Hindu Leader Shot Dead in Gurdaspur:PunjabCrime

[Chd,Pb] Hindu Leader Shot Dead in Gurdaspur:Punjab Crime
Ajay Thakur, 25, was about to board a bus from near a bus stand in Purana Shalla area. Three youths came on a motorcycle and one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire at Thakur. He was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries
The accused are at large as usual
Family members of the deceased have alleged that Thakur was facing threats to his life from the assailants, but the police failed to act on time.

PM says HBD to Oldest Ally’s Annoyed Udhav Thakeray

[New Delhi]PM says HBD to Oldest Ally’s Annoyed Udhav Thakeray
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today wished Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on his 58th birthday.
Modi, is in South Africa for the BRICS Summit, He tweeted
“Birthday wishes to Shri Uddhav Thackeray. May Almighty bless him with a long and healthy life in service of society,”
Sena, an NDA ally, has been opposing the BJP and its policies.
Its MPs in the Lok Sabha stayed away from voting in the no-confidence vote brought against the government by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and supported by various opposition parties.
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Congress,Criticizing BJP’s One Year Rule,Raises Farmers Issues In The State

[Mumbai,Maharashtra]Congress,Criticizing BJP’s One Year Rule,Raises Farmers Issues In The State
In supoort of its alegations Congress has given following Datas
[1]The rate of growth of the State GDP has fallen from 7.3% under the Congress, to 5.7% under the BJP, and
[2]Growth in manufacture from 2.5% to 0.5%.
[3]The agriculture, which grew at 8%, is currently showing a negative growth rate of 12%.
[4]Food grains production has fallen from 146 lakh tonnes to 100 lakh tonnes and
[5] production of pulses has almost halved to 18 lakh tonnes from 32 lakh tonnes.
[6]Apart From the Above there have been as many as 1296 farmer suicides this year, and the government has done very little about it.
[7]They have cut the labour budget to Rs.564 crore from Rs 950 crore.
Congress has Demanded that
[1]It is time for the Fadnavis government to take seriously the mandate given to him by the people of Maharashtra. While they and their ally, the Shiv Sena, are busy banning foods, blackening the face of RTI activists, and curtailing freedoms, farmers are taking their lives because the government has failed them.

ShivSena,Annoyed With BJP,Now Turns Towards NCP&Tags Pawar With”Leech”

[Mumbai,Maharashtra] Annoyed With BJP, Shiv Sena[SS] Now Turns Towards NCP And Stings Sharad Pawar,
SS Tags NCP to “blood sucking leech”Pawar Earlier Has Called SS “Ants”
In a vitriolic attack on Sharad Pawar for equating the Shiv Sena to “ants that will be stuck to jaggery of power,” the ruling alliance partner today described NCP as “blood sucking leech” waiting to join hands with the BJP to be a part of Maharashtra government.
“Before calling others ants, it would have been better if Pawar had self-introspected.
The NCP is infamous for sucking the blood of Maharashtra like leeches. These are leeches whose stomach will remain empty despite sucking out all the blood of the state,” the Sena said in stinging remarks in an editorial in party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.
Pawar had recently said that power was like a block of jaggery and termed the BJP and Shiv Sena as ants drawn to it, sucking as much sweetness as they could.
On Pawar’s taunt that Sena was hungry for power and would not “dare” to leave the government, the Sena said the Maratha strongman first needs to answer why the NCP stuck to power with the Congress for 10 years, despite being humiliated several times by its ally.
“You spoke of (Congress president) as being a foreigner, but ate Italian pizza with her for 10 years.
Congress leaders accused the NCP of corruption. (Former Maharashtra Chief Minister) Prithviraj Chavan abused the NCP time and again. But the way the NCP still stuck to power is nothing but a miracle,” the editorial said.
The Sena claimed that Pawar is waiting for an opportunity to come to power.
“The truth is that Pawar is only waiting for an opportunity to come to power in the government after the Sena-BJP alliance breaks,” it said.
“After the (Maharashtra) Assembly polls (last year), this was the same NCP that tried to cling onto the ‘pro-Hindutva’ BJP like ants,” the Sena said.

