Microsoft CEO Nadella To”Hit Refresh”Through His Debut Book

[New Delhi]Microsoft CEO Nadella To Change The World Through His Debut Book. Nadela’s Book Is About “Change”
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s debut book will hit stores next year with the writer saying it is neither a ‘how-to-succeed’ book nor a memoir but about change.
As per publishers Harper Business ‘Hit Refresh’ follows three storylines: Nadella’s personal journey of transformation, the change that is taking place today inside his storied technology company, and one that is coming in all of our lives as intelligent machines become more ambient and more ubiquitous throughout society, .
“Harper Business, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, has acquired World English rights to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first book, ‘Hit Refresh’. Hollis Heimbouch, vice-president and publisher, Harper Business, negotiated the deal with James Levine of Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency. The book will be published in Fall 2017,”
In the book, Nadella explores how people, organisations, and societies can and must transform – hit refresh – in their persistent quest for new energy, new ideas, relevance and renewal.
Nadella writes that uniquely human qualities like empathy will become more valuable in a world where the torrent of technology will disrupt like never before.
much a humanist as a technologist, Nadella defines his mission and that of the company he leads as empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
“This book is about change,” said Nadella.
“It is not a ‘how to succeed’ book, nor is it a memoir – it’s premature for that. Ultimately, I am writing for Microsoft team members, customers, and partners in hopes that these stories of transformation will be useful to them as they navigate their own path.”
The author’s proceeds from the book will be donated to Microsoft Philanthropies to benefit nonprofits, specifically those working on public cloud for public good projects.
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