Pb Govt To Monitor Toll Plaza’s Traffic Through Drones

[Chd,Pb]Pb Govt To Monitor Toll Plazas Traffic Through Drones
The Public Works Department will put drones for video surveillance and real-time mapping of congestion at all major toll plazas, informed Vijay Inder Singla, PWD Minister Punjab.
Technically, a tollgate system’s efficiency is measured through the queue length and the waiting time. The queue build up is a result of the gap in vehicle clearance vis-a-vis total arrivals at the toll per unit of time. It swells exponentially in a peak hour. So, despite better roads, Toll Plazas only end up slowing down traffic.
Hence, deployment of drones is being considered to streamline the vehicular flow.
Deeming the absence of the representative from M/s Sona Enterprises responsible for the operation of Toll plaza at Laddowal on N.H.1 near Ludhiana as non inclination to redress the complaints against its services, the department wrote against the operator to the NHAI seeking necessary action and temporary permission of free movement of traffic without payment of any toll, till the operator amends its ways and takes corrective measures. -EOM