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Calicut Airport Runway To Suspend Flights From 1st May for Six Months

Calicut Airport Runway To Suspend Big Aircraft Operations for Six Months from 1st May
It has been decided to re-carpet and strengthen the runway at the Calicut Airport for safety reasons arising out of its precarious surface condition after the last monsoon. The work will be undertaken after this year’s monsoon season in September 2015. Meanwhile, in the interest of safety, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has decided to suspend operations of bigger aircrafts such as B-777, B-747 and A-330-200 at Calicut airport for a period of six months with effect from 1.5.2015.
The situation will be reviewed after assessing the progress of re-carpeting work of the runway and the decision communicated by the DGCA in this regard.
Out of 162 flights per week (41 domestic + 121 international), only 26 flights per week of Saudia Airlines, Emirates and Air India will be affected due to suspension of operations of the above category aircraft at the Calicut Airport. However, airlines can operate aircraft such as B-757, B-767, B -737, A-310, A-320 etc or similar aircraft.
The AAI has also requested the Government of Kerala to provide 248 acres of land for extension of Runway including Runway End Safety Area and Basic Strip of 150 metre on either side of the Runway centerline.

UAE Carriers Introduce All Time Procedure Of Two Crew Members For Cockpit

UAE Carriers introduced Precautionary Procedure Of Two Crew Members For Cockpit.This Has Come After German wings Disaster
Leading carriers Emirates and Etihad Airways said today that their cockpits will have two crew members in at all times under new procedures introduced in response to the German wings disaster.
Investigators believe co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked his captain out of the cockpit of Flight 4U 9525 and deliberately steered the Airbus A320 into a French mountainside last week, killing all 150 people on board.

International carrier Emirates Suspends Operations from Peshawar

International carrier Emirates suspends its operations from Peshawar following a Heinous Massacre at a army-run school
International carrier Emirates today suspended its operations from northwestern city of Peshawar following a terror attack at a army-run school that left at least 132 students and nine staffers dead. Carrying Story From Sajjad Hussain PTI states that UAE-based Emirates announced to halt flights in and out of Peshawar, sparking fears that more companies may follow the suit.

इससे पहले कथित बजट एयरलाइन्स विजय माल्या की राह पकड़ें इनसे सरकारी कर्जा वसूल ही लो जी

झल्ले दी झल्लियां गल्लाँ

बजट एयरलाइन का चीयर लीडर

ओये झल्लेया १०० दिनों में ही अच्छे दिन आ गए |अब तो करले हवाई सफर का अपना सपना पूरा |ओये देख एक के बाद एक एयर लाइन अपने किराये गिराती जा रही है |एयर इंडिआ की १००/= वाली वेब साइट बेशक क्रैश हो गई मगर स्पाइस जेट ने ४९९/= में टिकट बेचने शुरू किये तो एक दम एक लाख टिकट बिक गए |भारी भरकम जेट एयरवेज ने ५०० रुपयों में हवाई सैर कराने की घोषणा कर दी है | और तो और नखरे वाली इंडिगो भी अब ९९९/= में आसमान में लेजाने की बात करने लग गई है|ओये हसाडे देखा देखी दुबई की अमीरात और एयर एशिआ आदि आदि भी किराये कम करने लग गई हैं


चलो अच्छा हैइस बहाने मिस गवर्नेंस का दाग तो हल्का हो जाएगा |झल्लेविचारनुसार इससे पहले ये सभी कंपनियां 4000 करोड़ दबाने वाले किंग फिशर एयर लाइन वाले विजय माल्या की राह पकड़ें इन बजट एयर लाइन्स से सरकारी+बैंकों का करोडो का लोन+बेडलोन +कर्जा वसूल लो जी

Civil Aviation Ministry Has Opened Indian Sky For Airbus A-380

Civil Aviation Ministry Has Opened Indian Sky For Airbus A-380

Civil Aviation Ministry Has Opened Indian Sky For Airbus A-380

Civil Aviation Ministry Has Opened Indian Sky For Airbus A-380

The Union Minister for Civil Aviation, Ch.Ajit Singh has decided to remove restrictions on flights of Airbus A-380 to India. Now, flights of A-380 to India will be allowed to airports which are equipped to handle them.
At present only 4 airports, i.e. [1]Delhi,[2] Mumbai,[3] Hyderabad and[4] Bangalore have the required infrastructure for operations of A-380. The decision has been taken after due consultations with the DGCA+ Air India + Airports Authority of India.
The operations of A-380 aircraft would be subject to overall traffic entitlements within the bilateral Air Service Agreements (ASAs) with different countries. It has also been decided that wherever the entitlements are not expressed in terms of seats per week, the same should be rationalized and converted into seats per week before allowing A-380 operations to India from these countries. If any Air Service Agreement (ASA) specifically prohibits operation of A-380 to India, the same will also be required to be amended before A380 operations from that country are allowed. The rationalization of traffic rights from services per week to seats per week shall be done through mutual negotiations through Memorandum of Understanding. Before operations of A-380 are allowed, all the airports shall have to get DGCA certification and make adequate preparation in terms of various services required.
As per available information, [1]Singapore Airline[2] Emirates and[3] Lufthansa are interested in operating A-380 aircrafts in India on various international routes.