Dr Manmohan Singh Turns 86:Modi & Rahul Greet

[New Delhi]Dr Manmohan Singh Turns 86:His Succeccssor Modi & Party President Rahul Greet
Prime Minister of India Narendra Bhai Damodar Das Modi Tweeted
“Greetings to our former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh ji on his birthday. I pray for Dr Singh’s long life and good health,”
Dr Singh was Born on this day in 1932 in Gah, Punjab (now Pakistan),
Birthday Singh is an economist who became a politician and prime minister for two consecutive terms between 2004 and 2014.
He has served in various positions, including as RBI chairman and finance minister.
Congress president Rahul Gandhi wished Dr Manmohan Singh and appreciated his selfless service to the cause of nation building.
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