Sena ShivSena Untie ItSelf From BJP For 122 KDMC Polls

[Mumbai]Sena ShivSena Untie ItSelf From BJP For 122 KDMC Polls
ShivSena Erected To Contest Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) Polls Without BJP.
Kalyan and Dombivali are satellite cities adjacent to Mumbai and the Municipal Corporation is currently run by the Sena-BJP alliance.
Shiv Sena has decided to go it alone in the forthcoming Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation election and not have any tie-up with the BJP with which it shares power in the state and Centre.
As per sources, The decision was taken last night at a meeting of senior Sena leaders
The development comes after Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis chided the Shiv Sena for bringing the state a bad name due to the protests against former Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri’s book launch in Mumbai.
Shiv Sena is all set to contest all 122 seats alone. The KDMC elections are to be held on November 1.
The Shiv Sena opposed the launch of Kasuri’s book “Neither a Hawk, Nor a Dove: An Insider Account of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy” saying there should be no engagement with Pakistan as long as it supports terror attacks on Indian soil.
Yesterday, Shiv Sena blackened former BJP adviser and columnist Sudheendra Kulkarni, who was the organiser of the event where Kasuri’s book was launched.
Fadnavis, disapproving of the Sena’s protests, said last evening that it had brought disrepute to the state.
“We cannot endorse Kasuri, but can’t let our state turn into banana republic. The rule of law has prevailed. I think the way things have happened has brought a bad name to our state. There could have been better ways to put forth a point of view,” he had said.Kasuri’s book was released last night amid heavy security.

Sena1st Blackened Sudheendra Kulkarni And Now Tags Him”Pakistani Agent”

[Mumbai]Sena 1st Blackened Sudheendra Kulkarni And Now Tags Him”Pakistani agent”
Shiv Sena First Blackened Face Of Sudheendra Kulkarni And Now Tags Him “Pakistani agent”:
Shiv Sena today accused ORF chief Sudheendra Kulkarni, whose face was blackened by party activists, and threatend to scale up its opposition to former Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s book launch
Sena leader Sanjay Raut told reporters that “the man who has organised Kasuri s book launch in Mumbai (Sudheendra Kulkarni) is a Pakistani agent(Maharashtra chief minister Devendra) Fadnavisji has publicly said that Khurshid won’t be allowed to have any anti-India view in his programme and if he does, the organiser will be responsible for it. We welcome the CM’s stand.”
Raut said his party has written a letter to Fadnavis giving all proof that “exposes” Kasuri’s “anti-India” stand.
Claiming that Sena has no “political agenda” behind opposing the book launch event, Raut claimed while Khurshid was Foreign Minister of Pakistan, he was responsible for bringing all extremist anti-India organisations together to “suit their Kashmir agenda.”
He said Sena will continue to boycott all events relating to Pakistan citizens till the neighbouring country stops sponsoring terror.
Earlier in the day, an black paint was sprayed on Kulkarni for not bowing down to Sena’s diktat seeking cancellation of events having Pakistani connection.
Recently, stiff opposition from Shiv Sena led to cancellation of Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali’s concert in Maharashtra.

Shiv Sena Declares Separation,BJP Tangles With Tara Rani Group For Kolhapur Civic[81]Polls

[Mumbai] Shiv Sena Declares Separation With BJP For Kolhapur Civic[81] Polls.As a Result Of Which New Political Triangle Of BJP+SS+Tara Rani Group Is Taking Shape
Shiv Sena has called off its alliance with BJP in Kolhapur in Maharashtra and will contest the upcoming municipal corporation polls on its own.
The election to the 81-member Kolhapur civic body is scheduled to be held later this year.
The split in Kolhapur comes in the backdrop of Sena president Uddhav Thackeray recently saying that his party is keen on winning the Assembly polls in Maharashtra on its own and that they had extended support to BJP in 2014 elections to avoid political instability.
BJP in Kolhapur has decided to have a pre-poll alliance with Tara Rani group, a local political outfit, Sena leader in-charge of Kolhapur Arun Dhudwadkar said.
The outfit was set up by Congress MLC Mahadeo Mahadik.
“People voted for Sena-BJP in the Assembly polls to defeat Congress. But, the BJP has decided to join hands with Congress which is unacceptable to the Sena. Therefore, we are calling off our alliance with BJP for the municipal corporation elections,” he said.
Dudhwadkar said Sena has sought an alliance with RPI(A) and Shethkari Sanghtana MP Raju Shetty for the polls.
In Kolhapur district, the Sena has six MLAs, while BJP and NCP have two each. In Kolhapur city, Shiv Sena won the Assembly seat defeating BJP by 25,000 votes, he said.
When contacted, PWD Minister Chandrakant Patil, who is also the Guardian Minister of the district, said BJP decided to join hands with Tara Rani group since it was a 25-year-old political outfit working for local issues in the city. It has been in power in the local body as well.
“If Kolhapur has to be developed as a smart city, BJP needs such local outfits, well-versed in the local issues, to get power in the municipal corporation. Tara Rani has nothing to do with the Congress. Mahadeo Mahadik headed the outfit many years ago. He is now with the Congress, his son is in the NCP while his nephew is in BJP,” Patil said.

