Kapil Sibal Received Blessings From Delhi Imam In Annual Ijtemah At Shahi Eidgah

[New Delhi]Kapil Sibal Has Started Showing His Political Strength In Delhi.Specially To His New Challenger Ashutosh Of “AAP” Party
Annual Ijtemah at the Shahi Eidgah Was Organised Which Was Attended By [ Near About] 4 Lakhs Of devout Muslims
In This Annual Ijtemah The Bestower Imam Him Self Bestowed Blessings Over Sibal Whie Expressing His Happiness Kapil Sibal Said . “Delighted to have been part of the annual Ijtemah at the Shahi Eidgah in Delhi today. Honoured to have been blessed by the Imam himself, along with around 4 lakh devout Muslims gathered here today”.
Law Minister Kapil Sibal Said “I was also happy to see the results of the wonderful conservation and development efforts undertaken by the Shahi Eidgah committee, with the support of the WAQF Board, the DDA, and several other government organisations and individuals.My compliments, and gratitude to all involved.Yesterday” .