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Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi Leaves Ruling Congress

(Chd,Pb)Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi Leaves Ruling Congress

Senior Congress leader and former Punjab Minister   Sodhi on Tuesday resigned from the party, saying he was “deeply hurt by the bickering and in-fighting” within its state unit. Sodhi, who is the MLA from Guruharsahai in Ferozepur district, was the sports minister in the state government led by Amarinder Singh, who quit as chief minister in September and left the Congress in November.
In his letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Sodhi said he was “deeply hurt by the bickering and in-fighting within the Punjab Congress”.
I feel suffocated and helpless in the present situation especially when the party has put state’s security and communal harmony at stake. Rather than taking action to restore peace in Punjab, senior Congress leadership is hell-bent on destroying the border state for their personal gains, he wrote.
Sodhi ,who Spent Four Decades in the Party ,was dropped as the minister after Charanjit Singh Channi took over as the chief minister.

Kejriwal Live in Glass House & Stones at Others;Sidhu

Laughing Jatt Sidhu Slammed AAP Supremo Kejriwal Over Poll Promises

Punjab Congress president Navjot Singh Sidhu on Monday slammed AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal over poll promises, saying those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others .

He dubbed as a lollipop Kejriwal’s promise of giving Rs 1,000 per month to all women above 18 in Punjab if AAP is voted to power and asked him how many women have been given this amount in Delhi. 

The Congress leader also questioned the Delhi CM on how many jobs he has created for teachers, days after the opposition party’s national convener promised to regularise services of temporary teachers in the state.

Sidhu’s remarks came a day after Kejriwal accused the leaders of the Congress, BJP and the SAD of constantly bashing his party AAP for the announcements. 

In a series of tweets, Sidhu targeted the Delhi CM for not having one woman in his cabinet.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. @ArvindKejriwal Ji you talk of women empowerment, jobs & teachers. However, you don’t have one woman minister in your Cabinet. How many women in Delhi get Rs 1000 despite revenue surplus left by (former Delhi CM) Sheila Dikshit Ji !!, tweeted Sidhu. 

He said women empowerment means mandatorily engaging women in every step of electoral process like the Congress is doing in Punjab. 

True leadership is not in giving lollipops of Rs 1000 but investing in their future by providing skills for self-employment & woman entrepreneurs-Punjab Model, he said in another tweet.

On the issue of teachers, Sidhu accused the Kejriwal government of filling vacant posts by engaging guest teachers.

On teachers and jobs, in 2015 there were 12,515 job vacancies of teachers in Delhi, & in 2021 there are 19,907 such job vacancies of teachers in Delhi and you are filling most of the vacant posts by just guest lecturers, said Sidhu.

He further questioned Kejriwal where are eight lakh jobs and 20 new colleges his party had promised in 2015, dubbing them as failed guarantees . 

On the contrary, the unemployment rate of Delhi has increased by almost five times in the last five years, he alleged in another tweet.

Besides promising Rs 1,000 per month for women, Kejriwal during his recent visits to Punjab had also assured temporary teachers to regularise them. 

This was Sidhu’s second big attack on AAP within a week.

Earlier on November 24, targeting the AAP over its sop announcements ahead of the Punjab elections, Sidhu had said people won’t fall prey to populist measures without the backing of a policy framework, defined budget allocations and implementation metrics.

He had then said true leaders do not give “lollipops” and instead focus on building the foundations of society and economy.

In the run-up to the Punjab polls, Aam Aadmi Party national convener Arvind Kejriwal has announced a slew of sops for different sections of society.

Earlier, he had promised up to 300 units of free electricity for each household, 24-hour power supply and free treatment and medicines at government hospitals.

Sidhu Takes Back His Resignation as Pb Cong Chief

(Chd’Pb)Sidhu Takes Back His Resignation as Pb Cong Chief

Fire Brand Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Friday said he has withdrawn his resignation as Punjab Congress chief, over a month after he took the decision to step down from the post. 

Making the announcement at a press conference here, Sidhu, however, said he will assume charge the day Punjab will get a new Advocate General.
Present AG Deol had represented former DGP Tainted.  Sumedh Singh Saini, who headed the state police six years ago during the incidents of sacrilege and police firing on protesters.
Sidhu asserted that offices of AG and DGP are crucial to take to logical conclusion the issues of Bargari sacrilege and drugs.
He had taken over as the state party chief in July this year.
“The collapse of a man’s character stems from the compromise corner. I can never compromise on Punjab’s future and the agenda for the welfare of Punjab,” he wrote in the resignation letter.
Congress general secretary and former in-charge of Punjab affairs, Harish Rawat had recently said Sidhu would continue as the state party chief.

