AAP Released Second List of candidates For elections For 16Th Lok Sabha

Aam Aadmi Party Has Released Second List of candidates to contest in the up coming elections For 16Th Lok Sabha
Grand Son Of Mahatma Gandhi Rajmohan Gandhi Has Been Fielded to face Son Of Ex C M Sheila Dikshit , Sandeep Dikshit [ Sitting Congress MP in East Delhi]
Party leader Manish Sisodia in a press conference said that the names will be put on the website for five days for public scrutiny. The general public may send its complaints and/or suggestions, Second List Is As Under;
1]. Rajmohan Gandhi – AAP candidate from East Delhi, Delhi
Rajmohan Gandhi is an eminent scholar and journalist. Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and C. Rajgopalachari, Shri Gandhi is a biographer and a research professor at the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. He is also a Scholar in residence at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. He was also the convener of the all-party joint committee of both houses addressing the condition of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Parliament.
2]. Shekhada Atulbhai Govindbhai – AAP candidate from Junagrah, Gujarat
Shekhada Atulbhai Govindbhai is an engineer by training. He is an active Janlokpal campaigner and leader of Farmers’ Land Acquisition Andolan in Junagarh. He is a strong proponent of good governance.
3]. Naveen Jaihind – AAP candidate from Rohtak, Haryana
An eminent social worker, Naveen led the movement for Right to Information Act in Haryana and campaigned for Swaraj in the state. He has been organising blood donation camps and body organ donation pledge camps. Under the name “Jaihind” he formed an organisation of students on 15th. August 2006. Naveen has been associated with Janlokpal movement right from the beginning.
4].Balwinder Kaur – AAP candidate form Kurukshetra, Haryana
She is a member of Bhartiya Kisan Union. She was lodged in jail for eight days for her struggle for farmers rights. She is also president of Pharunijattan Mahila Mandal.
5]. Poonam Chand Ratti – AAP candidate form Sirsa, Haryana
Shri Ratti retired from fire brigade department in 2013. He’s a well known social worker. He worked tirelessly for the cause of pensioners and safai karmcharis.
6]. Yudhbir singh Khyalia – AAP candidate from Hisar, Haryana
A retired IAS officer, Sh Khyalia, has done his PhD on “Management of safe blood transfusion” and MA in public administration His name was listed in Limca Book of Records, 1998 edition for organizing “Rakt Daan Jaagran Mela”. He was also awarded with “Mother Teresa Memorial Award” and was lected President of Indian Society of Blood Transfusion & Immunohaematology (ISBTI), India in the year 2009.He has been actively involved in total sanitation and literacy campaign.
7]. Jaisingh Thekedar – AAP candidate from Sonipat, Haryana
He is an advocate by profession and president of BAR association for last two years. He is an active social worker for last 8 years. He was secretary of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha. He was sarpanch of kasanda village and president of gaushala. He has been involved in the movement against land acquisition.
8]. Dr. Rajan Sushant – AAP candidate from Kangra, Himachal Prasad
He is ex MP from kangra. He played an active role in Jaypee Pond Dam rehablitation, farmer and worker movements and has been jailed many times during public movements. He was youngest legislature in 1982. He was elected as MP for four times from Himachal Pradesh.
9] Bhawna Bhavesh Vasnik
Bhawna Wasnik is a professor of home economics in Amravati and soon this young mother of two will be an inspiration to women in this country, as she takes on the challenge of contesting against established names in the Shiv Sena bastion. Bhavna has worked towards creating awareness about AIDS and conducted programmes for special children. The cause of the nomadic and much maligned Pardhi tribes is close to her heart and she has been working with social workers in the area to design programmes, that will help them generate income and sustained livelihood.
10]. Sameena Abdulmajid Khan
Raising pertinent questions about the abysmal performance of public representatives is a young lady in black robes, Sameena Khan. A lawyer who represents labour unions and others in the labour and industrial courts of Sangli, Sameena is exposed to many of the crucial issues in the area and articulates them vociferously. Born and brought up in Miraj, Sameera believes the youth of this nation must don the mantle of representation and work towards inclusive growth and development , to oppose the indifference and arrogance of established political scions.
11]. Maruti Sahebraw Bhapkar
A lone crusader who has long protested against the inability of the government to provide housing for slum dwellers, Maruti Bhapkar is one of the strongest voices against corruption in Maharashtra. A former independent municipal councillor, Maruti has been a vociferous RTI activist who has raised several pertinent questions on the SEZs in the Ratnagiri and Maval regions and led agitations by people displaced and affected by Lavasa. Maruti Bhapkar is the voice of hope that this nation needs, in an era when the nexus between the politicians and the land mafia threatens the life and livelihood of the rural populace.
12]. Wamanrao Sudaishirao
All are equal but some are more equal observes Wamanrao. A lawyer and relentless crusader against the inequalities of the system and lack of focus on alleviation of inequities, Wamanrao is in the forefront of grass roots movements in Maharashtra. A former member of the Maharashtra assembly, he has strived for better governance and raised the bar in public representation.
13]. Lalit Babar
A strong and resilient figure espousing the socialist cause in Maharashtra is Lalit Babar. Born to agricultural workers in Sangola village of Sholapur, Lalit has a degree in political science and a diploma in journalism. He was deeply influenced by the JP movement and has worked tirelessly to create water resources in the drought prone areas of Maharashtra. Formerly employed with the State Bank Of India, Lalit has always remained connected with community development initiatives and has presented a paper at the World Social Forum in Brazil. As founding member of a dalit organisation that engages with communities in seven states of India, he has focussed attention on developing livelihood for deprived sections especially women, farmers and youth . His vision seeks an awakening among people, through a developmental process based on the founding principles of equality, liberty and social justice.
