Maneka Performs Ancient Prenatal Yoga For Pregnant Women

[New Delhi] Maneka Performs Prenatal Yoga For Pregnant Women
Union Minister Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi today performed prenatal yoga asanas along with pregnant women and asked them to practice the ancient Indian fitness regime under trained professionals.
The Union Women and Child Development Minister, on International Yoga Day at the Natural Childbirth Centre
performed several prenatal yoga asanas, including the modified version of the Tikonasana, Paschimmottasana and Ashwa Sanchalam, under the guidance of a teacher.
The asanas have been modified according to the changes in the body of a pregnant women, said Nutan Pandit, founder of Natural Childbirth Centre.
The minister said, “Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promoted yoga, the number of teachers have increased, but there will be 1,50,000 wellness centres across the country so we need at least 1,50,000 teachers, physiotherapists in the country.”
The United Nations General Assembly in December 2014 had declared that June 21 would be observed as International Day for Yoga (IDY) every year, a move for which India had lobbied hard.
The centrepiece of the first IDY celebration on June 21, 2015, was New Delhi’s Rajpath, with the event making it to the Guinness World Records with 35,985 participants performing asanas at one venue and 84 nationalities being part of it.