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PM Modi Declares 14th August as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day

(New Delhi)PM Modi Declares 14th August as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day 

Government of India has decided to observe 14th August every year as the day

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made the solemn announcement.

The Prime Minister tweeted

Partition’s pains can never be forgotten. Millions of our sisters and brothers were displaced and many lost their lives due to mindless hate and violence. In memory of the struggles and sacrifices of our people, 14th August will be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.

May the #PartitionHorrorsRemembranceDay keep reminding us of the need to remove the poison of social divisions, disharmony and further strengthen the spirit of oneness, social harmony and human emp

India attained its freedom from British rule on 15th August, 1947. Independence Day, which is celebrated on 15th August every year, is a joyous and proud occasion for any nation; however, with the sweetness of freedom came also the trauma of partition.  The birth of the newly independent Indian nation was accompanied by violent pangs of partition that left permanent scars on millions of Indians.

The partition caused amongst the largest migrations in human history affecting about 20 million people. Millions of families had to abandon their ancestral villages/towns/cities and were forced to find a new life as refugees.  

While at the stroke of midnight of 14th-15th August, 2021, the entire nation will be celebrating the 75th Independence Day, the pain and violence of partition has remained deeply etched in the nation’s memory. While the country has moved on, to become the largest democracy and the third-largest economy of the world, the pain of partition suffered by the nation can never be forgotten. 


Book on PM Modi+Govt’s Spl Relationship with Sikhs Released

(New Delhi) Book on PM Modi+Govt’s Spl Relationship with Sikhs Released
Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar today released a booklet ‘PM Modi and his Government’s special relationship with Sikhs’ along with Union Minister for Civil Aviation and Housing and Urban Affairs Shri Hardeep Singh Puri. The book was release in three languages Hindi, Punjabi and English.
Shri Puri listed out the path-breaking decisions taken a year ago for celebrating 550th birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, which comprise the booklet released today.
Speaking on the decisions the Minister said that it was decided to establish a Chair on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teachings in a University in United Kingdom and Canada and talks are underway to establish it in Canada. The Minster added that whatever decisions have been taken, have been implemented in record time. He credited the Prime Minister for personally supervising the smallest of arrangements and personally seeing off the first Jattha for Kartarpur Corridor.
Minister highlighted the decision on no taxation on Langars, FCRA Registration to Sri Harmandir Sahib, allowing global Sangat participation, revision of ‘Blacklist’ as per demand of Sikh community
Amit Khare, Secretary, Ministry of I&B was also present on the occasion. The booklet produced by Bureau of Outreach Communication under Ministry of I&B has been released on the occasion of birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

अखबारों के लिए विज्ञापन दरों में ३ सालों के लिए 25 प्रतिशत की वृद्धि

[नई दिल्ली] अखबारों के लिए विज्ञापन दरों में 25 प्रतिशत की वृद्धि
सूचना और प्रसारण मंत्रालय ने प्रिंट मीडिया के लिए विज्ञापन दरों में 25 प्रतिशत की वृद्धि की
विज्ञापन दर बढ़ाने के निर्णय से क्षेत्रीय और भाषायी लघु तथा मध्‍यम समाचार पत्रों को काफी लाभ होगा
सूचना और प्रसारण मंत्रालय ने ब्‍यूरो ऑफ आउटरीच एंड कम्‍युनिकेशन (पूर्ववर्ती डीएवीपी) Bureau of Outreach and Communication (erstwhile DAVP)द्वारा प्रिंट मीडिया को दिये जाने वाले विज्ञापनों के लिए वर्तमान दर ढांचे से ऊपर विज्ञापन दर में 25 प्रतिशत की वृद्धि करने का निर्णय लिया है। यह निर्णय आज से प्रभावी होगा और 3 वर्षों के लिए वैध होगा।
पिछली बार 2013 में किया गया था और 2010 की दरों से अधिक 19 प्रतिशत की वृद्धि की घोषणा की गई थी।
यह निर्णय सूचना और प्रसारण मंत्रालय द्वारा गठित 8वीं दर ढांचा समिति की सिफारिशों के आधार पर लिया गया है। स‍मिति ने विभिन्‍न तथ्‍यों को ध्‍यान में रखा था इन तथ्‍यों में अखबारी कागज की कीमत में वृद्धि, प्रोसेसिंग शुल्‍क तथा ऐसे कारण थे जो विज्ञापन दरों की गणना में शामिल किये जाते हैं।
सूचना और प्रसारण मंत्रालय के इस निर्णय से क्षेत्रीय और भाषायी लघु तथा मध्यम समाचार पत्रों को काफी लाभ होगा।