14]. Subahsh Lomte
The unorganized sector in India continues to be the most vulnerable, devoid of any social security or benefit . Spearheading the movement for rethink and focus on the issues concerning this sector is Subhas Lomte. An activist based in Aurangabad, Subhash has led organisations that work towards mobilising agricultural workers, hamals ( coolies) ,construction workers and domestic workers against social and economic exploitation. He has agitated relentlessly for minimum wages, insurance and financial support from governments for labour in this sector so that they can access the primary needs of livelihood, education and health and ensure a better environment for future generations. Subhash has been a part of the Marathwada Vikas Andolan, Land to the Tiller movement and Dalit Shishyavrutty Wadh Andolan. He has a post graduate degree in biochemistry and is based in Aurangabad.
15]. Sanjeev Sane
Long associated with veteran socialist leader Bhai Vaidya and the Samajvadi Janparishad , Sanjeev Sane is a popular and respected mass leader of Maharashtra. He has over the years,been a part of and led several agitations against systemic malpractices and indifference of local governance to needs of the disadvantaged. He was an active associate of the Jan Lokpal movement and was among the few who believed that the movement needs to find resonance within the political space if it has to be an agent of change and transform Indian polity.
16]. Nandu Madhav
An acclaimed theatre and film artiste, Nandu Madhav is known for his well defined views on governance and policy. Nandu recently donned the lead role in ‘Harishachandrachi factory’, India’s official entry to the Osacrs in 2010. In the two decades spent in the Marathi theatre milieu and in his travels across Maharashtra, he has experienced the struggles and helplessness of the populace as they struggled to avail of basic livelihood and opportunities and been fuelled by the desire to contribute to systemic change and improving delivery mechanisms. Nandu is best known for ‘ Shivaji Underground in Bhimnagar Mohalla ‘ , a play directed by him and which won commercial and critical acclaim . The play busted many myths and is no less than a revelation of the true spirit and values of Shivaji Maharaj as a leader of every community and segment of society, be it the Dalits, Muslims or Hindus.
17]. Deelip Mhaske
A resident of Kandivali in Mumbai, Dilip lost his home, a 10 x 10 tenement in a slum demolition drive several years ago. Since then, this industrious young man has acquired degrees in law, social work and a doctorate from the USA. Born to parents who farmed in Jalna , Deelip’s commitment to developing solutions in healthcare and education for the most disadvantaged strata of society is reflected in his work and engagements with civil society . Nominated for the Mann Award , which recognizes innovations in health and human rights, Deelip has transformed the lives of several communities living in five slum tenements of Mumbai. He has also instrumental in advocating land for 18 lakh landless farmers in Maharashtra under the Swabhiman Yojana in 2005. Deelip hopes to raise a generation of Indians who will be equipped to fight for their rights and usher in systemic change.
18]. Prashant Mishra
Long troubled by the state of the nation, Prashant is a software professional who has charted a career in software services and management and is now set to apply his skill sets in public representation. Prashant grew up in Vidharbha, studying in local government schools and later acquired a bachelors degree in electrical engineering in India and a masters in electronics engineering in the USA. He and his spouse manage software businesses, with offices in the USA and Nagpur. Prashant has been closely involved in several endeavours in the social development sector and was a part of the Anna movement.
19]. Aneeta Hindoliya
Anita is a dynamic lady in Ujjain. She has a sound family background. She also runs a pertol pump. She has been fighting for poors and women related issues.
20]. Kailash Awasya
Local, well educated aadiwaasi community leader; did an MA, tought in a government school and left his job in a couple of years to get involved in anti displacement movement(Narmada Bachao Aandolan). Very highly regraded in his community. It’s a rare find because it has not been easy to find community leaders and candidates from ST seats.
21]. Capt. Abdul Nasir Hanfee
He is a retd. Vir Chakra Prapt Wing Commander. He is originally from Mhow (Indore). He has good management capabilities
22]. Paras Saklecha
Paras is a Ex-MLA (Independent). He has raised maximum questions in MP assembly. He has raised VYAPAM issue and malnutrition issue in MP. Has an extremely clean image.
23]. Khuman Singh Armo
He is a retd. DSP belonging to Mandla, Who is willingly working as a farmer. He has been very sympathatic to the plight and concerned of his fellow farmers, tribal children and women. He has traveled extensively in rural Mandla district. He is working towards health and education of the poor and tribals.
24]. Bhagawat Singh Rajput
B S Rajput has been associated with Party/IAC since beginning. He has a good network with many veteran politicians of MP. He is politically mature and has been working in Vidisha constituency from very long time.
25]. Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi
He is a famous cardiologist in punjab and much appreciated in rural areas. He has been a student activist and been jailed for opposing emergency. He has been a founder and active member of human and democratic rights bodies, while in government services he developed rural health care model and ensured public participation in running hospitals and health care programmes in rural areas.
26]. Major Surendra Kumar Punia
The youngest recipient of the President’s award – Vishist Seva Medal in 2013 and a qualified doctor, he will contest from Sikar constituency in Rajasthan. He was involved in counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir and had first hand exposure to the happenings in Kashmir. He was inspired by the Jan Lokpal Andolan and retired from the army to dedicate himself to the service of the nation.
27]. Ashok kumar Jain
Ashok Kumar Jain is AAP Convener in Rajasthan and is a founder member of the party. He is the first person to implement the Right to Recall in India (in a municipal body in Rajasthan)
28]. Raj Kadyan
Retired as Lt General (deputy chief of Army staff) from Indian army. Worked for welfare of Ex servicemen. Formed an organization ISEM for ex servicemen. Fought a battle for one rank one pension for ex servicesmen. Stays in Gurgaon.
29]. Dr. Muzaffar Bhatt:
He is an eminent Right to Information activist, who’s been fighting for the rights of the people of J&K.