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Barack Obama Reiterated His Call for Equal Pay for Equal Work

President Barack Obama ,While Ensuring Rewards For Women’s Hard Work, Reiterated His Call for Equal Pay for Equal Work .
In This week’s address,President Obama highlighted the importance of making sure economy rewards the hard work of every American – including America’s women.This would benefit nearly 28 million Americans.
The President reiterated his call for Congress to ensure that women earn equal pay for equal work and increase the minimum wage to $10.10, which would give nearly 28 million Americans the raise they deserve.
He underscored his belief that providing opportunity for working women and families is the right thing to do for economy, because when women succeed, America succeeds.
Obama Said”Now, the good news is that in the year since I first called on Congress to raise the minimum wage, six states have passed laws to raise theirs. More states, counties, and cities are working to raise their minimum wages as we speak. Small businesses like St. Louis-based Pi Pizzeria, are raising their wages too – not out of charity, but because it’s good for business. And by the way, Pi makes a really good pizza. And in this year of action, I signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage of at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour”
Courtesy White House.