India Ensures Single Window for Portuguese Film Producers Also

[New Delhi]India Ensures Single Window for Portuguese Film Producers Also
Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore met Portugal Minister of Culture Mr. Luis Filipe Castro Mendes and apprised various initiatives taken in the country
During the deliberations, Col. Rathore apprised the Portuguese Minister on the initiatives taken by Ministry of I&B to provide Single Window clearances for Foreign Film Producers in the country through the Film Facilitation Office. He also highlighted the prestigious National Film Heritage Mission of the Government to Digitise,
Restore, Preserve the rich filmic heritage of the Country.
Speaking on the occasion, the Minister also apprised the Portuguese Minister about the IIMC and FTII as the premier educational institutes in the field of Journalism and Film Production respectively in the country.
The Ministers also discussed the possibility of Student Exchange programmes between educational institutions of both the countries. Ministers also expressed interest for possible co-operation in the areas of Renewable energy, information and communication technology and Start-ups.
The scheduled meeting of Prime Minister of Portuguese with the film fraternity at Goa on 12th January 2017, organized by FICCI was also discussed where in many Indian Producers have also been invited.
Photo Caption
The Minister of Culture of Portugal Mr. Luis Castro Mendes meeting the Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting, Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, in New Delhi on January 10, 2017.

Print Media With a Growth Of 5.13% Stands at 110851

[New Delhi]Print Media With a Growth Of 5.13% Stands at 110851.
22 Publications are Deregistered
5,423 new publications are registered during FY16: Report
Print media registered a growth of 5.13 per cent with 5,423 new registrations during last fiscal, according to the ‘Press in India 2015-16’ report released today.
The total number of publications as on March 31 this year stood at 1,10,851 with the largest number of registered publications being in Hindi followed by English.
The number of newspapers and periodicals registered in Hindi were 44,557 while there were 14,083 publications in English, according to the report.
Out of the 1,10,851 registered publications
16,136 were dailies and bi-tri weeklies while the remaining were of other periodicities.
The report was released today by I&B minister M Venkaiah Naidu at an event where Minister of State for I&B Rajyavardhan Rathore was also present.
Circulation-wise, Hindi publications continue to lead with 31,44,55,106 copies per publishing day followed by English with 6,54,13,443 and Urdu with 5,17,75,006 copies.
As per the report, ‘Anand Bazar Patrika’ in Bengali is the largest circulated daily with a circulation of 11,50,038.
The second largest circulated daily is ‘Hindustan Times’, Delhi, with a circulation of 9,92, 239.
The largest circulated Hindi daily is ‘Punjab Kesari’, Jalandhar with a circulation of 7,36,399 while the largest circulated multi-edition daily is ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ in Hindi with a circulation of 46,14,939.
The second largest multi-edition daily is ‘The Times of India’ with a circulation of 44,21,374. The largest circulated periodical is the ‘The Sunday Times of India’ with a circulation of 8,02,466.
At the end of the year 2015-16, Uttar Pradesh with 16,984, Maharashtra with 15,260 and Delhi with 12,482 publications were at first, second and third positions respectively in terms of number of publications.
The number of publications ceased during last fiscal was 15 while the number of publications deregistered was 22.
According to the report, 27,445 publications submitted their Annual Statements

Arun Jaitley Serves Christmas Cake To Christian Community

[New Delhi]Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Serves Christmas Cake To Christian Community
FM Jaitely Today met prominent members of the Christian community at his residence
ArunJaitley, Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Finance and Corporate Affairs today met the Clergy and Laity from various walks of life in an informal get together to celebrate Christmas Season with the Christian community at his residence.
His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias specially came down from Mumbai to be a part of the Christmas festivities along with prominent members of the Clergy. Addressing those who had gathered there, Jaitley said that the Christmas message of Peace and Joy are of Universal relevance.
Photo Caption
The Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs and Information & Broadcasting, Shri Arun Jaitley cutting the Christmas cake along with His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias, in New Delhi on December 29, 2015.

Film Fraternity Pays”Homage”to Personalities Of Indian+International Cinema

[Panaji,New Delhi] Film Fraternity Pays”Homage”to Film Personalities Who Passed Away Last Year
Film Fraternity Pays “Homage” to Noted Personalities. Of Indian And International Cinema,who Passed Away in the Last Year Through Showcasing their Films in its exclusive section “Homage”:.IFFI 2015
The presence of those who are gone can be profoundly felt when their most memorable films are screened for the ones who long for just another sight. Ardent fans and family embrace the beloved masters’ artistry yet again. There are homage sections for both Indian Cine veteran and also Veteran from International Cinema,
The Cine personalities who have been included in the ‘Homage’ are-
Indian Cinema:
Aadesh Shrivastava, noted composer and singer ,
Bidyut Chakravarty a veteran theatre, film, radio and television director and actor
Daggubati Ramanaidu, a veteran Telugu film producer
Deven Varma, an Indian film and television actor,
Nageswara Rao, renowned producer of Telugu cinema
Indra Bania, a theatre, radio, film and television legend in Assam.
K. Balachander, a veteran director
Manayangath Subramanian Viswanathan, music director
Manorama Apoorva, a veteran Tamil actress
Nirad N. Mohapatrafilms), a veteran director,
Ravindra Jain, music Composer and music director
International cinema:
Manoel De Oliveira (Portugal), the most prolific film directors and probably the only film maker whose active career spanned from silent era to the digital age. (Film- Christopher Columbus The Enigma)
Ankita Ekberg (Itly-France), one of the most popular actresses of 1950s
Omar Sharif (UK), Oscar nominated and multiple Golden globe winning actor.

