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PM Modi Hails Small Minority “Parsi” Community On”Navroz

(New Delhi)PM Modi Hails Parsi Community On Their New Year
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tweeted
“Navroz Mubarak! Greetings on Parsi New Year. India cherishes the outstanding contribution of the Parsi community, which has made a mark in a wide range of fields. May the coming year bring peace and prosperity in everyone’s lives,” Modi tweeted.
Parsis are a small minority in India but have produced eminent personalities in various fields over the decades.
They are followers of the Persian prophet Zoroaster
The Parsi new year is celebrated to mark the beginning of the Iranian calendar. The tradition began some 3000 years ago, and is observed by the Parsi community around the world. The day is also known as Jamshed-i-Nouroz after the Persian King

PM “Modi”Greets on ,Parsi New Year,Navroz

[New Delhi]PM “Modi”Greets on Navroz
The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has greeted nation on the occasion of Navroz.
“Navroz Mubarak! Praying for a year filled with peace and prosperity. May everyone be happy and be blessed with good health”

PM Of India Says “Navroz Mubarak”

[New Delhi]PM Of India Says “Navroz Mubarak.
Prime Minister Greeted Nation on Parsi New Year
On the occasion of Parsi new year ‘Navroz’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today greeted the nation and wished that the spirit of harmony is deepened.
Modi Tweeted
“Navroz Mubarak. May this auspicious day bring peace & prosperity in society & deepen the spirit of harmony,”
Navroz is celebrated on March 21 by Parsi Zoroastrians of central Asian origin
Parsi Is Smallest Minority Community In India.Which Has Established New Records Of Development .

PM Showers Mubarak On “Navroz”: Parsi New Year

[New Delhi]PM Showers Mubarak On “Navroz”
PM Of India Narendra Modi Has Greeted Parsi Community On The Start Of Their New Year
PM Has Tweeted
“Wishing my Parsi brothers & sisters on the start of Parsi New Year. I hope this year is filled with prosperity & happiness. Navroz Mubarak”.

भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने जन्माष्टमी और नवरोज़ पर सभी के लिए समृद्धि और खुशियों कामना की

भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने जन्माष्टमी और नवरोज़ पर सभी के लिए समृद्धि और खुशियों कामना की
प्रधानमंत्री श्री मोदी ने जन्माष्टमी के पावन अवसर पर देशवासियों को शुभकामनाएं देते हुए कहा ‘जन्माष्टमी पर सभी देशवासियों को शुभकामनाएं। जय श्री कृष्ण! भगवान श्री कृष्ण से प्रार्थना है कि वे हम सभी के जीवन को शांति, समृद्धि और खुशियों से भर दें।‘
नवरोज पर देशवासियों को शुभकामनाएं देते हुए श्री मोदी ने कहा कि नवरोज का त्‍योहार हमारे सभी के जीवन में उल्‍लास, समृद्धि और खुशियां भर दे।
नवरोज को आज पारसी नव वर्ष के रूप में मनाते हैं।

May “Navroz”[Parsi NewYear]Bring Hope, Prosperity and Happiness to All:Dr ManMohan Singh

May “Navroz” Bring Hope, Prosperity and Happiness to All:Prime Minister Dr ManMohan Singh greets the nation on Navroz
The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh has greeted the nation on the auspicious occasion of Navroz, the Parsi New Year.
In his message, the Prime Minister said that Navroz marks the onset of spring and celebrates life and hope. It reinvigorates the values of peace and symbolises the rich and diverse culture of our country.
May this festival bring hope, prosperity and happiness to all, the Prime Minister added.