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IndiGo’s Airbuses Facing Glitches, DGCA Yet To Put a Check :PW Engines

[New Delhi]IndiGo’s Airbuses Facing Glitches, DGCA Yet To Put a Check on PW Engine
The DGCA had issued an advisory in November last year to deal with this issue. However, the PW engines continue to face glitches P&W engine woes had forced both IndiGo (which operates 57 of such planes)and the larger rival GoAir to ground some of the A320 Neos on earlier occasions also.Despite repeated glitches neither the engine maker nor the plane maker has been able to provide any lasting solution so far.
India’s aviation watchdog Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is likely to issue an additional advisory soon for Airbus planes fitted with Pratt & Whitney engines,
The recurring glitches on the Pratt & Whitney-powered Airbus planes have forced the Wadia group-run budget carrier GoAir to ground as many as seven A320 Neos.
GoAir has 49 planes in the fleet and 30 of them are Airbus A320 Neos.
During February and March last year, 14 planes — 11 of IndiGo and three of GoAir – were grounded by the aviation regulator DGCA following a series of mid-air engine shutdowns.
Apart from these two carriers, Air India and Vistara also operate A320 Neos but they are powered by CFM engines. P&W engine woes had forced both IndiGo (which operates 57 of such planes)and the larger rival GoAir to ground some of the A320 Neos on earlier occasions also.

Indian Domestic Air Traffic Consecutively Jumped Growth in July Also:26%

[New Delhi] Indian Domestic Air Traffic Jumped Record 26% Growth in July
Domestic air passenger traffic jumped by nearly 26 per cent in July, registering double-digit growth for the 24th consecutive month with lower fares attracting more fliers.
IndiGo saw its market share climb to 39.8 per cent It had a market share of 37.9 per cent in June.
Latest data from aviation regulator DGCA showed that local airlines flew
85.08 lakh passengers in July compared to
67.62 lakh fliers recorded in the year-ago period.
This is the 24th straight month that domestic air traffic has registered high double-digit growth, which also comes against the backdrop of many airlines offering lower fares as they compete to attract more passengers.
In terms of market share in July,
IndiGo [39.8%]
Jet Airways (16.3%),
Air India (14.8 %),
SpiceJet (11.7%),
GoAir (8.4 %),
Vistara (2.6 %) and
AirAsia (2.2%).
When it comes to load factor — a measure of seat occupancy in flights — low-cost carrier
SpiceJet emerged on top with 92 %in July. The same stood at 93 % in June.
During July,
IndiGo’s load factor stood at 83.6 % higher than 77.9 % seen in the previous month.
Among other airlines,
GoAir registered a load factor of 90.3 % followed by Air Asia with 85.7 % while that of
Jet Airways and Vistara were 83.8 % and 75.2 % respectively.
National carrier Air India registered a lower load factor of 80.3 %in July compared to 82 % in June.
Scheduled domestic airlines shelled out compensation to the tune of Rs 35.56 lakh for denied boarding to passengers last month.
For cancellations, the carriers gave a total
compensation of Rs 23.22 lakh while the overall amount for
flight delays, a total amount of Rs 61.33 lakh was given “towards compensation and facilities”.
According to DGCA, 1,111 passengers were affected by
denied boarding, 4,796 people by cancellations and
delays impacted 65,953 passengers.
Last month, as many as 948 passenger-related complaints were received by the scheduled domestic airlines with maximum number coming against Air Pegasus — which saw disruptions in its operations amid financial woes.
As much as 34.2 % complaints were related to flight problems, followed by customer service (27.4 %) and baggage (17.5%).

