IPL’s Tainted Commissioner Lalit Modi’s New Jibe On UPA+NDA+Media

[New Delhi]I P L Tainted Commissioner Lalit Modi Is Tweeting To Prove  Himself a Victim  Of Situations Out Side His Control & Unsafe For Him To Return To India

In His Latest Tweets Lalit Modi Has Thrown Jibe On NDA+UPA+Media Also For Not Answering His 24 Hours Challenge

Lalit Modi In His Tweets Said

]This is a fact Arnab has this unique ability to cut out the person doing the interviewer who is interviewing me

by replacing himself and changing the question -in other words hedges a cut and paste job and fools the global public with his exclusive

garbage. So this time I asked he sign and times group sign an agmt saying that the interview be played in full without edits and Arnab

guess what they kept sending. So I kept delaying. Finally told his go fly a kite – That’s Time group for you

This is why @bcci  and @iplnever came into @ipl  Still trying to figure whose name the person who sent me blanket

i Bet @arun jaitely can shed some light on thi or is it @ShuklaRajiv