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Capt Ridiculed Kejriwal’s Allegation On Stubble Burning in Pb

[Chd,Pb]Capt Ridiculed Kejriwal’s Allegation On Stubble Burning in Pb
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has ridiculed the nonsensical claim of his Delhi counterpart asking the AAP leader to stop indulging in political theatrics and to check out the facts before shooting from his mouth.Capt said that the data clearly indicated that Kejriwal’s government in Delhi had failed completely in addressing the problem of pollution in the national capital, said Captain Amarinder Singh, adding that the Delhi Chief Minister was, quite obviously, hunting for scapegoats to put the blame for his own failures.
Taking a dig at Kejriwal for his preposterous logic that the satellite pictures of stubble burning in Punjab was proof of it being the primary cause of the Delhi’s severe pollution, Captain Amarinder Singh said even a school kid would know better. “Can he (Kejriwal) really be an IIT graduate?”
Captain Amarinder Singh demolished Kejriwal’s illogical and ridiculous claim with recorded factual data, and warned that the people of Punjab would not take politely to the AAP leader’s attempts to pin the blame for his own failures on their state.
To begin with, the Punjab Chief Minister pointed out that the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi remains more than 300+ even during December and January every year, when there is no stubble burning in the neighboring States. This clearly indicates that the New Delhi environment is impacted by its own sources within Delhi, which are predominantly vehicular emission, construction activities, industrial activities, power plants, burning of Municipal Solid Waste and sweeping activities,
Further, Captain Amarinder Singh pointed out that as per the latest report of air pollution forecast by Weather Research and Forecasting Model of the India Meteorological Department, winds over Delhi-NCR had changed from north-westerly to easterly, so there was hardly any influence from crop fires in Punjab and Haryana. Yet, Delhi’s air quality continued to be “very Poor”, with an average PM2.5 concentrations of 208 micrograms per cubic meters on 2nd November, which was caused mainly from local vehicular and industrial emissions.
What is more, the increase in the concentration of PM2.5 due to stubble burning is proportionately less as compare to PM10. Thus, the contribution of stubble fire in the increase of PM2.5 is less, whereas, the Ambient Air Quality in Delhi witnesses an increase in the PM2.5 during the winter months, observed Captain Amarinder Singh.
Due to decrease in the temperature and wind velocity, the pollutants in the atmosphere are unable to disperse, which is the major cause of increase in the AQI at most places in north India. In particular, New Delhi AQI crosses the 400 mark due to high emissions from activities of a large population in a confined area of NCR and inversion phenomenon of the climate. During October 2018, the wind velocity became static and decreased to less than 2 KM/hr, Captain Amarinder Singh further pointed out, referring to available scientific data.
Captain Amarinder Singh asserted that had stubble burning been the reason for Ambient Air Quality deterioration then it should have impacted the air quality index of the cities of Punjab in the first place. However, it had been observed that the average AQI of Punjab during October, 2018 was 117, while the average AQI of Delhi hovered around 270. Most of the cities in Punjab have witness clear climate with long distance visibility, in sharp contrast to Delhi, he added.
As far as stubble burning incidents was concerned, he said that the number of such cases till 3rd November was 25394, against 30832 reported last year – clearly showing a decreasing trend. The number of fire incidents per lakh acres of area under paddy plantation is 390, which is very nominal. In fact, the number of fire incidents per village is less than 2 (considering the number of villages in Punjab is 12700), said Captain Amarinder Singh, adding that the State had been able to persuade 98% farmers not to practice the stubble burning.

क़ुब्बाहरी में नारकीय सीवेज के लिए कूलर फार्महाउस पर एसडीएम की गाज

[खरड़,पंजाब]क़ुब्बाहरी में सीवेज की नारकीय स्थिति के लिए कूलर फार्महाउस पर गिरेगी एसडीएम की गाज
फार्म हॉउस के ऍन आर आई मालिक अजित सिंह कूलर पर बहते पानी को रोकने के आरोप हैं |बीते दिनों ग्रामीणों ने इसके खिलाफ डी सी मोहाली के दरबार में गुहार लगाईं थी जिसके फलस्वरूप हुई जांच में एस डी एम विनोद बंसल ने अपनी रिपोर्ट प्रस्तुतु कर डी है |समझा जा रहा है के एस डी एम की रिपोर्ट में अजित सिंह कूलर को दोषी माना गया है

सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने अमेज़न+फ्लिपकार्ट को अधिक प्रदुषण वाले पटाखे बेचने से रोका

[नई दिल्ली] सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने अमेज़न+फ्लिपकार्ट को अधिक प्रदुषण वाले पटाखे बेचने से रोका
न्यायमूर्ति ए के सीकरी और न्यायमूर्ति अशोक भूषण की पीठ ने फ्लिपकार्ट और एमेजन जैसी ई-व्यापारिक वेबसाइटों को उन पटाखों की बिक्री करने से रोक दिया है जो निर्धारित सीमा से अधिक शोर करते हैं।
उच्चतम न्यायालय ने दीपावली, दूसरे त्यौहारों पर पटाखे फोड़ने के लिए रात आठ बजे से दस बजे की समय सीमा निर्धारित करते हुये देशभर में कम प्रदूषण उत्पन्न करने वाले हरित पटाखे बनाने की अनुमति दे दी।
अब प्रतिबंधित पटाखे फोड़े जाने की स्थिति में संबंधित इलाके के थाना प्रभारी जिम्मेदार होंगे।
शीर्ष अदालत ने पिछले साल नौ अक्टूबर को दीपावली से पहले पटाखों की बिक्री पर अस्थाई प्रतिबंध लगा दिया था परंतु बाद में न्यायालय ने कारोबारियों की याचिका खारिज करते हुये 19 अक्टूबर, 2017 के अपने आदेश में किसी प्रकार की ढील देने से इंकार कर दिया था

