PM Modi Assured SAARC All Help Against CoronaVirus Pandemic

(New Delhi)PM Modi Assured SAARC All Help Against CoronaVirus Pandemic
In a Video Conference of SAARC Nations Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said that
We have to fight this battle together, and we have to win it together.
Members agreed to find cooperative solutions by sharing knowledge, best practices, capacities, and where possible, resources.
TPM Modi offered to Contribute 10 Million $ for this Universal Combat
Modi Said
Some partners have made specific requests, including about medicine and equipment. My team has taken careful note of these. Let me assure you, that we will do our best for our neighbours.

सुषमा स्वराज के पाक के खिलाफ तीखे तेवर:विदेश मंत्रियों की बैठक बीच में छोड़ी

[न्यूयोर्क] सुषमा स्वराज के पाक के खिलाफ तीखे तेवर:विदेश मंत्रियों की बैठक बीच में छोड़ी
भारत की विदेश मंत्री श्रीमती सुषमा स्वराज पाकिस्तान की उपेक्षा करते हुए दक्षेस देशों के विदेश मंत्रियों की बैठक बीच में ही छोड़ कर चली गईं। बैठक में पाकिस्तान के विदेश मंत्री शाह महमूद कुरैशी भी आए थे।
विदेश मंत्री अपना बयान देने के बाद बैठक से जल्दी चली गई। इसके बाद कुरैशी ने उनकी आलोचना करते हुए पत्रकारों से कहा, ‘‘नहीं, मेरी उनसे (स्वराज) कोई बात नहीं हुई। सकारात्मक तौर पर मैं कह सकता हूं कि वह बैठक के बीच से ही चली गयीं, शायद उनकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं रही होगी।’’
अफगानिस्तान और बांग्लादेश के विदेश मंत्री भी चले गए थे।
भारत ने जम्मू कश्मीर में तीन पुलिसकर्मियों की क्रूर हत्या और इस्लामाबाद द्वारा कश्मीरी आतंकवादी बुरहान वानी का ‘‘महिमामंडन’’ करने वाली डाक टिकटें जारी करने का हवाला देते हुए गत सप्ताह बैठक रद्द कर दी थी।

Centre May Provide LTC to 48 L Employees to go Abroad

[New Delhi] Centre May Provide LTC to 48 L Employees to go Abroad on LTC
This plan, has been mooted by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), proposes to include five central Asian countries — Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan — under the Leave Travel Concession [LTC] scheme
The move to allow central government employees to visit these countries is aimed at increasing India’s footprint in the strategically important Central Asian region
Earlier in March, the government said that it has shelved a proposal to allow LTC to its employees to visit SAARC countries.

Afganistan After SAARC,Supports India’s Surgical Strike Across LOC

[New Delhi] Afganistan Supports India’s Surgical Strike
Afganistan,Cursed With Terrorism, Said Surgical Strike By India In PoK Was As Act Of Self Defence
Afghan envoy to India Shaida Abdali. Said
“We hope no one will allow safe havens for terrorists to be used against neighbours”
In This Surgical Strike India Destroyed Terrorists Seven Launch Pads Across LoC
Earlier Neighboring Nation Afganistan Backed India on pulling out of Islamabad SAARC Summit:

Narendra Meets Neighbor Nawaz ,Behind Close Doors,In Russia

Ufa (Russia) Narendra Meets Neighbor Nawaz Behind Close Doors In Russia
Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi Held a Close Door Meeting With his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif before their much-anticipated meeting on the sidelines of the SCO Summit
The two leaders shook hands and posed for photographers before settling down for delegation-level talks.
Indian delegation included National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar while Sartaj Aziz, Sharif’s advisor on foreign affairs and national security, was in the Pakistani delegation.
Setting the tone for the meeting, Modi and Sharif last night exchanged pleasantries and chatted briefly when they came face-to-face at a dinner hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin for leaders of five BRICS countries and 10 SCO nations
These two leaders, are here to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit,
Modi and Sharif were last together in Kathmandu in November last for the SAARC Summit but they did not have a bilateral meeting because of acrimony between the two countries at that time.
Photo Caption
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi meeting the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, in Ufa, Russia on July 10, 2015.