25 Indigo’s Crew Members Faced Enforcement Action During Six Months Of This Year

[New Delhi] 25 IndiGo’s Crew Members Faced Enforcement Action Just Six Months
44 crew members, including pilots, of
Jet Airways faced enforcement actions this year till June end, followed by
IndiGo (25),
Air India (22),
Spicejet (15),
GoAir (8),
Vistara (4) and
AirAsia (2).
On August 11, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha informed Parliament that DGCA acted against 63 pilots of SpiceJet for operating flights beyond their stipulated duty hours. In 2014, there were 391 enforcement actions by the DGCA.
As per DGCA Reports ,270 airline crew violated safety norms this year
As many as 270 airline crew members, mostly pilots, were found violating safety norms this year by regulator DGCA which suspended over 150 of them, raising serious concerns about aviation safety.
The number paints an alarming picture as there was a total of
275 “enforcement actions” by DGCA last year, compared
270 such actions being initiated in less than eight months this year.
“Instances of safety violations are increasing. To curb such incidents, the regulator has stepped up surveillance activities,” a senior DGCA official said.
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had earlier this week suspended flying licenses of two pilots of
Air India and
Jet Airways
for four years as they were found to be drunk soon after operating international flights. It had also directed the airlines to register FIRs against them.
Violation of safety requirements such as being drunk while operating a flight can also attract imprisonment.
One cabin crew member each from the two carriers have also been suspended for the same violation for one year.
As per latest data available with DGCA, there were safety violations involving around 270 airline crew members this year till August 12 and the number stood at 169 at the end of June.
Most of them were pilots, flight commanders and first officers.

Vistara Airline to Vistar -Daily Chandigarh-Delhi Flights

[New Delhi] Vistara Airline to Vistar -Daily Chandigarh-Delhi Flights
Tata-SIA joint venture Vistara today said it will commence flight services to Chandigarh from next month as part of its summer schedule.
Vistara will operate daily direct return flights to Chandigarh from Delhi and Hyderabad, starting May 2,
With the addition of Chandigarh flight, Vistara’s network will cover 16 destinations across India, City Of Rock garden is the carrier’s sixth destination in North India after Jammu, Srinagar, Delhi, Lucknow and Varanasi.
The new service will also offer convenient connections via Delhi between Chandigarh and Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Ahmedabad,
The Delhi-based airline has already announced the launch of its services to Srinagar, Jammu, and Kochi from this month.
With addition of these services, the total number of weekly flights offered by the airline will increase to over 400,
Vistara had recently inaugurated its signature lounge at T3 at Delhi International Airport.

Vistara,Leading O T P,Airlines Takes Delivery of 7th Airbus A320

[New Delhi] Leading On Time Performer Vistara Airlines Takes Delivery of 7th Airbus A320 Aircraft
Tata-SIA joint venture carrier Vistara today took delivery of its seventh aircraft as the airline plans to scale up flight operations from the forthcoming winter schedule.
As per Airline The seventh aircraft, an Airbus A320, was delivered to Vistara today. The carrier would take two more similar planes by the year end to take its total fleet size to nine Airbus A320s
Vistara, in which Tata Group holds 51 per cent stake and the rest are with Singapore Airlines, had commenced operations in January this year with flights to Mumbai and Ahmedabad from its New Delhi base.
At present, the country’s third full service carrier, after the state-run Air India and private airline Jet Airways, operates 293 weekly flights to across 12 destinations including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Goa, Guwahati and Bagdogra.
It has already announced its plan to add Bhubaneswar and Varanasi in its network from next month.
As part of its winter schedule, Vistara has sought to double its flights compared to the number of flights operated by it in the on-going summer schedule.
The winter schedule of airlines in India comes into effect from last Sunday of October and lasts up to March
On Time Performance At Four Metro Airports Is During August Is 95.1%

Air India ,Eyeing On Revenue, May Provide Premium Economy Cabin For Its Flyers

[New Delhi] Air India ,Eyeing On Revenue, May Provide Premium Economy Cabin For Its Flyers
As of now, Tata-SIA-promoted full service airline Vistara is the only domestic carrier which offers premium economy on its flights, besides business and economy class.
As per Air India official Airline is looking at introducing a new cabin class, premium economy
Premium economy is positioned between economy and business class, with a different fare and services structure.
The concept was first introduced by Taiwanese carrier Eva Air in 1991, and since then the airlines world over have rolled out this new cabin class one after another.
Premium economy fares are on average 60 per cent lower than the business class and almost 60 per cent higher than normal economy travel.

