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गडकरी के विकास की तीव्र गति के दावों पर भाजपा के ही सांसद ने प्रश्न चिन्ह लगाया

[नई दिल्ली]गडकरी के विकास की तीव्र गति के दावों पर भाजपा के ही सांसद ने प्रश्न चिन्ह लगाया भाजपा सांसद #विजयपालसिंहतोमर ने संसद में अपनी सरकार के मंत्री #नितिनजयरामगडकरी के विकास के दावों की गति पर प्रश्नचिन्ह लगाया
तोमर ने मेरठ एक्सप्रेसवे के कम्पलीशन में देरी पर उंगली रखी
सांसद तोमर ने इस देरी से मेरठ दिल्ली रोड पर हो रहे #ट्रैफिकजाम से निजात के लिए एक्सप्रेसवे को शीघ्र पूर्ण कराने का आग्रह किया|आज सुबह तोमर ने बोलते हुए कहा के मेरठ दिल्ली एक्सप्रेसवे की कम्पलीशन २०१५ में होनी थी लेकिन अभी भी उस पर कार्य चल रहा है|इसके फलस्वरूप दोनों तरफ जान लगता है और मात्र ४५ मिनट का सफर ४-५ घंटे में पूर्ण होता है|अब चूँकि कांवड़ यात्रा शुरू है ऐसे में स्थिति और कष्टकारी होगी ऐसे में ट्रैफिक सुगम करने के लिए इस मार्ग का कम्पलीशन यथा शीघ्र कराया जाए |मालूम हो की बीते दिन केंद्रीय सड़क मंत्री नितिन जयराम गडकरी ने इसी मार्ग की तीव्र प्रगति पर वाहवाही लूटी थी औरमेराथ के ही सांसद राजिंदर अग्रवाल ने उनका समर्थन किया था |

Aerial “Parikrama” of Holy Hill “Goverdhan” to Start From July 13

[Mathura,UP]Aerial Tour of Holy Hill “Goverdhan” to Start From July 13
Aerial ‘parikrama’ around the famous Goverdhan hill onboard helicopter will start from July 13 and will conclude on July 16
Permission for this tour has been obtained from the Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) By The Concerned Authorities
Tourists who will be coming for ‘Mudiya Purnima Mela’ here will be able to enjoy the chopper rides

DGCA Grounds 12 Pilots Of Spicejet+GoAir+AirIndiaExpress

[New Delhi] DGCA Grounds 12 Pilots Of Spicejet+GoAir+AirIndiaExpress
Aviation regulator DGCA has grounded 12 pilots and served show-cause notices on them after the six recent cases of aircraft veering off runway or taxiway
Air India Express and
have been involved in three, two and one such incidents, respectively, in the past few days

Punjab Govt Mulling To SetUp Vehicle Tracking System In Buses

[Chd,Pb]Punjab Govt Mulling To SetUp Vehicle Tracking System In Buses
Vehicle Tracking System be set up in all the PRTC, PUNBUS and Punjab Roadways buses. Likewise all the bus stands situated in the state would have access to free wifi & internet facility.
It was disclosed by Mrs. Razia Sultana, Transport Minister in a press communiqué after presiding over a meeting with General Managers of PRTC and Punjab Roadways held at Punjab Bhawan, Chandigarh. She said that Vehicle Tracking System would give real time position of any bus plying in the state She said that the success of Vehicle Tracking System has been tested in 350 PRTC buses and now this system would be installed in all the Punjab Roadways, PUNBUS and PRTC buses.
The Transport Minister said that Regional Transport Authority would conduct surprise checking to check the schedule timing of bus routes. She said that action against the violators of the scheduled timing of bus routes would be taken at the spot. She said that General Manager would assist the RTAs and provide every information during this surprise checking.
The Minister said that the Punjab Government would soon extend free Wifi & internet facility to the citizen at each bus stand of the state.
Prominent amongst those who attended the meeting included Mr.K. Siva Prasad, Principal Secretary, Mr. Tejinder Singh Dhariwal, Director, Mr. Amit Bamby, Additional Managing Director, PRTC and other senior officers of the department

