Film Fraternity Pays”Homage”to Personalities Of Indian+International Cinema

[Panaji,New Delhi] Film Fraternity Pays”Homage”to Film Personalities Who Passed Away Last Year
Film Fraternity Pays “Homage” to Noted Personalities. Of Indian And International Cinema,who Passed Away in the Last Year Through Showcasing their Films in its exclusive section “Homage”:.IFFI 2015
The presence of those who are gone can be profoundly felt when their most memorable films are screened for the ones who long for just another sight. Ardent fans and family embrace the beloved masters’ artistry yet again. There are homage sections for both Indian Cine veteran and also Veteran from International Cinema,
The Cine personalities who have been included in the ‘Homage’ are-
Indian Cinema:
Aadesh Shrivastava, noted composer and singer ,
Bidyut Chakravarty a veteran theatre, film, radio and television director and actor
Daggubati Ramanaidu, a veteran Telugu film producer
Deven Varma, an Indian film and television actor,
Nageswara Rao, renowned producer of Telugu cinema
Indra Bania, a theatre, radio, film and television legend in Assam.
K. Balachander, a veteran director
Manayangath Subramanian Viswanathan, music director
Manorama Apoorva, a veteran Tamil actress
Nirad N. Mohapatrafilms), a veteran director,
Ravindra Jain, music Composer and music director
International cinema:
Manoel De Oliveira (Portugal), the most prolific film directors and probably the only film maker whose active career spanned from silent era to the digital age. (Film- Christopher Columbus The Enigma)
Ankita Ekberg (Itly-France), one of the most popular actresses of 1950s
Omar Sharif (UK), Oscar nominated and multiple Golden globe winning actor.