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IndiGo’s Fliers Forced To Buy High Fares :Regulator Sleeping

[Mumbai] IndiGo’s Fliers Forced To Buy High Fares :30 More Flights Cancelled Pilot Crisis
On Monday also, the Gurugram-headquartered airline had pulled out 32 flights from its network.
On the other hand, there was no indication of any probe by the aviation regulator into the cancellation of such large number of flights by the airline since last Saturday.
IndiGo has cancelled 30 flights for Tuesday due to the on-going pilots issue. Most of the flights have been cancelled from Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai
While eight flights are not being operated from Kolkata,
another five flights are cancelled from Hyderabad and four each from Bangalore and Chennai
It is alleged that IndiGo was forcing passengers to either buy last minute fares or offering them alternate flights with one-stop connectivity with a long transit time.
In a statement on Sunday, the airline had blamed on weather for disruption in operations across its network.

25 Indigo’s Crew Members Faced Enforcement Action During Six Months Of This Year

[New Delhi] 25 IndiGo’s Crew Members Faced Enforcement Action Just Six Months
44 crew members, including pilots, of
Jet Airways faced enforcement actions this year till June end, followed by
IndiGo (25),
Air India (22),
Spicejet (15),
GoAir (8),
Vistara (4) and
AirAsia (2).
On August 11, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha informed Parliament that DGCA acted against 63 pilots of SpiceJet for operating flights beyond their stipulated duty hours. In 2014, there were 391 enforcement actions by the DGCA.
As per DGCA Reports ,270 airline crew violated safety norms this year
As many as 270 airline crew members, mostly pilots, were found violating safety norms this year by regulator DGCA which suspended over 150 of them, raising serious concerns about aviation safety.
The number paints an alarming picture as there was a total of
275 “enforcement actions” by DGCA last year, compared
270 such actions being initiated in less than eight months this year.
“Instances of safety violations are increasing. To curb such incidents, the regulator has stepped up surveillance activities,” a senior DGCA official said.
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had earlier this week suspended flying licenses of two pilots of
Air India and
Jet Airways
for four years as they were found to be drunk soon after operating international flights. It had also directed the airlines to register FIRs against them.
Violation of safety requirements such as being drunk while operating a flight can also attract imprisonment.
One cabin crew member each from the two carriers have also been suspended for the same violation for one year.
As per latest data available with DGCA, there were safety violations involving around 270 airline crew members this year till August 12 and the number stood at 169 at the end of June.
Most of them were pilots, flight commanders and first officers.

Dogs Hampers Flight Operations In Domestic Airports:Indigo Number Highest

[New Delhi] Dogs Hampers Flight Operations In Domestic Airports :Parliament Is Informed Today
As many as eight incidents of dogs straying in the runway and hampering flight operations have been reported from various domestic airports in the previous year,
In three out of the eight incidents the pilot had to reject the take off while in another the flights were told do a go-around, according to the Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma.
Budget carrier IndiGo reported the highest number of such incidents (4) while AirAsia India had two cases and Spicejet one incident,
The incident of a dog straying on the runway and forcing the pilot of a private shipping company to do a go-around was also reported during the period.
Sharma said that Government is taking all measures along with all functional agencies and State authorities to effectively check the menace.
An airport environment management committee has also been constituted under the chairmanship of district authorities at airports to handle environmental issues including dog menace effectively, he said.
It monitors and controls presence of unauthorised slums, eating places, abattoirs, garbage dumping areas, carcass and open sewage which attracts birds and wildlife, the Minister added.
At vulnerable airports, vehicular entry gate is modified with double gate systems to prevent possible entry of stray animals, he said adding security agencies (CISF, State Police) is also sensitised periodically to ensure prevention of stray animals entry