FTII Agitating Students[For Creativity]Demanded More Financial Powers For Hardware

[Mumbai]FTII Agitating Students[For Creativity]Demanded More Financial Powers For Hardware: Got Accepted
I & B Secretary‘s Met with FTII students representatives in Mumbai today
A meeting was held in the office of Films Division in Mumbai between the representatives of FTII Students Association and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The Ministry was represented by:
1)Shri Sunil Arora, Secretary
2)Shri K.Sanjay Murthy, Joint Secretary (Films)
3)Shri Mukesh Sharma, Director General, Films Division
4)Shri Prashant Patrabe, Director, FTII
5)Shri U.C.Bodke, Registrar, FTII
Ms. Aruna Raje, representative of GRAFTI was also part of the deliberations.
During the discussions, the students sought
[1]an enhanced delegation of financial powers and flexibility in purchase of hardware etc. to enable them to do their creative work.
It was agreed that Shri Mukesh Sharma would examine this matter and submit a report within a fortnight to the Ministry.
[2]The students and Ms. Raje also reiterated their desire for turning FTII into an institute of national excellence at par with the reputed institutions across the world.
They were accordingly asked to submit a paradigm/concept note/blue print within a fortnight which would be a major input for taking this matter forward.
Secretary will have another round of talks with the students on 10.10.2015 in Mumbai and also request Hon’ble Minister of State, I&B to have a meeting with the students in Delhi in the near future.

Cine Star Shashi Kapoor Declared 46th Recipient Of “Golden Lotus” The Phalke Award

[New delhi]Veteran Cine Star Shashi Kapoor Declared 46th Recipient Of Prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award He is Second In The Family To Receive This Award . Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Arun Jaitley has conveyed his congratulations on the occasion.
Veteran Film Actor and Producer Shri Shashi Kapoor has been conferred Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2014.
He is the 46th Winner Of Dada Saheb Phalke Award
The award is conferred by the Government of India for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian Cinema. The award consists of a Swarn Kamal (Golden Lotus)+a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakhs+shawl.
The award is given on the basis of recommendations of a Committee of eminent persons set up by the Government for this purpose. This year, a five member jury consisting of eminent film personalities, after due deliberations, unanimously recommended Shri Kapoor for the prestigious award.
Born in 1938, Shashi Kapoor is a well-known actor and producer from the famous Kapoor family, a film dynasty in Bollywood cinema. Shri Shashi Kapoor is the second person to receive the prestigious award from the same family after Late Shri Raj Kapoor.
Shashi Kapoor is the younger brother of Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor. From the age of four, Shashi Kapoor acted in plays directed and produced by his father Prithviraj Kapoor, while travelling with Prithvi Theatres. He started acting in films as a child in the late 1940s.
His best known performances as child artist were in Aag (1948) and Awaara (1951), where he played the younger version of the character played by his elder brother Raj Kapoor.
Shri Shashi Kapoor also worked as Assistant Director in the 1950s.
Shashi Kapoor made his debut as a leading man in the 1961 film Dharmputra and went on to appear in more than 100 Hindi films. He was a very popular actor in Bollywood during the 60s, 70s and until the mid 80s.
Shashi Kapoor was one of India’s first actors to go international. He is known internationally for starring in many British and American films, notably Merchant Ivory Proudctions run by Ismail Merchant and James Ivory, such as The Householder (1963), Shakespeare Wallah (1965), Bombay Talkie (1970) and Heat and Dust (1982). He also starred in other British and American films such as Siddhartha (1972) and Muhafiz (1994).
In 1978, Shri Shashi Kapoor set up his production house Film Valas which produced critically acclaimed films such as Junoon (1978), Kalyug (1981), 36 Chowringhee Lane (1981), Vijeta (1982) and Utsav (1984).
He also produced and directed a fantasy film titled Ajooba which had Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor in the lead role.
In 2011,
Shashi Kapoor was honoured with Padma Bhushan Award by the Government of India.
He is also a recipient of three National Film Awards.

Press Information Bureau Added Webpage To Mark Good Governance Day

[New Delhi]PIB Added New webpage To Mark Good Governance Day.
Press Information Bureau[PIB] has launched a webpage to mark ‘Good Governance Day’ on the website of the Bureau.
The webpage is one-stop information resource on the former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, whose 90th birthday coincides with the Good Governance Day on 25th December.
A presentation on the webpage was done to apprise Secretary Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Shri Bimal Julka about the features of the page. Praising the webpage, Shri Julka said “efforts like this are step towards making people aware of the accomplishments of Shri Vajpayee” and hoped that general public, researchers and media persons will find the page a valuable resource.
The webpage contains more than three hundred speeches of the former Prime Minister in both Hindi and English, segregated into themes like governance+ education+ science + technology + economic reforms.
Photo Caption
The Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Shri Bimal Julka launched the webpage on ‘Good Governance’ on the website of Press Information Bureau (PIB), in New Delhi on December 23, 2014.
The Additional Secretary, Ministry of I&B, Shri Jitendra Shankar Mathur and the Director General (M&C), Press Information Bureau, Shri A.P. Frank Noronha are also seen.