Madrasas,Out Of Main Education Stream,Are De-recognized Which is Not Anti-Religious:SS

[Mumbai] Madrasas ,Out Of Main Education Stream ,Only Are De-recognized Which is Not Anti-Religious
Amid outrage over Maharashtra government’s decision to de-recognise madrasas which only educate students on Islam, the Shiv Sena today said the move should not be seen as one intended to strike a blow to religious education in the state.
The Sena came down heavily on those opposing the state government’s decision and said that protests are being held only due to fears that if Muslims start thinking independently, parties, whose existence lies on playing vote-bank politics will be in danger.
Shiv Sena said in an edit in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana That The government has taken a decision to treat madrasas that do not teach subjects like English+Science+ Mathematics as non-schools. This move should not be seen as one which is pre-conceived or which is intended to strike a blow to religious education. On the contrary, this should be taken as a way to get Muslim children in the mainstream,It further sought to know what is wrong in bringing children who are studying in madrasas to the mainstream and where is the question of spreading communalism with the initiative.
it said.”Muslims have been caught between Islam+ Islamic education +extremism. Thus, while the world is progressing with each passing day, Muslims are only stuck between ignorance + illiteracy,”
The Sena said the government has made it clear that not only madrasas but even religious institutions of other faiths will be classified as non-schools and thus, the government’s move should not be seen as a revenge against the Muslim community.

एन डी ऐ के संयोजक पद के चयन के लिए प्रकाश सिंह बादल की सलाह का इन्तेजार

एन डी ऐ के नए संयोजक के लिए मंथन शुरू हो गया है संभवत शिरोमणि अकाली दल [एस ऐ डी] के प्रकाश सिंह बादल के विदेश से लौटने पर घोषणा की जा सकती है| एन डी ऐ से छिटके जे डी यूं के अध्यक्ष शरद यादव ने एन डी ऐ के संयोजक पद को भी छोड़ दिया है| इनके स्थान पर अभी तक कोई घोषणा नही की जा सकी है| अगले प्रधान मंत्री के रूप में गुजरात के मुख्य मंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी को बढ़ावा दिए जाने से २० सांसदों के साथ जे डी यूं अलग हो गया है शायद इसीलिए भाजपा अब संयोजक के पद पर सोच समझ कर ही फैसला लेना चाह रही है| संभवत इसीलिए संयोजक का पद अभी तक खाली है|
एन डी ऐ में कभी २४ दल हुआ करते थे अब केवल तीन रह गए हैं| वैसे ८ से १० दलों के जुड़ने की संभावना जताई जा रही है मगर फिलहाल भाजपा के साथ शिव सेना और एस ऐ डी ही रह गए हैं|इन्ही तीनो पार्टियों में से संयोजक चुना जाना है| बीते दिनों भाजपा के राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष राज नाथ सिंह और शिव सेना के उद्धव ठाकरे की मुम्बई में मुलाकात हुई है|समझा जा रहा है के इस मुलाकात में एन डी ऐ के संयोजक के नाम पर भी चर्चा हुई है| पंजाब के मुख्य मंत्री एस ऐ डी के प्रकाश सिंह बादल और उप मुख्य मंत्री सुखबीर सिंह बादल अभी भारत से बाहर हैं इसी लिए संयोजक के नाम की गोशन को रोक रखा गया है| [१]शिव सेना के प्रवक्ता संजय राउत के अनुसार एक दो दिनों में नाम की घोषणा कर दी जायेगी|[२] एस ऐ डी के प्रवक्ता डॉ दलजीत सिंह चीमा ने बताया के पार्टी अध्यक्ष के देश लौटने पर निर्णय ले लिया जाएगा| [३] भाजपा भी अभी पत्ते खोलने को तैयार नही दिखती पार्टी के प्रवक्ता वरिष्ठ नेता प्रकाश जावडेकर ने कहा के इस पर सहयोगिओं से चर्चा चल रही है शीघ्र घोषणा कर दी जायेगी|

एन डी ऐ से छिटके जे डी यूं के सांसद पार्लियामेंट के मानसून सत्र में कांग्रेस के खाद्य सुरक्षा यौजना की संजीवनी हो सकते हैं

सत्ता के गलियारों में जे डी यूं और भाजपा के रिश्तों के विषय में पिछले कुछ समय से तैर रही फुसफुसाहट ने अब हकीकत का जामा पहन लिया है|जे डी यूं ने आखिर कार एन डी ऐ के १७ साल गठबंधन को तोड़ने का एलान कर ही दिया|इसके तात्कालिक प्रभाव के रूप में भाजपा के ११ मंत्री बिहार सरकार से निकाले गए और एन डी ऐ के संयोजक के पद को आदर्शवादी शरद यादव ने छोड़ दिया लेकिन यह किस्सा यही खत्म नही होता , इस का असली प्रभाव संसद के मानसून सत्र में भी दिखाई दे सकता है|

एन डी ऐ से छिटके जे डी यूं के सांसद पार्लियामेंट के मानसून सत्र में कांग्रेस के खाद्य सुरक्षा यौजना की संजीवनी हो सकते हैं

