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AAI To Process Digital Payments System For Parking at Airports

[New Delhi]AAI To Process Digital Payments System For Parking at Airports.
After Demonetization Parking Was Made Free
Airports Authority of India (AAI) has issued directions to the respective Car Parking Licensees across all AAI controlled airports for evolving a mechanism of e-payment transactions in the form of
Debit/Credit Cards,
Digital Wallets (PayTM,
Reliance Jio etc.)
and also keep sufficient change of currency in small denomination of Rs.10, 20, 50 & 100 to smoothen the process of parking at all airports. Besides Car Parking Licensees, AAI is evolving a mechanism so that digital payment alternatives through various modes is available at all concessions providing passenger facilitation services at airports (such as Food & Beverage Outlets, General Retails, Car Rentals, Pre-paid Taxi Services etc.
This information was given byJayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

Centre Plans to Make 75 New Airports in 2-3 Yrs: Jayant Sinha

[Chennai,,TN] Centre Plans to Double Airports in 2-3 Yrs: Jayant Sinha
The Union government plans to double the number of airports in the country over the next two to three years to serve the largely untapped domestic aviation industry which has seen an increase in passengers
Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha has said.”Our party in its 2014 elections manifesto announced the UDAN (Udey Desh Ka Aam Nagrik) scheme, under which we have to expand the number of airports.
The fact is we have 75 airports with scheduled services. We think to double it in next two to three years,” Minister was delivering the third Memorial Lecture on G Ramachandran organised by SICCI last night.
On availability of trained employees for the aviation sector, Sinha said, “We are facing shortage of planes and crew.
We have to pay a lot of time in developing the skills. For every plane, we need 14 crew. And that tells the kind of recruitment we need (to fill the shortage of manpower).

63 SpiceJet Pilots Violate Duty Norms

[New Delhi]63 SpiceJet Pilots Violate Duty Norms
Indian Aviation regulator DGCA found 63 pilots of SpiceJet for operating flights beyond their stipulated duty hours,
Pilots who have exceeded the flight duty period more than once have been suspended for 15 days and warnings have been issued to those who have exceeded the stipulated time only once,
Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha told the Lok Sabha.”During surveillance and subsequent scrutiny of records, it has been revealed that 63 pilots of SpiceJet had operated flights exceeding flight duty period as laid down in Civil Aviation Requirements…,”
However, the Minister did not disclose specific details such as when these incidents happened.
In a separate written reply, Sinha said the new airport at Kannur in Kerala is expected to be completed by May 31, 2017.
The project is being implemented by Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) through funds from equity and term loan from banks.

हवा में सुरक्षानियमों की धज्जियां उड़ाने वाली एयरलाइन्स के खिलाफ सरकार में इच्छाशक्ति का अभाव

[नई दिल्ली] हवा में सुरक्षा नियमों की धज्जियां उड़ाने वाली एयरलाइन्स के खिलाफ केंद्र ने संसद में अपनी इच्छा शक्ति का अभाव दिखलाया|सिविलविएशन मंत्रालय के दोनों मंत्रियों में भी तालमेल की कमी दिखाई दी
२ अगस्त को ढाका के समीप ,प्रॉफिट मेकिंग+नोफ्रिल एयरलाइन्स के नाम से पुकारी जाने वाली इंडिगो एयरलाइन्स के दो प्लेन खतरनाक तरीके से एक दूसरे के नजदीक आगये
लेकिन एक पायलट की तात्कालिक सूझबूझ से बढा हादसा टल गया |
इस घटना पर लोकसभा सदस्यों ने हाउस में चिंता जताई |प्रश्नों के उत्तर में सिविल एविएशन राज्यमंत्री जयंत सिन्हा ने बताया के जुलाई माह की दस तारिख तक ऎसी[AirMiss]१७ घटनाएं हो चुकी है|इसके अलावा
२०१५ में ==================२५
२०१४ में ===================३२
२०१३=में ====================२३
घटनाओं में विमानों के लिए निर्धारित दूरियों के मापदण्डो का उल्लंघन किया |ऐसी खतरनाक घटनाओं की रोकथाम के लिए उपायों के विषय में पूछे जाने पर सिन्हा ने नकारात्मक जवाब दिया|इसके विपरीत सिविल एविएशन मंत्री पी अशोक गजपति राजू ने ट्वीटर पर बताया के इंडिगो के विमानों द्वारा ,दूरियों के लिए निर्धारित ,मापदण्डों का उल्लंघन किये जाने की जांच की औपचारिकता डीजीसीऐ द्वारा जाएगी