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World Sees Indian Passport Holder with Respect: Modi

(Ahmedabad, Guj) World Sees Indian Passport Holder with Respect: Modi
The strength and the value of Indian passport has increased. The world sees those holding Indian passport with respect,” Modi said.
Indias image has gained global prominence and the world expects our country to play a leading role in resolving international problems, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here on Wednesday.
He was addressing BJP workers at the airport during an event organised by the party’s state unit to felicitate him for his speech at the UN General Assembly.
A large poster of of Modi and US President Donald Trump was put up on stage.

JetAirways flight Carrying 131 Flyers Taken To Isolation:Bomb Scare

[Ahmedabad] Jet Airways flight Carrying 131 Flyers Taken To Isolation:Bomb scare
A Jet Airways flight carrying 125 passengers + six crew members from Ahmedabad to Mumbai was delayed by two hours after a bomb scare
The aircraft was taken to the isolation bay after a security alert.
As per airport sources,.All the passengers were deplaned and extensive search of the passenger and their baggage, cargo and aircraft was carried out by the security agencies,
As per Sources “Jet Airways flight S2 4738 Ahmedabad to Mumbai had received a security alert. The aircraft was thoroughly inspected by the security agencies and the flight with 125 guests and six crew onboard has now been cleared for its onward operations,”

Cong Raises Eyebrows Over Handing Over of Jaipur+Ahmedabad Airports to Changi

[New Delhi]Congress Raises Eyebrows Over Handing Over of Profit making Jaipur+Ahmedabad Airports to Changi For Management.
Both States Are Ruled BY BJP.
The Congress described as “surpising and shocking” the decision to open up Jaipur and Ahmedabad airports to Singapore’s Changi Airport Group for management operations and asked whether Airports Authority of India was taken into confidence.
Ahmed Patel, Political Secretary to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, tweeted “the manner in which profitable airports of Ahmedabad and Jaipur have been handed over to Changi is surprising and shocking.”
He also questioned why due process that encourages competition was avoided in handing over of airports.
The group would be managing the terminal operations and parking at these both airports.
Airports Authority of India (AAI) Chairman R K Srivastava had said the modalities with regard to Changi taking over the operation of Ahmedabad and Jaipur airports are being worked out.
AAI, which currently manages the two airports, is also awaiting from the government the official agreement for the proposed partnership.
In 2014-15, Ahmedabad airport handled 5.05 million passengers, including 1.22 million international travellers.
During the corresponding period, Jaipur airport handled 2.20 million passengers, of them 0.33 million overseas people.
By 2023-24, the volume of passengers at Ahmedabad is expected to go up to 6.77 million, and Jaipur 3.75 million.