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Farooq Abdullah’s Detention Extended by 3 Months

(Srinagar) The detention of Farooq Abdullah, extended by three months
The case of Abdullah, also a five-term parliamentarian, was reviewed by the advisory board of the Home Department of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir which recommended extension of his detention under the PSA
His house, located at Gupkar Road, has been declared a sub-jail by the union territory’s Home Department.
Eighty-two-year-old Abdullah, who became the first chief minister against whom the stringent public safety law was invoked, has a heart pacemaker implanted and had undergone a kidney transplant a few years ago.
Abdullah was among a host of leaders and activists who were detained on August 5 when the centre abrogated Article 370 and divided the state into two union territories — Ladakh, and Jammu and Kashmir.
Besides Abdullah, his son and former chief minister Omar and ex-CM Mehbooba Mufti, several other leaders have also been under detention since August 5.

BJP Slammed Navjot S Sidhu For Praising Imran in Pakistan

(New Delhi)BJP Slammed Congress Leader Navjot S Sidhu For Praising Imran in Pakistan The BJP on Sunday slammed Congress leader Navjot Sidhu for praising Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Kartarpur corridor inauguration across the international border and allegedly seeking to present Pakistani leadership on a higher pedestal than India’s.
BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra criticised Sidhu’s remarks praising Imran Khan and describing him as the king of hearts. Sidhu had said, “Sikandar (Alexander) had won the world with fear and you won the heart all over the world.”
Patra alleged that by making such remarks, Sidhu sought to show Pakistan and Khan on a higher pedestal than India.
He said Sidhu also reportedly projected himself as a representative of 14 crore Sikhs.
“He was invited as a chief guest there. He was not part of the official ‘jatha’ which went from India. Who gave him this right,” Patra questioned.

Gandhi Family’s Security Cover Reduced From SPG to Z+

(New Delhi)Gandhi Family’s Security Cover Reduced From SPG to Z+
The government has withdrawn the Special Protection Group (SPG) cover of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her children Rahul and Priyanka, and they will now be given Z-plus security by the CRPF, officials said on Friday.
SPG cover was given to the family of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was assassinated by LTTE terrorists on May 21, 1991,
The Gandhis will be without SPG protection after 28 years. They were included in the VVIP security list following an amendment in September 1991 in the SPG Act of 1988.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will now be the only person being protected by the elite SPG commandos.
In August this year, the government withdrew the SPG cover of former prime minister Manmohan Singh.
The SPG Act, enacted by Parliament in 1988, was initially supposed to provide security to only the prime minister and former prime ministers of the country.

इमरान ने फ़ौजी निर्णय पलटा:करतारपुर के लिए पासपोर्ट आवश्यक नही

(इस्लामाबाद,पाकिस्तान )इमरान ने फ़ौजी निर्णय पलटा:करतारपुर के लिए पासपोर्ट आवश्यक नही
पाकिस्तान के खिलाड़ी प्रधानमंत्री इमरान खान ने करतारपुर गलियारा का इस्तेमाल कर गुरुद्वारा दरबार साहिब आने वाले भारतीय सिख श्रद्धालुओं के लिये एक साल तक पासपोर्ट की शर्त हटा दी है। इसके उलट पाकिस्तानी सेना के एक प्रवक्ता ने पहले कहा था कि तीर्थयात्रियों को पासपोर्ट की जरूरत होगी।
इससे पहले, पाकिस्तानी सेना के प्रवक्ता मेजर जनरल आसिफ गफूर ने कहा कि करतारपुर साहिब आने वाले भारतीय तीर्थयात्रियों को करतारपुर गलियारे का इस्तेमाल करने के लिये पासपोर्ट की जरूरत होगी। इसके बाद पासपोर्ट पर स्थिति को लेकर थोड़ा भ्रम हो गया था।
एक नवंबर को, प्रधानमंत्री खान ने करतापुर गलियारे का निर्माण पूरा होने की ट्विटर पर घोषणा करते हुए कहा था कि उन्होंने दो शर्तों को माफ कर दिया है। इनमें से एक पासपोर्ट से जुड़ी शर्त थी जबकि दूसरी शर्त भारत से करतारपुर तीर्थयात्रा पर आने वाले सिखों द्वारा 10 दिन पहले पंजीकरण कराने से जुड़ी थी।
उन्होंने कहा था कि भारत के सिख श्रद्धालुओं को करतारपुर आने के लिए पासपोर्ट की नहीं बल्कि एक वैध पहचान-पत्र की जरूरत होगी।

Capt Plays Safe Card On Pak’s Intension on Kartarpur

(Chd,Pb)Capt Plays Safe Card On Pak’s Intension on Kartarpur
Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said on Monday. That sudden decision to accept the 70-year-old demand to open Kartarpur Corridor is aimed at driving a wedge in the Sikh community by exploiting religious sentiments,
He stressed that Pakistan’s move “indicated an ulterior motive” and Punjab is on heightened alert to check any nefarious design of the neighbouring country.
On the other hand Punjab government had reached out in all possible ways to the SGPC to facilitate joint celebrations,
chief minister claims that all preparations have been made to make it a lifetime experience for the pilgrims.

