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मोदीभापे !हद्द ए नजर तक सियासी चक्का कहीं हिलता नजर नही आता

#मोदीभापे !


बहारें जल गई,चमन जल रहा,जहां तक देखो वतन जल रहा

नक्काराए हुक्मरां है पुरजोर,हैं फुर्सत किसे,सभी हैं मसरूफ़

मोदीभापे, ये कैसा नक्कारा ,हुक्मरानों की कैसी मसरूफियत,

हद्द ए नजर तक सियासी चक्का कहीं हिलता नजर नही आता

#कम्पेनसशन/रिहैबिलिटेशन /अलॉटमेंट क्लेम की लूट


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Kejriwal Promises Free Elect in Punjab if AAP Wins

(New Delhi,Jun 28)Kejriwal Promises Free Elect in Punjab if AAP Wins
Assembly elections in Punjab are scheduled to be held in February or March next year.
A day ahead of his visit to Chandigarh, the AAP leader also claimed that women in Punjab are very unhappy with inflation.
AAP spokesperson and Delhi MLA Raghav Chadha said the Punjab Chief Minister’s office has denied the party permission to hold a press conference at a pre-decided venue.
Chadha said Kejriwal will make a “mega announcement” in Chandigarh on Tuesday.

कोटकपूरा की पोलिस फायरिंग में बादल को घेरने में असमर्थ रहे पूर्व आईजी ने आप जॉइन की

cartoon cheeyar leader aap partyओए झल्लेया! वोह मारा पापड़ वाले को।ओए पंजाब पुलिस के टॉप कॉप रहे कुंवर विजय प्रताप ने हसाडी पार्टी जॉइन कर ली है।ओए कुंवर साहब को पार्टी जॉइन करवाने के लिए हसाडे अरविंद केजरीवाल साहब दिल्ली से स्पेशली अमृतसर आये थे।अब तो 2022 के चुनांवों में हमे सत्ता मिले ही मिले
झल्लाओए चतुर सुजाणा!
इन कुंवर साहिब ने 2015 के कोटकपूरा और बेहबल कलां की पोलिस फायरिंग में तत्कालीन व्योवर्द्ध मुख्यमंत्री प्रकाश सिंह बादल को घेरने के लिए एसआई टी में एड़ीचोटी का जोर लगा लिया था।और जब उनके मनसूबे पूरे नही हुए तो रिटायरमेंट ले कर राजनीतिक चोला पहनने की जुगत लडानी शुरू कर दी।
अब बादलों को बैठे बिठाए आप और कांग्रेस पर गरजने और बरसने का मौका जरूर मिल गया।


“आप”के ठाकुर मनीष सिशोदिया ने पँजांब निकायों के चुनांवों में ताल ठोंकी

(चंडीगढ़,पँजांब) आप के ठाकुर मनीष सिशोदिया ने लोकल बॉडीज के चुनांवों में ताल ठोंकी
दिल्ली में आप पार्टी की सरकार में उपमुख्यमंत्री ठाकुर मनीष सिशोदिया ने प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में पँजांब के मतदाताओं से अबकी बार आप पार्टी को आजमाने का आग्रह किया।सिशोदिया ने कहा कि पँजांब के लोगों ने कांग्रेस+शिरोमणिअकालीदल+भजपा को आजमा लिया है लेकिन उनकी समस्याएं जस की तस हैं इसीलिए अबकी बार आम आदमी पार्टी की ईमानदार+कर्मठ पार्टी को सरकार बनाने के लिए अवसर प्रदान करें।
गौरतलब है कि पँजांब में होने जा रहे स्थानीय निकायों के चुनांवों में प्रचार की आज अंतिम तिथि है।

Ajoy Kumar joins AAP :Setback To Jharkhand Congress

[New Delhi] Ajoy Kumar joins AAP :Setback To Jharkhand Congress
Former Jharkhand Congress chief Ajoy Kumar on Thursday joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the presence of Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.
.Kumar, a former IPS officer, resigned as Jharkhand Congress chief last month, accusing some colleagues of promoting their own interests over the party and indulging in corrupt practices.

Kejriwal Keeps Crown Of AAP Party For One More Year

[New Delhi]Kejriwal Gets Throne Of AAP Party For One More Year
The national council of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Saturday unanimously decided to extend the terms of all of its office-bearers, including party convener Arvind Kejriwal, by a year.
As per Pankaj Gupta a proposal to extend the term of the current council by a year in view of the upcoming Lok Sabha election and the Delhi Assembly polls was passed unanimously.
Kejriwal was elected as the national convenor of the AAP for the second time in April, 2016 for a period of three years.

