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माघी पूर्णिमा और संत रवि दास जयंती पर यूपी में मंगलवार को अवकाश

[लखनऊ ,यूपी]माघी पूर्णिमा पर यूपी में मंगलवार को अवकाश
उत्तरप्रदेश सरकार ने मंगलवारको सार्वजनिक अवकाश घोषित किया है|
माघी पूर्णिमा और संत रवि दास जयंती के उपलक्ष में यह अवकाश घोषित किया गया है|Tas declared a public holiday on Tuesday on the occasion
प्रिंसिपल सेक्रेट्री जीतेन्द्र कुमार के अनुसार संत रवि दस जयंती पर पूर्व में रिस्ट्रिक्टेड हॉलिडे था जिसे अब गैज़ेटेड हॉलिडे किया गया है|इसके अलावा कुम्भ में माघी पूर्णिमा का स्नान होगा

Teachings Of Sant&Das,Guru Ravi Das May Help Holy Ganga Rejuvenation Managers

[New Delhi]Teachings Of Sant&Das,Guru Ravi Das May Help Holy Ganga Rejuvenation Managers
Today Humanity Is Observing Jayanti Of Sant& Das ,Guru Ravi Das PM Of India Has Also Tweeted Tributes
Sant Ravi Das Is A Sant Who Found KATHOTI ME GANGA With His CHANGA Man Centuries Ago .
And Showed A Way To Find Holy Ganges In Own Small Bowl At Home With Clean Heart
Ganga Rejuvenation Managers Need To Spread This Message, In Its Holy Spirit,Specially For Religious Tourists
This Holy Soul Found Begumpura (land without sorrow) And coined in a poem
It Is an idealised city where there is no suffering or fear,and all
are equal.The verse is seen as reflecting both a sense of poverty and caste humiliation,
and a desire to find a utopia without suffering:
The regal realm with the sorrow less namethey call it Begum pura, a place with no pain,
no taxes or cares, none owns property there,no wrongdoing, worry, terror, or torture.
Oh my brother, I’ve come to take it as my own,my distant home, where everything is right…
They do this or that, they walk where they wish,they stroll through fabled palaces unchallenged.
Oh, says Ravidas, a tanner now set free,those who walk beside me are my friends.
The Prime Minister Of India Shri Narendra Modi, has Tweeted n tributes to Guru Ravidas
“On his Jayanti, tributes to Guru Ravidas ji. Guru Ravidas ji’s teachings of equality and brotherhood in society are a great inspiration for us. समाज में व्याप्त बुराइयों को दूर करने और सामाजिक भाईचारा बढ़ाने में महत्वपूर्ण योगदान देने वाले महान संत रविदास जी की जयंती पर शत् शत् नमन,”