Lalit Tweeted
My query to the ED: DO you have the courage to call BJP’s #ArunJaitley or #RajeevShukla from INC-Congress even today?
He Said Contract Cricket SA was again ratified on 2/9/09 by 11 members including Jaitley&Shukla.
Why weren’t they issued notices?
He Added
Contract with CSA okayed by 11 members. Why isn’t RajivShukla not one of the noticees? None economic offenders?
Contract with Cricket South Africa done by Srinivasan approved by 11 other members. Why single me out?
ED didn’t charge an individual but a group! Others Srini, Shashank, Pandove, Shetty, Kannan @ramansundar
Out of 8 noticees, only 1 person wrongly portrayed as an economic offender.
What about other 8 noticees?