After Landslide Defeat Trembling”AAP”Party Condemns Retrograde Statements Against Women In Haryana

[New Delhi] To Find a Base In Haryana Trembling “AAP” Party Condemns Retrograde Statements Against Women in Haryana
After Having Landslide Defeat In Haryana The AAP Party demands that the Haryana government should immediately ban the meeting of Hindu Mahasabha to be held on Sunday, in which it wants to declare a dress code for women and a ban on their carrying mobile phones.
Party Says, It is shocking that the new BJP state government of Haryana is allowing such elements to give statements openly, which are in clear violation of law and breach all norms of the society.Even C M M L Khattar Is speaking on the subject
Mr Khattar, in an interview during elections had advised girls to dress decently and their freedom must be bound by some limits. He had gone on to praise the khaps for promoting Indian culture.
Though he has not repeated these views again, but the ministers of his cabinet appear to have emboldened organizations like Hindu Mahasabha to spread regressive views in the society.
Haryana agriculture minister OP Dhankar, who is no stranger to controversies, is on a Khaps promoting spree and his utterances seem to be encouraging organizations which pose a danger to the society.
The AAP is of the view that such talk and diktats against women are a deliberate attempt to push back the efforts for women equality. It is an attempt to restrict women to private spaces and continue their exploitation. Such diktats justify the use of force and violence against women and need to be strongly resisted.