Indian Aviation Minister Seems Fed up With Decade Old 5/20 Rule So Calls It Pain in the Neck

[New Delhi]Indian Govt Seems Fed up With 5/20 Norm So Calls It Pain in the Neck
GoAir+Vistara+AirAsia India Only Are Not Eligible For Operating International Flights From India as they do Not Meet the 5/20 Norm.
Making a strong case for doing away with the ‘5/20’ norm for domestic carriers,
Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju today dubbed this Decade Old Regulation as “a Pain in the Neck”.
Under the ‘5/20’ regulation, domestic airlines in operation for at least five years and with a fleet of minimum 20 planes are allowed to fly on international routes.
The minister’s stance comes at a time when the Ministry is reviewing the 5/20 norm and is discussing the issue with various stakeholders.
“I, for one, would like to get rid of it. Unfortunately it was a Cabinet decision taken by a government… The reasoning in that file and Cabinet note are rather funny. I think it has to go.
“It is an outdated thing. It is like a dinosaur and dinosaurs are heavier. When you wear it in the neck, it is a pain in the neck,” Raju said.
He was responding to a query about 5/20 norm during a ‘Tourism Investors Meet’
By bringing in changes in the more than decade-old rule, the government seeks to address the imbalance between domestic and foreign carriers.
At present, budget carrier GoAir, which had started operations in November 2005 is the only domestic carrier among the old players that is not eligible for overseas operations, as it does not have 20 planes.
New airlines Vistara and AirAsia India are also not eligible for operating international flights from India as they do not meet the 5/20 norm.
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Domestic Air Traffic Rises by Over18 % in May

New Delhi]Domestic Air Traffic Rises by Over 18 % in MayThe seat factor of the domestic airline rose over the previous month primarily due to the onset of tourist season
Driven by summer holiday bookings, domestic air traffic surged by a healthy 18.35 per cent in May over the same period last year, while budget carrier IndiGo continued its market domination with more than a third of the total traffic pie in its kitty.
All Indian carriers together ferried a total of 71.27 lakh passengers in May as compared to 60.22 lakh passengers during May 2014, according to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) data for this month.
During May, another budget airline SpiceJet clocked the highest seat factor at 93.1 per cent helped by a series of low-fare schemes, announced by the carrier in the previous month.
In terms of number of passengers, while IndiGo transported 27.69 lakh, the number of passengers flown by Jet Airways during the reporting month stood at 13.01 lakh.
National carrier Air India’s share in the total passenger traffic stood at 15.8 per cent as it ferried 11.8 lakh passengers previous year .
The two new airlines– AirAsia India + Vistara– transported less than one lakh passengers in the month at 0.94 lakh and 0.93 lakh passengers respectively.
Air Costa transported 0.61 lakh passengers while Air Pegasus 0.06 lakh.
IndiGo also recorded a high load factor of 91.9 per cent, followed by GoAir 89.4 per cent, AirAsia India 81.4 per cent and Air Costa 81.2 per cent.
Jet Airways’ load factor during May stood at 81.1 per cent while that of Air India at 80.4 per cent.
,As per DGCA .During the period, Directorate received a total of 858 complaints against nine airlines. Of these 793 were disposed off while investigations were going on in the remaining 65 complaints
DGCA had received 211 complaints against Jet Airways, besides 191 against IndiGo, 187 against SpiceJet and 173 against Air India.

