Wow! 25% Ghost Beneficieries Of Subsidised LPG Eliminated

[New Delhi] Wow! 25% Ghost Beneficiaries Of Subsidized LPG Eliminated
Sales of subsidised LPG cylinders under the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme (DBT) have come down by about 25 per cent as most “ghost beneficiaries” have been eliminated,
CEA Arvind Subramanian in UNDP conference said.”… essentially, what we find is that on an average, the DBT scheme has reduced subsidised domestic LPG sales by about 25 per cent,” .
On the fiscal impact of DBT, the Chief Economic Advisor said, “We estimate that in 2014-15, savings could be as much Rs 12,700 crore, which is a lot of money. But savings will be lower this year at around Rs 6,500 crore.”