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व्हाइट हाउस के लिए होने वाले चुनांवों में कहीं भारतीय हाथ पर खीज ना उतरे


व्हाइट हाउस के लिए होने वाले चुनांवों में कहीं भारतीय हाथ पर खीज ना उतरे

व्हाइट हाउस के लिए होने वाले चुनांवों में कहीं भारतीय हाथ पर खीज ना उतरे

झल्लेया !ये तो कमाल ही हो गया! बेशक हसाडे एच 1 वीजा में टांगे अढ़ाई जा रही हैं लेकिन
#व्हाइटहाउस पर कब्जे के लिए #रिपब्लिकन और #डेमोक्रेट्स दोनो ही हम हिंदुस्तानियों की वोट को महत्व देने लग गए
व्हाइट हाउस के लिए होने वाले चुनांवों में कहीं भारतीय हाथ पर खीज ना उतरे
सर् जी। अभी तक भारत मे ही हारने वाले विदेशी हाथ या अमेरिकी हाथ को दोष देते आये हैं अब कहीं यूएसए मेंहारने वाले भारतीय हाथ को ना कोसने लग जाएं

Trump Will Triumphantly Play ‘Clarinet’ In The White House

[Washington DC]@realDonaldTrump Will Triumphantly Play ‘Clarinet’ In The White House
Republican Donald Trump was on the cusp of creating history as he inched closer to clinching the US presidency with a strong showing in battleground states helping him trump Ruling Democrat’s Hillary Clinton in the knife-edge race.
Clinton, 69, who grabbed the traditional Democratic strongholds of California and Virginia, was now facing a tough challenge from the 70-year-old real estate billionaire, who joined politics only 18 months ago.
“Trump moves closer to White House,” said Politico as Trump’s total of electoral college votes — as per CNN projections — touched 238, against Clinton’s 215.
To win the presidential election, a candidate needs 270 of the 538 electoral college votes.
Results were also awaited from the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Wisconson, Minnesota, Utah, Arizona and Alaska.
Trump, who ran an improbable and often ugly campaign against the establishment, was holding on to small but significant leads in a series of key states, upending months of polling that had given the advantage to Clinton and raised Republican hopes of seizing back the White House.
Virginia, won by Clinton, has a significant Indian- American population and is home to Democratic vice- presidential nominee, Senator Tim Kaine.
In terms of overall vote percentage, Trump has so far received 48.5 per cent of the votes counted so far as against 47 per cent gained by Clinton.

Contesting For WhiteHouse”Trump”Favours Indian Students Staying Back in US

[Washington,DC]Contesting Republican “Trump” Favours Indian Students Staying Back in USA
Trump has Favored Indian Students Staying Back in USA.US Embassy In Delhi Discouraging Indian Students Willing To Go Specially To New Mexico .
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said
Indians studying in American educational institutions should not be kicked out as the country needs smart people like them, has said as he sought to set the record straight about his immigration policies.
Trump, 69, told Fox News in an interview when asked about his views on legal immigration.
“They cannot come into the country. You know, they go to Harvard, they are first in their class and they’re from India they go back to India and they setup companies and they make a fortune and they employ lots of people and all of that,”
“Many people want to stay in this country and then want to do that. I think somebody that goes through years of college in this country we shouldn’t kick them out the day they graduate, which we do,” Trump said clarifying his position on certain aspect of H-1B visas.
There are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.
He has been advocating the scrapping of the H-1B visa programme from the beginning of his campaign as he thinks it is “very unfair” for American workers and has been taking away their jobs.
IT professionals from India and major Indian IT companies are beneficiary of H-1B, a non-immigrant visa in the US which allows US employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in speciality occupations