कथित सस्ती इंडिगो एयरलाइन्स बीते वित्तीयवर्ष के आखिरी महीने में भी शिकायतों में नंबर वन रही

[नई दिल्ली]कथित सस्ती एयर लाइन्स इंडिगो बीते वित्तीय वर्ष के आखिरी महीने में भी यात्रियों की शिकायतों के मामले में नंबर वन रही |यदपि मार्च में यह संख्या फरवरी के मुकाबिले कम है ,लेकिन अन्य निजी एयर लाइन्स के मुकाबिले इंडिगोशिकायतों में टॉप पर ही है|
मार्च में कुल विलम्बित[ Delayed] फ्लाइट्स की संख्या ३४ ११९ हैं इनमे से नेशनल कर्रिएर एयर इंडिया की संख्या १८५२८ है इसके बाद निजी एयर लाइन्स में इंडिगो एयरलाइन्स की ९२४९ फ्लाइट्स को दो घंटे या उससे अधिक देरी से उड़ाया गया |शेष एयर लाइन्स का आंकड़ा निम्न है
टोटल डिले ==३४११९
[ऐ][1]इंडिगो ============९२४९
[2]जेट एयरवेज ========२८०१
[3]स्पाइस जेट ==========२२६५
[4]गो एयर =============७४९
[5]एयर एशिया ============२७१
[6]विस्तारा ==============२५६
[बी]एयर इंडिया ================१८५२८
फ्लाइट्स को देरी से उड़ाने के पीछे भी कंपनी का अपना व्यवसायिक गणित हो सकता है | फ्लायर्स लोड फैक्टर बढ़ाने के लिए फ्लाइट्स को निर्धारित समय के पश्चात भी रोके रखा जाता है|इससे एक तो फ्लाइट्स को कैंसिल नहीं करना पड़ता+फ्लायर्स भी मिल जाते हैं|कंपनसेशन के नाम पर मात्र रिफ्रेशमेंट का खर्चा ही बुक किया जाता है|
यात्रियों से सम्बंधित विभिन्न शिकायतों के कुल ११९४ मामले दर्ज कराये गए हैं इनमे से इंडिगो एयर लाइन्स कंपनी के विरुद्ध १९८ मामले दर्ज कराये गए जिनमे से एक शिकायत का निस्तारण नहीं हुआ है |
इंडिगो एयर लाइन्स का मार्किट शेयर 22.86%बताया गया है इसका लोड फैक्टर [Passengers load factor ]७७% है जोकि आठ एयरलाइन्स में पांचवें स्थान पर है|इंडिगो एयरलाइन्स को अनेकों विशेषणों से नवाजा जाता है जैसे [१]नो फ्रिल [२]बजट एयरलाइन्स[३]प्रॉफिट मेकिंग आदि आदि

Down Graded Indian Aviation’s Regulator DGCA Now To Watch Health Of Pilots

[New Delhi]I)Down Graded Indian Aviation Regulator DGCA Now To Watch Health Of Pilots
DGCA has set a committee to look into the norms for checking pilots’ health in the wake of the recent German wings plane crash.
“There is a committee which is looking into it (the norms for assessing pilots health),” Director General of Civil Aviation M Sathiyavathy told reporters.She, however, refused to elaborate more on the issue.
“I cannot comment further,” Sathiyavathy said.The move by Directorate General of Civil Aviation comes in the wake of the recent Germanwings airline plane crash in the Alps in which it is alleged that a mentally disturbed co-pilot crashed the plane killing all 150 people onboard.
As of now, nine domestic airlines, which employ over 3,000 pilots, carry out such tests on their pilots at the point of induction but there are no subsequent appraisals of their mental state. They, however, undergo physical fitness tests every six months.
Sathiyavathy also said that the DGCA is also recertifying all flying schools and non-scheduled operators, following the restoration of India’s aviation safety rating back to the top category by the US aviation watchdog Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) early this month.
The FAA had downgraded India from Category I to Category II last January.
“For re-certification, we took up Air India and Jet Airways on a priority basis as they fly to the United States.
Then we took up Vistara, Air Pegasus and Air Costa (the two regional carriers operating out of the southern region). Other scheduled airlines are being taken up now,” DGCA said.
The re-certifcation implies that the aviation regulator is satisfied that the airlines meet all the prescribed safety and security norms.She was speaking on the sidelines of a function jointly organised by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce
The function was organised to announce the dates for the 5th edition of the India Aviation international conference- exhibition in Hyderabad from March 16 next year. .