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Def Acts Dept ,With 19K Man Power, Celebrates its 270th Annual Day

[New Delhi]One Of The Oldest Def Acts Dept Celebrates its 270th Annual Day
Defence Accounts Department Celebrates its 270th Annual Day
The Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar ,as chief guest,has urged the officers and staff of the Defence Accounts Department to devise innovative ways to transform the activities of the department from being a normal facilitator to a dedicated and effective service provider.
Addressing the 270th Defence Accounts Department Annual Day Shri Kumar lauded the role of the department in expeditiously implementing the much awaited OROP scheme for Ex-Servicemen which was notified by the Central Government on 07th November 2015.
He also complimented that the department discharges its responsibilities with the help of its committed manpower of about 19,000 at a budget of approximately Rs. 1,306 crore. He specifically emphasised on the application of new technology to make the accounting and disbursing processes more accurate and efficient so as to bring smiles in the faces of the people.
The Defence Secretary on the occasion presented “Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence” to the officials of the Department selected for their outstanding contribution in the areas of successful implementation of OROP scheme, designing of Project Tulip­ Office Automation System and making a documentary film on disciplinary proceedings during 2015-16.
Senior Officers Sunil Kohli and N. Neihsial also addressed the gathering.
The Defence Accounts Department traces back its history to 1747 where the first Pay Master was appointed for paying the Garrison at Fort Williams, Kolkata. The Department was re-designated as Defence Accounts Department from Military Accounts Department in 1951.
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The Defence Secretary, Shri G. Mohan Kumar addressing the gathering at the 270th Defence Accounts Department Day Function, in New Delhi on October 01, 2016.

Oldest Allied Services “IDAS” Seeks Change Of Name: 270th DAD Day

[New Delhi]Oldest Allied Services IDAS Seeks Change Of Name
It may not be nothing in the name but Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS),seeks change of name IDAS Is Allied services of IAS
The Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS), a 270-year-old service, has asked the government to change its name to Defence Finance Service, keeping in view the changing nature of the department.
The nature of functioning of the department has changed over the last so many years. Time has come to change the name of the department from Defence Accounts Department to Defence Finance Department.
“We have sent the proposal finally (to the government) to change the name of the Defence Accounts Service to Defence Finance Service,” Sunil Kohli, Controller General of Defence Accounts, said.
He was speaking at an event to mark the 270th Defence Accounts Service Day which was also attended by Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar.
IDAS officers are group ‘A’ defence civilian officers.
The department also serves the three defence services, DRDO, Border Roads Organisation and ordnance factories. It renders three fold services in areas like financial advise, payments, accounting and audit.
It traces its history to 1747, from the days of the British East India Company, and is one of the oldest civil services in the country.
The IDAS played a critical role in the implementation of the One Rank One Pension (OROP).
Kohli said the department has also sent another proposal to earmark budget which could be used for carrying out digitilisation and computerisation of the department in order to implement pensions in a better way.

PM “Modi”Greets India On Auspicious Navratri

[New Delhi]PM Of India Greets The Nation On Navratri
PM greets the nation on the occasion of Navratri
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has greeted the Nation on the auspicious occasion of Navratri.
The Prime Minister said. “नवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। My greetings to everyone as the auspicious Navratri commences,”

Uri Brig Cdr Somashanker Shifted Out From Sensitive Area

[Srinagar,J&K]Uri Brigade Commander Shifted in Terror Attack Aftermath
Indian Army has removed the commander of Uri Brigade, which was the target of the deadly terror attack on September 18 that claimed the lives of 19 soldiers and left several others injured,
Brigadier K Somashanker has been shifted out of the sensitive brigade,

आईएसआई एजेंट आसिफ अली की दो साल से यूं पी के मेरठ जेल में खातिरदारी

[मेरठ,यूपी]आईएसआई एजेंट आसिफ अली की दो साल से यूं पी के मेरठ जेल में खातिरदारी|
यूंपी के मेरठ में आईएसआई एजेंट आसिफ अली की खातिरदारी चल रही है यह आज अदालत में पेशी से लाये गए अली की बॉडी लैंग्वेज से स्पष्ट दिखाई दिया
आईएसआई एजेंट आसिफ अली १६ अगस्त २०१४ को स्थानीय सुभाष बाजार से गिरफ्तार किया गया था |उस समय अली के कब्जे से पाकिस्तानी बैंकों की पास बुक+डेबिट कार्ड्स आदि बरामद हुए थे |स्वयम अली ने भी पाकिस्तान के लिए जासूसी करने के अपराध को स्वीकार कर लिया था लेकिन दुर्भाग्य से बीते दो साल से अपराधी को मेरठ जेल में रख कर अदालतों के चक्कर लगवाये जा रहे हैं| ३० सितंबर को भी अली को अदालत में पेश किया गया और अदालत ने सुनवाई की अगली तारीख पांच अक्तूबर तय कर दी है|
५२ वर्षिय को उत्तर प्रदेश पुलिस के विशेष कार्यबल ने 16 अगस्त, 2014 को सुभाष बाजार इलाके से गिरफ्तार किया था। वह भारतीय सेना के बारे में सूचनाएं आईएसआई को पहुंचाता था और अन्य स्थानीय आईएसआई एजेंटों को वित्तीय रूप से मदद भी करता था।