IndiGo Announces Special Summer Flight @ Rs 999

[New Delhi] IndiGo Announces Special Summer Flight @ Rs 999
IndiGo Tuesday announced a four-day special summer sale across its network for the travel period between June 16 and September 28.”Effective June 11, 2019 till June 14, 2019,
IndiGo has around 50 per cent share of the domestic passenger market, according to data of Indian aviation regulator DGCA.
As per William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer,
“We are anticipating an increase in demand beyond summer vacations and are pleased to introduce special fares to enable customers to plan their last-minute vacation at affordable fares,” he added

Robert Vadra Gets Judicial Nod For His Foreign Trips Except London

[New Delhi]Robert Vadra Gets Judicial Nod For His Foreign Trips Except London
A Delhi court Monday allowed Robert Vadra, accused in a money laundering case, to travel abroad for six weeks.
Special Judge Arvind Kumar allowed him to travel to USA and the Netherlands for six weeks and asked him to submit his travel schedule.
The court, however, did not allow Vadra, brother-in law of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, to go to London.
During the arguments, Vadra’s counsel KTS Tulsi told the court that Vadra will not go to London, as per his earlier prayer, if the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had an objection.
Solicitor Gen Tushar Mehta and advocate Nitesh Rana, appearing for the ED, had opposed Vadra’s plea in which he had sought permission to travel to the UK and other countries citing health reasons.
Vadra is facing allegations of money laundering in purchase of a property in London at 12, Bryanston Square, worth 1.9 million pounds.

Center Makes “Body Scanners” Mandatory For 84 Airports

[New Delhi]Center Makes “Body Scanners” Mandatory For 84 Airports
The Centre has directed 84 airports across the country to install body scanners by March 2020, replacing existing door frame metal detectors and hand-held scanners besides pat-down searches of passengers to detect metallic objects, according to an official document.
“Walk-through metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors cannot detect non-metallic weapons and explosives. Body scanners detect both metallic and non-metallic items concealed on the body,” states the circular sent by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) to all airports in April this year.
Of around 105 operational airports in the country at present, 28 are classified as hypersensitive, including those in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and in conflict areas like Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast while 56 airports are categorized as sensitive.
These 28 hypersensitive and 56 sensitive airports would have to install body scanners by March 2020 while the remaining airports can install it by March 2021, as per the circular.

Oldest Chuk Chuk Punjab Mail- Happy Birth Day :Completes 107 Yrs

[Mumbai]Chuk Chuk Punjab Mail Completes 107 Yrs,Deccan Queen Turns 89
The Punjab Mail, one of the oldest long-distance trains in the country, completed 107 years Saturday.
June 1 is also the birthday of the Deccan Queen, which connects Mumbai and Pune. The popular train completed 89 years of its operation Saturday.
The Punjab Mail, or `Punjab Limited’ as it was then called, steamed out on June 1, 1912 from Mumbai, heading for Peshawar, now in Pakistan.
A service meant primarily for white `sahibs’ initially, it soon started catering to lower classes too.
Third class cars started appearing on the Punjab Mail by the mid-1930s.
It got an air-conditioned car in 1945. Now it runs on electric power.
It was known to be the fastest train of British India.
Now its northward journey ends at Firozpur Cantonment after covering 1,930 km within 34 hours and 15 minutes.

US Restricts Visa Of Three Pakistani Ministry Officials

US Restricts Visa Of Three Pakistani Interior Ministry Officials
As per Dawn ,The officials who are facing the visa restrictions are an
additional secretary and a
joint secretary of the interior ministry as well as the
director general passports,
The sanctions on the officials have been put in place after a row between Pakistan and America over deportation of dozens of Pakistanis, currently in the US, because of visa overstay and other allegation
The US has over the past 18 months deported over 100 Pakistanis, all of whom were accepted back.
It is the first time that Pakistani authorities have insisted on a verification of the credentials of the deportees.

Grounded Jet Airways CEO Vinay Dube Also Quits

[Mumbai] Jet Airways CEO Vinay Dube Also Quits
Jet Airways Tuesday said its CEO Vinay Dube has resigned from the company due to personal reasons.
This is the second high profile exit in as many days at the grounded Jet Airways after Deputy CEO Amit Agarwal put in his papers on Monday.
In a filing to stock exchanges, the airline said Dube has “resigned from the services of the company with immediate effect due to personal reasons”.