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पंजाबी हिन्दू वोट बैंक के लिए भाजपाई ठेकेदारी पर सिद्धू का हमला

                                                                            झल्ली गल्लां

पंजाब कांग्रेस का चेयरलीडर

ओए झल्लेया!देख तो पँजाब में अच्छी खासी दौड़ रही हसाडी सरकार में रौडे डाले जा रहे हैं ।ओए हसाडे मुख्यमंत्री चरणजीत सिंह चन्नी और पंजाब कांग्रेस के जुझारू अध्यक्ष नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू दोनों एक साथ केदारनाथ की शरण मे हैं।और तो और प्रभारी हरीश चौधरी भी उनके संग संग धार्मिक स्थल पर है।


ओए !चतुर सुजाणा !! ये केयर टेकर और भावी मुख्यमंत्री का धार्मिक पर्यटन बेमतलब नही है।इन्होंने पूर्व प्रभारी हरीश रावत की नाराजगी दूर करने के साथ ही पंजाब में  भाजपा के हिन्दू वोट बैंक की ठेकेदारी पर भी हमला बोल दिया है। इसीलिए सिद्धू ने अपनी हिन्दू  मां और गुरसिख पिता का राज भी खोलना शुरू कर दिया है


Harish Chaudhary Promoted, Harish Rawat Protected From Punjab: AICC Pb

(New Delhi)Harish Chaudhary Promoted Harish Rawat Protected From Punjab: AICC
The Congress on Friday appointed Harish Chaudhary as the AICC in-charge for party affairs in Punjab relieving Harish Rawat.
Chaudhary, who was the AICC secretary for Punjab, has also been made the in-charge for Chandigarh.
The decision comes after Rawat had urged the party high-command to relieve him as general secretary in-charge for Punjab affairs in view of the upcoming assembly elections in Uttarakhand.
Rawat shall, however, continue to be a member of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), the highest decision making body of the party.
Rawat played a key role in bringing in Navjot Singh Sidhu as the Punjab Congress chief despite strong opposition from then chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh.
He later played a key role in replacing Amarinder Singh with Charanjit Singh Channi as chief minister of Punjab after Amarinder Singh resigned alleging humiliation at the hands of the party.

पँजांब और पंजाबियत हमेशा बाहरी लोगों के इशारे पर ही क्यूँ जीतती हैं ?

Jhalla Cartoonपंजाबकांग्रेसकाचेयरलीडर
ओए झल्लेया! मुबारकां!!ओए हसाडी सोणी कांग्रेस का अंदरूनी मसलाए हल होगया।सिद्धू और कैप्टेन का रगड़ा खत्म हुआ ही समझो। ओए हाईकमांड ने मल्लिकार्जुन खड़गे+हरीश रावत+जे पी अग्रवाल जैसे महारथियों से विवाद सुलझा लिया।ओए अब जीतेगा पंजाब +जीतेगी पंजाबियत और जीतेगा सच

भा जी! इस कमेटी में सभी बाहरी सदस्य हैं।ये सच ,पँजांब और पंजाबियत बाहरी लोगों के इशारे पर ही क्यूँ जीतती हैं

Harish Rawat Hospitalised for Dizziness

(Dehradun) Former Uttarakhand chief minister and senior Congress leader Harish Rawat was hospitalised today after he complained of dizziness.
Routine check-ups have been conducted and all his reports are normal.

Samachar Plus CEO Umesh Sharma Arrested in Extortion Case

[Ghaziabad,UP]Samachar Plus CEO Umesh Sharma Arrested in Extortion Case
Umesh was arrested from his Ghaziabad residence after raids were conducted at his office in Noida and residence in Ghaziabad
Samachar Plus channel, which has operations in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, was in the news in 2016 when it did a sting operation of the then Chief Minister Harish Rawat purportedly showing him negotiating a deal to bribe disgruntled MLAs and buy their support ahead of a floor test in the state assembly.
Sharma has been taken to Dehradun

President Pranab Pays Obeisance at Centuries Old Kedarnath Shrine

[Dehradun,UK]President Of India Pays Obeisance at Kedarnath Shrine
President Of India Pranab Mukherjee today paid obeisance at the Kedarnath shrine in Uttarakhand on the second day of his three-day visit to the hill state.
The President spent about an hour and took stock of the reconstruction work carried out at Kedarnath which bore the brunt of the June 2013 calamity.
It was the President’s first visit to the centuries-old shrine after assuming office.
Two of his proposed visits to the temple in the past were cancelled due to bad weather conditions.
The Governor, the Chief Minister and Mandir Samiti officials showed the President around to give him an idea of the reconstruction work carried out at the temple and nearby areas.
Governor of Uttarakhand, Dr. Krishan Kant Paul and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat were also present
The President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee along with the Governor of Uttarakhand, Dr. Krishan Kant Paul and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Harish Rawat during visit to Shri Kedarnath Temple, at Kedarnath, in Uttarakhand on September 28, 2016