पंजाबी हिन्दू वोट बैंक के लिए भाजपाई ठेकेदारी पर सिद्धू का हमला

                                                                            झल्ली गल्लां

पंजाब कांग्रेस का चेयरलीडर

ओए झल्लेया!देख तो पँजाब में अच्छी खासी दौड़ रही हसाडी सरकार में रौडे डाले जा रहे हैं ।ओए हसाडे मुख्यमंत्री चरणजीत सिंह चन्नी और पंजाब कांग्रेस के जुझारू अध्यक्ष नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू दोनों एक साथ केदारनाथ की शरण मे हैं।और तो और प्रभारी हरीश चौधरी भी उनके संग संग धार्मिक स्थल पर है।


ओए !चतुर सुजाणा !! ये केयर टेकर और भावी मुख्यमंत्री का धार्मिक पर्यटन बेमतलब नही है।इन्होंने पूर्व प्रभारी हरीश रावत की नाराजगी दूर करने के साथ ही पंजाब में  भाजपा के हिन्दू वोट बैंक की ठेकेदारी पर भी हमला बोल दिया है। इसीलिए सिद्धू ने अपनी हिन्दू  मां और गुरसिख पिता का राज भी खोलना शुरू कर दिया है


Harish Chaudhary Promoted, Harish Rawat Protected From Punjab: AICC Pb

(New Delhi)Harish Chaudhary Promoted Harish Rawat Protected From Punjab: AICC
The Congress on Friday appointed Harish Chaudhary as the AICC in-charge for party affairs in Punjab relieving Harish Rawat.
Chaudhary, who was the AICC secretary for Punjab, has also been made the in-charge for Chandigarh.
The decision comes after Rawat had urged the party high-command to relieve him as general secretary in-charge for Punjab affairs in view of the upcoming assembly elections in Uttarakhand.
Rawat shall, however, continue to be a member of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), the highest decision making body of the party.
Rawat played a key role in bringing in Navjot Singh Sidhu as the Punjab Congress chief despite strong opposition from then chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh.
He later played a key role in replacing Amarinder Singh with Charanjit Singh Channi as chief minister of Punjab after Amarinder Singh resigned alleging humiliation at the hands of the party.

Sidhu Questions Over Appointment Of DGP,AGP ;Pb Crisis

(Chd,Pb)Sidhu Questions Over Appointment Of  DGP,AGP ;Pb Crisis Punjab Congress chief, Navot Singh Sidhu on Wednesday raised questions over the appointments of the director general of police and the state’s advocate general.Plunging the Congress into a fresh crisis months ahead of the assembly elections in the state, Sidhu put in his papers on Tuesday shortly after the allocation of portfolios to the new ministers of the Charanjit Singh Channi cabinet.
Taking to Twitter a day later, Sidhu said his objective had always been to improve the lives of people and to make a difference .
My fight is for the issues and an agenda of Punjab, he said in an over four-minute video clip shared on his Twitter handle.
Apparently referring to senior IPS officer Iqbal Preet Singh Sahota, who has been given the additional charge of the director general of Punjab Police, Sidhu said, When I see those who gave clean chit to Badals six years back such persons have been given the responsibility for delivering justice. 
Sahota was the head of a special investigation team formed in 2015 by the then Akali government to probe the sacrilege incidents.
WSidhu also apparently questioned the appointment of A P S Deol as the state’s new advocate general.
“Those who secured blanket bails, they are advocate general,” he said.
Deol is a senior advocate of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and has been a counsel for former Punjab DGP Sumedh Singh Saini. He had been representing the ex-top cop in various cases against him.