एन डी ऐ से छिटके जे डी यूं के सांसद पार्लियामेंट के मानसून सत्र में कांग्रेस के खाद्य सुरक्षा यौजना की संजीवनी हो सकते हैं

एन डी ऐ का गठबंधन १७ साल पुराना था इन्होने मिल जुल कर केंद्र और राज्यों में सत्ता सुख भोगा है|बिहार में अभी भी जे डी यूं और भाजपा का गठबंधन की सरकार चल रही थी |ऐसे में यकायक क्या हो गया कि सत्ता के इन दोनों भागीदारों को अपना मार्ग बदलना पड़ गया| जानकारों का मानना है कि यह निर्णय यकायक नही आया है|हाल ही में जे डी यूं ने दिल्ली में सालाना सम्मलेन किया और उसमे भाजपा से अलग होने और केंद्र के नजदीक जाने के संकेत दे दिए थे|भाजपा के नरेन्द्र मोदी की खिलाफत के साथ ही बिहार को विशेष दर्जा देने पर केंद्र सत्ता रुड कांग्रेस से नजदीकियों का इशारा भी किया गया| जाहिर ऐसे में पुराने सहयोगियों से अलग होने के लिए फेस सेविंग जरुरी होती है और इसके लिए सुअवसर की प्रतीक्षा भी की जाती है| बिहार के महाराज गंज में लोक सभा के उप चुनाव में सत्ता रुड जे डी यूं की अपने चिर प्रतिद्वंदी लालू प्रसाद यादव के हाथों करारी हार हो गई|इस घटना से अपने राजनितिक भविष्य से विचलित पार्टी के लिए फेस सेविंग का अवसर तलाशने की छटपटाहट होनी स्वाभाविक है|
इसीबीच भाजपा में हुए टुर्मोइल [उथल पुथल]ने भी जे डी यूं को अवसर प्रदान कर दिया |भाजपा के चुनाव कमेटी के प्रभारी के रूप में नरेन्द्र मोदी की नियुक्ति ने यह अवसर भी दे दिया|और जे डी यूं ने इसी आधार पर भजपा से दूरी की घोषणा कर दी|इस अलगाव को नितीश कुमार जरुरी बता रहे हैं तो भाजपा की श्री मति सुषमा स्वराज +राज नाथ सिंह दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण बता रहे है|एन डी ऐ के दूसरे मुख्य घटक एस ऐ डी के नरेश गुजराल ने इसे स्थाई तलाक के बजाय अस्थाई अलगाव [ सेपरेशन ] बताया है| प्रकाश सिंह बादल ने भाजपा का साथ देने के संकल्प को दोहराया है|शिव सेना के राउत इसमें कांग्रेस का फायदा देख रहे हैं|
इस सारे घटना क्रम में यूं पी ऐ के एक साथी लालू प्रसाद यादव खुल कर नितीश को अवसर वादी और मुस्लिम वोटों के लोलूप बता रहे हैं लेकिन कांग्रेस की तरफ से बेहद सधी हुई और सतर्क प्रतिक्रिया आ रही है|प्रवक्ता सलीम ने नितीश कुमार को बधाई दी है| २४३ सदस्यों वाली बिहार विधान सभा में जे दी यूं के कुल ११८ सदस्य है और उन्हें केवल चार एम् एल ऐ और चाहियें जो सरलता से उपलब्ध हो जायेंगे ऐसे में १९ जून को नितीश बहुमत सिद्ध कर ही देंगे| इसके पश्चात भाजपा नरेन्द्र मोदी के नाम पर पिछड़ा कार्ड खेलने से नहीं चूकेगी और इसका प्रभाव नितीश सरकार पर पड़ना स्वाभाविक होगा| संसद का मानसून सत्र प्रारम्भ होना है | कांग्रेस के लिए खाद्य सुरक्षा यौजना को परवान चडाने के लिए संसद में बहुमत हासिल करना जरुरी है |२२ सांसदों वाले सपा के मुलायम सिंह यादव ने कांग्रेस के विरुद्ध अपने तेवर दिखा दिए हैं ऐसे में जे डी यूं के इतने ही सांसद प्राण दाई स्पोर्ट दे सकते हैं |यह कहना अभी परिकल्पित [ |HYPOTHETICAL ] कहा जा सकता है कि बिहार के लिए विशेष राज्य का दर्जा लिए बगैर भी जे दी यूं के सांसद कांग्रेस का संसद में विरोध नही करेंगे| अगर जे दी यूं इस मुद्दे का बहिष्कार भी करती है तो भी यह इनके रुख को तो साफ़ ही कर करेगा| शायद यही आदर्शवादी नितीश कुमार और शरद यादव का लिटमस टेस्ट भी होगा|