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151 Pilots+Crew Members Tested Positive for Alcohol

[New Delhi] ‘151 Pilots+Crew Members Tested Positive for Alcohol’
As many as 151 pilots and crew members tested positive for alcohol during pre-flight medical examination in the first ten months this year and action has been taken against them, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju said today.
A total of 38 pilots and 113 cabin crew have tested alcohol positive during pre-flight medical examination for consumption of alcohol from January 1 to October 31 this year, he said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha.
Acting against such individuals, aviation regulator DGCA suspended privileges of license of pilots as well as privileges of authorisation of cabin crew.
“Further, the concerned airlines in compliance with DGCA’s order, have grounded all these pilots and cabin crew,” Raju said.
Aircraft Rules prohibits consumption of intoxicating and psychoactive substances by persons acting as, or carried in aircraft for the purpose of acting as pilot, commander, navigator, engineer, cabin crew or the other operating member of the crew.
In a separate written reply, Raju said 208 irregularities by pilots of various airlines have been reported to DGCA during 2015 and this year.
“A total of 15 irregularities by airlines have been reported to DGCA during last year and the current year 2016…
In all the cases, relevant enforcement action has been taken against the pilots and the airlines concerned,” he noted.
Minister without providing specific details, said that during a recent surveillance carried out by the regulator, it was found that one of the scheduled airlines was not strictly adhering to the requirements regarding breath analyser check

Govt’s 2nd Big NO In Just 2 Days,Today’s ‘NO’ For Opaque DGCA

[New Delhi]Govt’s 2nd No In Two Days This Time For Replacement Of Opaque DGCA
Central Govt Has Shelved Its Another Proposal for Civil Aviation Authority
Union Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju today said that he saw no need to merely rename the regulator.
The UPA government had proposed to replace Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) having full functional and financial autonomy to give the regulator more teeth.
But the Civil Aviation Minister said.”What is the need for CAA? What purpose will be served by just changing the name? I do not see any reason (to replace DGCA),”
Raju, however, admitted there is “opaqueness” in working of DGCA and promised to usher in transparency in the body in the interest of passenger safety and security.
The Minister said an ambitious plan is being worked out to make the DGCA a more “responsive” and “meaningful” body, which had faced a downgrade on safety grounds during the UPA regime.
The DGCA is expected to make completely online 18 major services including granting of licence to pilots, approval of safety procedures and engineering and flight operations this month as part of its e-GCA (e-Governance in Civil Aviation) project.
His comments come,Through PTI, at a time when there are increasing threats to aviation security worldwide, particularly after the terror attack on Brussels airport in March.
Yesterday Raju Ruled Out any Formulation For Capping Of Airfare

Govt Formulating Norms Of Ticket Cancellation’Fee’For Indigo Like AL

[New Delhi]Govt Formulating Norms Of Ticket Cancellation Fee For Airlines
Apart From The Airfare Capping, Civil Aviation Ministry is working on new norms for ticket cancellation+baggage+ denied boarding,
Largest airline by market share IndiGo and government-run Air India hiked its cancellation charges, Directorate General of Civil Aviation had sought an explanation from the carriers over the issue.
A total of 46,833 passengers were affected due to flight cancellations, delays and denied boarding, involving a compensation of Rs 1.33 crore during April.
Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Said that the Government is working on new norms with respect to ticket cancellation fee amid concerns that airlines have been levying high charges on passengers.
“There are a lot of suggestions we are working on,” Minister today said in a response to a query on whether the ministry is formulating norms with regard to ticket cancellation charges and related issues.
He was speaking here on the sidelines of a function, where Airports Authority of India (AAI) National Skill Development Corporation and National Skill Development Fund entered into an agreement for skill development in aviation sector.
.Recently, domestic air passengers’ body APAI wrote to the ministry and the DGCA about issues such as adequate compensation to fliers in the eventuality of their flight getting cancelled or delayed.

Chennai Airport Rated Very Good But New International Arrival Terminal is Not in Use

[Chennai]Chennai Airport Rated Very Good But New International Arrival Terminal is Still Not in Use
Chennai Airport’s New International Arrival Terminal is Still Not in Use
Airport Director Deepak Sastri Himself Said “The new international arrival terminal is still not in use Whereas Airports Council International, which acts as an interface between Governments and International Civil Aviation Organisation, in a study, has given Chennai airport a very good rating
Airport Authority of India said the development plan of the Chennai airport including setting up of multi-level car parking and a secondary runway is facing challenges.
Responding to reports appearing in certain section of media on the condition of the premises, Director Sastri said”The Chennai airport development plan is on hold since 2012. The development plan is incomplete in all spheres —
the city side multi-level car parking,
modification of old and new terminals and
under utilisation of secondary runway for want of additional land from State government”
in an official release.”The new international arrival terminal is still not in use due to inadequate manpower provided by immigration, customs and CISF.
. the issues that were posing a hindrance include delay in privatisation for three years and lack of manpower for operating new international terminal among others.

Civil Aviation Minister Raju Preaches Difference Of Courtesy And Privilege At Airports

[New Delhi]Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Preaches Difference Of Courtesy And Privilege At Airports
Central Minister Raju Said that refreshment served to Parliamentarians at Airports Is just a Courtesy And Not a Privilege.
Minister today disapproved of making an issue of privileges to Members of Parliament at various airports, saying serving of free tea+coffee + water to them was just a “courtesy”.
Lamenting that “aviation” has become a “soft target” for “bashing”, the Minister said it has attracted attention for all the wrong reasons when the focus should be on safety and security aspects.
“If a cup tea or glass of water is offered… is that a privilege or a courtesy,” Raju said to queries on the issue of privileges to MPs on the sidelines of a function.
“Tell me what is that an MP gets which a frequent flier does not get. Let us not make a storm in a tea cup,” he said.
Government had recently said that MPs and other VIPs will continue to enjoy facilities like being served tea, coffee and water free of charge at airports besides free access to the terminal building as there was no move to scrap these privileges.
Some of the facilities being provided to the VIPs and Members of Parliament include reserved lounge at domestic and international airports, free access to terminal building and visitors’ gallery; airport entry pass to personal staff of MPs, Raju had informed the Lok Sabha.
Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress president, had taken a swipe at Raju saying it was “hypocrisy of the highest limits”.

Narendra Modi Is Now Asked International Flights Specially For N R I,s From Punjab

Narendra Modi Is Now Asked International Flights For N R Is From Punjab This May Divert Traffic Burden From I G I New Delhi
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Has Now Been Asked For Air Travelling Provision For N R I From Punjab .
NAPA has demanded international flights from Amritsar to Sanfrancisco
Ahead of the Promised visit of Indian Prime Minister North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) has sought the intervention of Prime Minister for early resume of the Air India’s Amritsar-Sanfrancisco flight and expediting clearance of international flights from Mohali airport for facilitating the non-resident Indians, especially Punjabis living in United States.
Satnam Singh Chahal executive director of NAPA in a letter sent to Prime Minister + Ashok Gagapathi Indian Civil Aviation Minister +Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has urged for this cause
In this communiqué to Narendra Modi and Ashok Gagapathi , Chahal pleaded that many of the NRIs were facing difficulties due to the lack of direct flight between Amritsar and Sanfrancisco. With more than 63% of passengers checking in at the Delhi airport belonging to Punjab, it is imperative for the government of India to facilitate their movement by starting more direct international flights from Amritsar and expedite clearance of international flights from the upcoming Mohali airport,” Chahal has also alleged that progress of the Mohali airport was quite slow and it needed to be expedited.