सिद्धू के दिल मे चर्चिल की आत्मा का डेरा (व्यंग)



ओए झल्लेया! ये लाफिंग जट्ट नवजोतसिंह सिद्धू को कौन से दिल/हृदय/हार्ट का वरदान मिला हुआ है।एक के बाद दूसरी असफलता मिलने के बावजूद पंजाब की राजनीति में मजबूती से खड़ा हुआ है।पहले बादलों से पंगा,फिर आप के केजरीवाल को ना फिर भजपा के मोदी को टाटा बाय बाय । कैप्टेन अमरिन्दर से अदावत फिर कांग्रेस से बगावत।ये सिलसिला कब खत्म होगा।


ओ भापा जी! सिद्धू के दिल मे ब्रिटेन के प्रधान मंत्री रहे विंस्टन चर्चिल की मजबूत  आत्मा ने डेरा डाल लिया होणा है।तभी विफलताओं में भी सफलता तलाशने में लगे हुए हैं।अरे भाई !चर्चिल ने भी कभी कहा था कि सफलता की परिभाषा है , एक विफलता से दूसरी विफलता इसीलिए अपने लक्ष्य की और लगातार अग्रसर सिद्धू को विफल कहना प्रतिभाओं का अपमान होगा।

Capt & Sidhu Agree to Show “All Is Well”in Pb Govt & Cong

(Chd,Pb) Sidhu and Capt Agree to Show “All Is Well”in Punjab Govt and Congress Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh and State Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu on Friday agreed to set up a 10-member strategic policy group to ensure better coordination between the party and the state government and expedite implementation of various government programmes.
The development is seen as a sign of thaw between Singh and Sidhu, amid the ongoing tussle between the two of them.
In another development, the chief minister has deputed his ministers to sit at Congress Bhawan here for interacting with the party cadre and public.
The four state Congress working presidents, Kuljit Singh Nagra, Sukhwinder Singh Danny, Sangat Singh Gilzian and Pawan Goel, and Pargat Singh will also be members.The Group will hold weekly meetings in consultation with other ministers and experts as may be required. It will discuss and review the progress of various state government initiatives already under implementation, and will also suggest measures to expedite the same, it said.
In another decision, which came after Sidhu wrote a letter to the chief minister, Singh has also assigned his cabinet colleagues the task of being available in Punjab Congress Bhawan, the party’s state headquarter here, every day, by rotation, for meetings with MLAs and other party functionaries to discuss issues relating to their constituencies or areas and address any grievances. 
One minister each will be available at the Congress Bhawan from Monday for three hours between 11 am and 2 pm, the roster for which has been put up by Sidhu on his Twitter handle, and in any case the minister deputed for a particular day is unable to make it for some reason, he or she shall arrange for a substitute in consultation with any other minister.
Sidhu, who released a photograph with the CM on his Twitter handle, said in a tweet, Highly positive Co-ordination meeting on proposal for roaster (sic) of Ministers to sit at Punjab Congress Bhawan !! 
Creating a roster for efficient management, giving turns to each minister to sit and hear issues related to different departments and areas of Punjab can be a crucial step towards hearing and resolving the issue of the people of Punjab, 

पँजांब और पंजाबियत हमेशा बाहरी लोगों के इशारे पर ही क्यूँ जीतती हैं ?

Jhalla Cartoonपंजाबकांग्रेसकाचेयरलीडर
ओए झल्लेया! मुबारकां!!ओए हसाडी सोणी कांग्रेस का अंदरूनी मसलाए हल होगया।सिद्धू और कैप्टेन का रगड़ा खत्म हुआ ही समझो। ओए हाईकमांड ने मल्लिकार्जुन खड़गे+हरीश रावत+जे पी अग्रवाल जैसे महारथियों से विवाद सुलझा लिया।ओए अब जीतेगा पंजाब +जीतेगी पंजाबियत और जीतेगा सच

भा जी! इस कमेटी में सभी बाहरी सदस्य हैं।ये सच ,पँजांब और पंजाबियत बाहरी लोगों के इशारे पर ही क्यूँ जीतती हैं

Pb Cong Finalises New Members of its Executive Body

(Chd,Pb)Punjab Cong finalises new members of its executive body
The Punjab unit of the Congress has finalised the members of its new executive body which will now be sent to the party high command for approval, its state chief Sunil Jakhar said on Saturday.
Jakhar, along with AICC’s Punjab incharge Asha Kumari, also met Chief Minister Amarinder Singh to discuss the new structure of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC)
He said the approval of the high command is expected to come within the next 10 days.
Congress president Smt Sonia Gandhi had in January dissolved the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee and all district committees in the state.
However, the state unit president remained unchanged.