UKD CM Harish Rawat Asked to Appear Before CBI on May 24:Sting

[New Delhi] Ukd CM Harish Rawat Asked to Appear Before CBI on May 24 In Sting Case
The CBI today asked Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat to appear before the agency on May 24 in connection with a probe into the sting operation involving him.
Rawat has been asked to appear on Tuesday,
The CBI had last week rejected the Uttarakhand government’s notification withdrawing the case related to the sting operation.
CBI had registered a Preliminary Enquiry (PE) on April 29 to probe the “sting operation” purportedly showing Rawat offering bribes to rebel Congress lawmakers to support him during a floor test in the Uttarakhand Assembly.
The agency had summoned Rawat for examination for May 9 but he had sought more time after which he won the floor test and returned to power.
Rawat has denied the allegation and called the video fake after it was released by the rebel Congress legislators but later admitted that he was on camera in the sting operation.
After Rawat’s victory in the floor test, the state cabinet met on May 15 and withdrew the notification recommending a CBI probe into a sting operation involving him.
Instead, the state cabinet decided to constitute a Special Investigating Team to probe the case as it was a state subject.
The case was handed over to the CBI when President’s Rule was imposed in the state.
The notification was withdrawn immediately after Rawat proved his majority in the Assembly and his government was restored.
The Chief Minister had failed to get a reprieve from Uttarakhand High Court also which had refused to quash the ongoing CBI probe into the sting operation.
On May 20, Justice Sarvesh Kumar Gupta of the Uttarakhand High Court had said quashing the CBI probe into the sting CD at this stage was not possible

Rawat To Distribute Free Sanitary Napkins@Rs15 Cr To Girl Students

[Dehradun,Uttarakhand]After Getting New Lease Harish Rawat Announces Free Geometry Box To Students And Sanitary Napkins To Girl Students
Uttrakhand Cabinet On 20th May decided to provide geometry box to all the students from class 3rd to 8th and sanitary napkins to all the girl students in government and government-aided schools.
The decision was taken in a cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister Harish Rawat.
6.25 lakh students from government and government-aided schools would be benefited from the decision, Chief Secretary Shatrughan Singh said. It will cost exchequer Rs 3.25 crore annually.
Free napkins to girls would cost Rs 15 crore annually,
The Cabinet also decided to contribute half of the premium in Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme, that will cost Rs 4 crore annually to the exchequer.However, it will be for rain-dependent crops.
Apart from this, the state government will also give Rs 300 per quintal to farmers as bonus for various mountain crops like mandua, ramdana etc
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Uk Speaker Issues Notices to 9 Rebel Cong MLAs For Aligning With BJP

[Dehradun,Uttarakhand] Speaker Issues Notices to Uttrakhand’s 9 Rebel Cong MLAs
Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal has issued notices to nine rebel Congress MLAs asking them why they should not be disqualified from the membership of the House for violating the party whip and aligning with opposition BJP.
Main opposition BJP has meanwhile claimed that 35 MLAs including 26 from BJP and nine from Congress had already given a notice for a no-confidence motion against the Speaker to the Vidhan Sabha Secretary for his alleged failure to conduct the House in an impartial manner even before he issued the notices to the rebel Congress MLAs.
Notices have been issued to the nine rebel Congress MLAs following a request from party chief whip and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Indira Hridayesh seeking action against them for violating the party whip in the state Assembly.
The notices have been pasted on the walls of the houses of the MLAs concerned which asks them to submit their replies to the Speaker by March 26 evening.
However, Pradesh BJP president and Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly Ajay Bhatt said as a notice of no-confidence has already been moved against the Speaker and he should quit his post.
Rebel Congress MLA from Narendra Nagar and a staunch Bahuguna loyalist Subodh Uniyal questioned the justification of the notices by a Speaker “who had lost the confidence of the majority of MLAs for his “failure to act impartially” by not allowing a division of votes on the budget in the House.
Facing a political crisis, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat yesterday got a breather with Governor Krishna Kant Paul asking him to prove his majority on the floor of the state Assembly by March 28.
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Rahul Attacks BJP Over Uttrakhand Crisis ,Calling Its Demagogue Govt

[New Delhi] Rahul Attacks BJP Over Uttrakhand Crisis Calling Its Demagogue Govt
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today mounted a sharp attack on the Prime Minister and the BJP in the wake of the Uttarakhand crisis, saying it has exposed the “true face of Modiji’s BJP” and declared that the Congress would fight this “demagoguery with democracy”.
Targeting the ruling party at the Centre over the issue, he said in a series of tweets,
“Toppling elected Govts by indulging in horse trading & blatant misuse of money & muscle, seems to be BJP’s new model, after failure in Bihar”.
“Congress Party will fight demagoguery with democracy.
This attack on our democracy & Constitution, first in Arunachal & now Uttarakhand, is the true face of Modiji’s BJP”,
Congress government in Uttarkhand led by Harish Rawat plunged in a crisis two days back with nine party MLAs turning rebels and opposition BJP approaching the Governor staking claim to form the government.
Governor Krishna Kant Paul had yesterday asked Rawat to prove his majority on the floor of the state Assembly by March 28.
The Governor’s directive to Rawat came even as BJP, claiming majority with support of nine rebel Congress MLAs in the 70-member Assembly, stepped up efforts to form its government, contending that the Rawat ministry has been reduced to a minority.
While BJP claimed the support of 35 MLAs including the rebel Congress legislators, Rawat said he still enjoys a majority in the Assembly as none of the rebel MLAs have quit the party or the CLP.
He also said that five of the rebels were in touch with him.
Assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal had said the “anti-defection law is in place and whoever is found guilty of violating it will have to be acted against”.