Arvind Kejriwal Quickly Denies Relations With Newly Appointed DCW But Justifies Her Appointment

[New Delhi]Arvind Kejriwal Quickly Denies Relations With Newly Appointed DCW But Justifies Her Appointment
C M Arvind Kejriwal Quickly Denies Any Relations With Newly Appointed DCW And Justifies Swati Maliwal
.AAP refutes charges of neptism in appointing Maliwal DCW chief
The AAP today refuted charges of nepotism in the selection of Swati Maliwal, wife of party leader Naveen Jaihind, as the head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), saying she had a long record of “activism” in different spheres.
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was also quick to deny that Maliwal was related to him.
“Some media houses and opposition leaders alleging that Swati is my cousin. Complete nonsense. She is not even remotely connected,” Kejriwal tweeted.
The party said Maliwal has a long record of “activism” in different spheres and the appointment was done on “merit”.
AAP Leader said that The post of the DCW was being used as a retirement place. Barkha Singh, who lost in the polls, was accomodated there. Swati Maliwal can do justice to the post,
The current DCW chief Barkha Singh’s tenure is due to end this week.
Maliwal has been associated with Kejriwal since India Against Corruption (IAC) days. She is also the wife of Naveen Jaihind, a key party leader from Haryana. Jaihind is also a known Kejriwal loyalist.And Staunch Opponent Of Yogendra Yadav
Incidentally, AAP had always maintained that the post of the DCW is being “politically misused” and it would ensure that it does not happen during its tenure.
Meanwhile, Swaraj Abhiyan leader and lawyer-activist Prashant Bhushan, has taken a dig at Kejriwal on whether appointing close “confidante” Maliwal to statutory posts was a step towards towards alternate politics.
“Kejriwal confidante Swati (Maliwal) to be appointed DCW chief. AAP to follow Cong lead to appoint partisans to statutory posts. Alternative politics?” Bhushan tweeted.