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Barack Obama,In His Labor Day Greetings,Reiterated ,Raise In Wages

In His Labor Day Greetings Obama Reiterated a Raise In Wages.
In this week’s address, the President Obama wished Americans a happy Labor Day weekend And highlighted the important economic progress ,made, and reaffirmed his commitment to accelerate progress and ensure that growing economy fuels a strong middle class Of U S A
To do this, the President reiterated that Congress should do right by hardworking Americans across the country and raise the minimum wage, and he praised the 13 states and Washington, D.C. as well as employers large and small who have heeded his call and taken action to provide their citizens and employees a fair wage.
The President underscored that America built the world’s greatest middle class by making sure that everyone who’s willing to work hard and play by the rules can get ahead — an economic patriotism worth remembering this Labor Day, and every day.

Just Before International Labor Day American Senate Republicans Blocked Increase In Wages

Just Before One day Of International Labor Day, American Senate Republicans Hurdled Wages Of 28 Million Hardworking Citizens.It Is An setback To The Ambitious Step Of Barack Obama. President Obama Is Trying To Get The Wages Increased From 7.25 $ To Ten Ten. Senate Republicans,Today, blocked a vote to raise the minimum wage for 28 million hardworking Americans.
Barack Obama has appealed Countrymen to add Their voice to this debate.
White House has Uploaded graphics to Share The Importance Of This Issue with Family and Friends
It Is Said ” It’s a single mother trying to make sure her kids have enough to eat. It’s a college student working to pay her way through school. And they deserve a raise””.We know what the folks who stand to benefit from raising the wage actually look like — and the answer might surprise you: The average worker who would benefit is 35 years old, and more than half are women”