Krishna R Kapoor Leaves To Join Her Legendry Husband In Heaven

[Mumbai]Krishna Raj Kapoor at 87 Leaves To Join Her Husband In Heaven
Smt Krishna Raj Kapoor, wife of legendary actor Raj Kapoor, passed away Monday due to cardiac arrest.
She was 87.
In May 1946, Raj Kapoor married Krishna Malhotra and the couple had five children — three sons,
Rishi and
Rajiv, and two daughters,
Ritu and
She was the sister of renowned actors
Rajendra Nath,
Prem Nath and
Narendra Nath.
Her sister Uma is married to veteran actor Prem Chopra.
As per her Elder son Randhir last rites will be performed at Chembur crematorium,
Her son Rishi Kapoor, is currently in the US for medical treatment.