Inspire others to Lead a Healthy Life:PM Of India On World Health Day

[New Delhi] Inspire others to Lead a Healthy Life:PM On World Health Day
World Is Observing World Health Day Today With the Theme “Food Safety”
As per World Health Organisation Over 200 diseases are caused by unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, chemical substances.
It is also estimated that two million deaths occur every year from contaminated food or drinking water.
PM Of India ,To mark the day, Prays
“all of you remain in the best of health and at the same time inspire others to lead a healthy life”.
PM Narendra Modi Said
“Theme of this year’s World Health Day, Food Safety is an essential pre-condition for good health and we all must focus on it.
Govt is working tirelessly to realise the dream of a Healthy India where every citizen has access to proper and affordable healthcare.