कश्मीर के उपचार्थ 3 आपरेशन लेकिन आतंकवाद का नासूर अभी कायम

1947 में २६ अक्टूबर के दिन #कश्मीर भारतीय बना
सात दशकों के पश्चात आज पुनः जे & के को भारत मे विधिवत शामिल किया गया
तत्कालीन आजाद डोगरा राजा हरि सिंह ने 1947 में भारतीयता स्वीकारी
लेकिन स्वर्ग का एक हिस्सा काट कर #पाकिस्तान ने बिना ब्लड ग्रुप मैचिंग किये #पीओके में ट्रांसप्लांट कर दिया ,जो अब ना केवल सड़ रहा है वरन चीन द्वारा लूटा भी जा रहा है
भारत ने अपने हिस्से के कश्मीर में धारा ३७० हटा कर लद्दाख को, 7 दशकों पश्चात, बचा कर रखने को जे& के से अलग कर दिया गया है
धरती के #स्वर्ग के उपचार्थ 3 आपरेशन हो चुके लेकिन #आतंकवाद का नासूर अभी भी कायम है

Brahmos Missile Successfully Test-Fired

Brahmos missile was successfully test-fired for its full range of 290-km during the launch jointly conducted by DRDO and BrahMos Aerospace.
Jointly developed by India and Russia, the versatile BRAHMOS has been operationalised in the Indian Armed Forces with all the three services.
With this successful mission, the indigenous content in the formidable weapon has reached a high value, thus bolstering India’s defence indigenisation and the flagship ‘Make in India’ programme.
Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh congratulated team DRDO, BrahMos and Industries for today’s successful mission.

India Slammed UK’s Labour Party for Intervening on Kashmir

(New Delhi)India Slammed UK’s Labour Party for Intervening on Indian Kashmir Issue
India slammed the UK’s Labour Party after it passed a resolution calling for international intervention on the Kashmir issue.
Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Raveesh Kumar on Wednesday described the Labour Party’s move as an attempt at “pandering to vote-bank interests”.
There is no question of engaging with the Labour Party or its representatives on this issue, he said.
The UK’s opposition Labour Party on Wednesday passed an emergency motion on Kashmir calling for party leader Jeremy Corbyn to seek international observers to “enter” the region and demand the right of self-determination for its people.

Imran Khan Counting His Tasbih on Kashmir Issue

(New York)Imran Khan Counting His Tasbih on Kashmir Issue
Bunch of aggressive Pakistani reporters Pressed Own Prime Minister Imran Khan to Count his #Tasbih (string of beads used by Muslims while praying) 
Journo Asked Pointed question on Kashmir Trump took a Swipe “Where do U find reporters like these?”Then PM,s Tasbih was Noticed
Donald Trump’s dislike for journalists is well-known and this was quite evident when he encountered a bunch of aggressive Pakistani reporters who pressed him on Kashmir, forcing the US President to ask Prime Minister Imran Khan, “Where do you find reporters like these?”
President Trump met Prime Minister Khan on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday and the two leaders discussed bilateral ties, the Kashmir issue and the faltering Afghan peace process.
During the joint press interaction, the Pakistani media, angered by India’s revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, posed a volley of questions to Trump on the situation in the Valley.
When a Pakistani journalist asked Trump about the situation in Kashmir, the president mocked him by asking him whether he was a member of Khan’s team.
“Are you from his (Imran Khan) team? You are making a statement, not asking a question, the US President said, snubbing him.
The Pakistani journalist again pressed Trump about the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir to which Trump turned towards Khan and asked him, “Where do you find reporters like these?”.

Imran’s Former MLA Seeks Asylum In India

[Chd,Pb]Imran’s Former MLA Seeks Asylum In India
Baldev Kumar (43), along with his wife and two children came to India last month and is presently staying at Khanna in Punjab’s Ludhiana district.He is Former MLA Of Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) from Barikot seat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province
When asked why he left his country and came to India, Kumar said, “the whole world is watching what is the situation in Pakistan now. We were expecting from (Pakistan PM Imran) Khan Sahib that when he came (to power), the fate of Pakistan will change, he said, claiming Imran failed to do so.
“You are watching the situation (in Pakistan) and I am also watching the same. That day our Sikh girl was kidnapped. Such things should not take place,” said Kumar.
.He said, “had minorities been getting rights in Pakistan, such situation should not have arisen.”
He further said he has also requested his other family members to leave Pakistan.
Kumar said that there were several families in Sindh and Nankana Sahib which told him that if he got asylum there (India), then they would also try to leave Pakistan.