Police Arrests AAP’s 2 Assaulter MLAs,Court Rejects Police Custody

[NewDelhi] Police Arrests AAP’s 2 Assaulter MLAs,Court Rejects Police Custody
Delhi has court rejected police plea for 2-day custody of AAP MLAs Amantullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal in Chief Secretary assault case.Earlier these two MLAs were arrested Anshu Prakash
Two AAP MLAs have been arrested in connection with the alleged assault on Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash during a meeting at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence,
AAP MLA Amantullah Khan was arrested today after he appeared at Jamia Nagar police station. Party legislator from Deoli, Prakash Jarwal, who was detained last night, was also arrested,
In his complaint, Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash had alleged that he was sitting on a sofa flanked by Amantullah and another AAP MLA during the Monday night meeting, and without provocation, the two legislators “started hitting and assaulting” him “with blows on head and temple”. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has denied the allegations.
Khan, MLA from Okhla , was accompanied by a large group of supporters as he arrived at the police station at noon. He was later handed over to the Civil Lines police.
The Victim officer claimed he was questioned about the AAP government’s media publicity during the meeting, while the AAP functionaries say he was called to discuss complaints on ration distribution.
The chief secretary in his complaint alleged that the assault was “premeditated” and a “conspiracy” of all those present.

Pb’s Dy CM Sukhbir Calls ‘AAP’a Bunch of Outsiders

[Faridkot,Punjab] Pb’s Dy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal Calls “AAP” a bunch of outsiders
Slamming Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh for his regime’s “failure” and dismissing AAP as a “bunch of outsiders”, Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal today exhorted people of the state to vote the SAD-BJP combine to power for a third consecutive term.
Inaugurating and laying foundation stones of various development projects worth Rs 350 crore in Kotkapura, Jaito and Faridkot, the Deputy Chief Minister claimed the Akali Dal is the only party which genuinely represents Punjab whereas Congress and AAP were only “lusting” after power.
Sukhbir came down heavily on AAP, and said they were “bunch of outsiders who don’t have any inkling about the culture and tradition of Punjab”.
Terming AAP as Punjab’s “biggest enemy”, Badal alleged the party was trying to “disrupt communal harmony and brotherhood” in the state.
He claimed that AAP did not care for the sentiments of any religion and the dastardly act committed by them during the release of their youth manifesto in Amritsar, was drawing flak from around the world.

AAP to Launch Agitation Against Property Tax Hike by East MCD

[New Delhi] AAP to Launch Agitation Against Property Tax Hike by East MCD
AAP Alleges BJP effects 6 Fold hike in property tax
The Aam Aadmi Party condemns BJP for increasing property tax in East Delhi colonies
The party has warned the BJP if the tax hike is not rolled back, it will launch a major agitation in the area against the BJP, which controls the East MCD.
Giving details of the hike, Aam Aadmi Party State Convenor Dilip Pandey said that the BJP has mismanaged the civic bodies in the city and its leaders are involved in large scale corruption.
The three municipal bodies are facing bankruptcy under the BJP’s misrule. Now to increase revenues, the BJP has a found a new way. The ruling BJP has increased the property tax through back door.As per Pandey ,Some colonies, which were in the E category, have now been put under A category.
Property tax in these colonies has been increased by six folds.

“AAP”Demands Action Against Agusta Deal Devils

[New Delhi]”AAP” Demands Action Against Agusta Deal’s Beneficiaries.
Kejriwal’s Own Much Hyped Odd, Even Scheme Is Crashed
Delhi Ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today said both the Congress and BJP have “blackened” their hands in the Agusta Westland chopper deal and demanded action against those involved.
The party also asked the government to come clean on allegations that former Air Chief S P Tyagi had links with Vivekananda Foundation, a Delhi based think tank, once headed by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. It also wondered whether this was the reason behind the probe agencies going “slow” in the investigation.
“This deal started during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure.
It was completed by the Manmohan Singh government and (it) cancelled the deal
.AAP leader Sanjay Singh said. It appears that since Congress and the BJP have both blackened their hands, this is why the Modi government is not taking any action against Sonia Gandhi,”
“If the intentions of Modi government is to combat corruption, then it should arrest those involved in it, right from Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel to S P Tyagi and many other officers and politicians…whose name in involved in the Agusta Westland chopper deal. He said Even some journalists are believed to have been involved,” .
The party also posed six questions to the government over the investigations in the deal.
AAP leader Ashutosh said.
“It is evident that S P Tyagi has taken bribe. What is the connection of S P Tyagi with Vivekananda Foundation. NSA Ajit Doval and Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Nripendra Misra, both believed to be very powerful bureaucrats linked to Vivekananda Foundation.

Strongly refuting the allegations, the government termed attempts to link Doval and Misra to one of the accused as “totally baseless assertion and indicative of malicious intent”.