FTII Agitating Students[For Creativity]Demanded More Financial Powers For Hardware

[Mumbai]FTII Agitating Students[For Creativity]Demanded More Financial Powers For Hardware: Got Accepted
I & B Secretary‘s Met with FTII students representatives in Mumbai today
A meeting was held in the office of Films Division in Mumbai between the representatives of FTII Students Association and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The Ministry was represented by:
1)Shri Sunil Arora, Secretary
2)Shri K.Sanjay Murthy, Joint Secretary (Films)
3)Shri Mukesh Sharma, Director General, Films Division
4)Shri Prashant Patrabe, Director, FTII
5)Shri U.C.Bodke, Registrar, FTII
Ms. Aruna Raje, representative of GRAFTI was also part of the deliberations.
During the discussions, the students sought
[1]an enhanced delegation of financial powers and flexibility in purchase of hardware etc. to enable them to do their creative work.
It was agreed that Shri Mukesh Sharma would examine this matter and submit a report within a fortnight to the Ministry.
[2]The students and Ms. Raje also reiterated their desire for turning FTII into an institute of national excellence at par with the reputed institutions across the world.
They were accordingly asked to submit a paradigm/concept note/blue print within a fortnight which would be a major input for taking this matter forward.
Secretary will have another round of talks with the students on 10.10.2015 in Mumbai and also request Hon’ble Minister of State, I&B to have a meeting with the students in Delhi in the near future.