“Education of Muslims”Can Help to Understanding Each Other :PM Modi

“Education of Muslims”Can Help to Understanding Each Other :PM ModiKnowledge(ILM) Is The Focal Point of all Religions:Prime Minister
P M Describes Knowledge(ILM) as the focal point of all religions
The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today described “knowledge” (“ilm”) as the focal point of all religions. Addressing an eminent gathering of scholars, historians and diplomatic representatives at the release function of the book, “Education of Muslims: An Islamic Perspective of Knowledge and Education – Indian Context”,
the P M said education can become the strength of the entire SAARC region. He said if the region does not embrace modernity, it will get left behind, as the rest of the world progresses.
Sh Modi said it is the good fortune of people living in India, that we have the opportunity to follow, understand and learn so many different religions, and strands of thought, at one place.
He said today, India is free of the disease of polio, and India is ready to assume responsibility for eradicating it from the entire SAARC region. In this context, the Prime Minister also spoke about India’s SAARC satellite, which will work for the benefit of the entire SAARC region.
The Prime Minister said the book can help us in our efforts towards “understanding each other” – understanding different points of view. He complimented the book’s editor, Shri J.S. Rajput. The Prime Minister also complimented Shri Sirajuddin Qureshi, who has written the foreword for the book.
Photo Caption
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing an eminent gathering of scholars, historians and diplomatic representatives at the release function of the book “Education of Muslims: An Islamic Perspective of Knowledge and Education – Indian Context”, in New Delhi on June 15, 2015.

Indian Home Minister,For Regional Security,Left for SAARC at Kathmandu

Indian Home Minister Rajntah Singh ,For Regional Security, Leaves for SAARC at Kathmandu
Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh left New Delhi today to attend the Sixth Meeting of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Ministers of Interior / Home being held tomorrow in Kathmandu, Nepal.
While leaving, the Home Minister said that SAARC is an important forum where the members seek to promote the welfare of the people in South Asia & strengthen collective self-reliance. The Home Minister added that he is looking forward to his Nepal visit & SAARC meeting where important issues pertaining to regional security+prosperity will be discussed. The new government at the Centre is committed to revive SAARC as a major regional forum to promote active collaboration in the region, Shri Rajnath Singh added.
Union Minister also said that the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had demonstrated his out-of-the-box thinking by inviting leaders of all SAARC nations to the swearing in ceremony. It shows the level of importance the Government in New Delhi attaches to its immediate neighbours and SAARC nations, the Home Minister mentioned.

पाकिस्‍तान जब तक आतंकवाद बंद नहीं करता तब तक सार्क में भी बातचीत नहीं:राजनाथ सिंह

केंद्रीय गृह मंत्री ने सार्क में पाकिस्तान के साथ किसी प्रकार की वार्ता से इंकार किया|
अफवाह हो या कोई गलतफहमी का समाचार केंद्र सरकार खंडन करने में देर नहीं लगाती इसीलिए सरक देशों के सम्मलेन में पाकिस्तान के साथ वार्ता सम्बन्धी बीते दिन छपे समाचार का आज गृह मंत्रालय ने खंडन कर दिया |
केंद्रीय गृहमंत्री राजनाथ सिंह ने पाकिस्‍तान के गृहमंत्री के साथ काठमांडू में द्विपक्षीय वार्ता की खबर का खंडन किया|
बीते दिन समाचार पत्रों में यह प्रकाशित हुआ था कि केन्‍द्रीय गृहमंत्री श्री राजनाथ सिंह सार्क सम्‍मेलन से अलग पाकिस्‍तान के समकक्ष मंत्री से मुलाकात करेंगे |भारतीय गृह मंत्री ने इस समाचार को गलत और मनगढंत बताया है।
गृहमंत्री का मानना है कि आतंकवाद और वार्ता एक साथ नहीं हो सकती। जब तक पाकिस्‍तान आतंकवाद और हिंसा बंद नहीं करता तब तक उसके साथ बातचीत संभव नहीं है। [फाइल फोटो]