36 Brands Illegally Selling e-Cigarettes in India:World Tobbaco Day

[New Delhi]’36 Brands Illegally Selling e-Cigarette in India:World Tobbaco Day
The survey, ahead of the World Tobbaco Day on May 31, was conducted by New Delhi-based Consumer Voice, a not-for-profit organisation that advises the government on prominent people-related issues.
E-cigarettes involve a mechanism to deliver nicotine in an attractive format. They are marketed as a harm-reduction product which experts believe is contrary to the truth.
Price of e-cigarette sold through shops ranges from Rs 200 to more than Rs 6,800 depending on the brand, capacity, flavours and variants
The survey also found that most of the buyers were school and college students within the age group of 12-25, who considered it to be comparatively less harmful than the conventional cigarettes.