Naamdhari Baba Udai Accpts To Cleanse Polluting “Budha Nallah”

[Ldh,Chd,Pb] Naamdhari Baba Udai Singh To Clean Up Polluting “Budha Nallah”
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has ordered the constitution of a Special Task Force to free the Budha Nallah of polluting effluents in mission mode.
The task force, with Baba Udai Singh of Naamdhari Sect as its patron, will submit its report to the Chief Minister within two months,
CM has also asked the Local Government department to submit a proposal to enhance the existing capacity of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) from the current 516 MLDs to 675 MLDs, besides augmenting the treatment facilities for industrial effluents.
Captain Amarinder Singh has directed both the Local Bodies + Industries departments+ Principal Secretary Water Resources to draw up a detailed plan for a lasting remedy for channeling and beautification of the 14 KMs of length of the Nallah, which flows through the city.
At present close to 700 MLDs water was flowing in the Nallah, of which 80% was coming from municipal sewerage with industries contributing around 15%.

Farmers in Pb & Hary Continue to Defy Ban on Stubble Burning

[Chandigarh] Farmers in Pb & Hary Defy Ban on Stubble Burning
Stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana is a major cause of air pollution not only in the two states but also in the national capital.Punjab has so far seen over 330 incidents of crop residue burning while Haryana has witnessed 701 incidents of stubble burning
Paddy growers claim, they are “compelled” to do so in the absence of any financial support from the government for farm waste management.
The situation is likely to aggravate this year as the window period for managing the paddy crop residue has got shortened by at least 10 days because of rains last month that delayed paddy harvesting and some farmers said they will resort to stubble burning over taking the farm mechanization route.

Punjab Waste Management Society Partners with PPCB

[Amritsar,Pb]Punjab Waste Management Society Partners with PPCB
The Punjab Plastic Waste Management Society, a consortium of 26 FMCG companies, has collaborated with the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) to launch a five-year programme for effectively managing post-consumer multi-layered packaging (MLP) in the state.
Punjab Environment Minister O P Soni inaugurated the initiative along with PPCB Chairman Satwinder Singh Marwaha.
This Consortium includes PepsiCo India, Perfetti Van Melle, Nestl India, Dabur India, DharmpalSatyapal Group, Haldiram, Hector Beverages, P&G, Patanjali,Godrej Consumer Products, Tata Chemicals, Cremica, among others.

AAI Shelves Sea Plane Project in Chilika Lake

[Bhubaneswar]AAI Shelves Water Aerodrome Project in Chilika Lake
The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has dropped the proposed water aerodrome project at Chilika Lake in Odisha,
Susanta Nanda, Chief Executive, Environmentalists and Chilika Development Authority (CDA),are opposing this project

PM “Modi”Pitches for Investments in e-Vehicles Manufacturing

[New Delhi]PM “Modi”Pitches for Investments in e-Vehicles Manufacturing
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi unveiled a mobility road map that seeks investments in manufacturing electric vehicles and increased use of public transport for travel,
Speaking at the Global Mobility Summit ‘MOVE’,PM said congestion-free mobility is critical to check economic and environmental costs of congestion.
“My vision for the future of mobility in India is based on 7 Cs:

E Charging Charging Stns for 400 Rickshaws In Dwarka

[New Delhi] E Charging Stns for 400 Rickshaws In Dwarka
Union Minister of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises,Anant G. Geete inauguratedCharging Infrastructurein the premises of Dwarka metro station in New Delhi today.
This Infrastructure has been developed by Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. (REIL) having 18 charging stations. Speaking on the occasion the Minster said 400 e-rickshaws may be charged from these stations free of cost.
REIL has already set up 45 charging stations till date in different cities.

बारिश के बाद फिर ऍनसीआर की कई सड़कों पर हुआ जलजमाव

[दिल्ली,मेरठ]बारिश के बाद फिर ऍनसीआर की कई सड़कों पर हुआ जलजमाव
ऍनसीआर के अनेकों शहरों में भारी बारिश के बाद आज राष्ट्रीय राजधानी के कई इलाकों में जलजमाव हो गया।
भैरों मार्ग पर रेलवे पुल,
रिंग रोड पर हनुमान सेतु,
गीता कॉलोनी में नाला रोड पर डीएम ऑफिस के नजदीक सड़कों पर जलजमाव हो गया।
यातायत पोलिस के अनुसार
ओखला सब्जी मंडी,
नेताजी सुभाष मार्ग,
भैरों मार्ग,
रोहिणी जैसे अन्य इलाकों में भी जलजमाव की खबर है।
पिछले 24 घंटे में दिल्ली में 24.6 मिलीमीटर बारिश हुयी है और मौसमविद ने पूरे दिन भर लगातार बारिश होने का अनुमान व्यक्त किया है।
jal bharav + jaamदिल्ली यातायात पुलिस ने मार्गों से बचने के लिए लोगों को सूचना देने के वास्ते अपने ट्विटर हैंडल से अलर्ट जारी किया है।
मेरठ में भी सुबह से ही हल्की बारिश हो रही हैं |गड्डोंमें बनी सडकों पर जलजमाव से वाहन सवार और पैदल दोनों को परेशानियों का सामना करना पढ़ रहा है
फाइल फोटो