It is Really Not Repeat Not Silly Thing to Write to President Barack Obama

American President Barack Obama ,by taking lunch with a caller, has again proven that it is really not repeat not silly thing to write to President . Obama had lunch in Minneapolis with a woman named Rebekah, who wrote him a few months ago, to share the challenges facing her family and how hard they need to work just to make ends meet.
The President and Rebekah spent the day together grabbing burgers and holding a town hall with other members of the community. He spoke with folks about what’s on their mind, and the issues that Americans across the country deal with every day
.Obama Ensured that “I’ll be doing more of these trips over the course of the summer, visiting people who have written me, to spend a day in their cities and towns.
Because speaking directly with the folks is most important ,Obama has invited countrymen to share their story of challenges with him
Encouraging Americans to come forward Obama Narrated the story of Rebekah wrote him , she said, “I’m pretty sure this is a silly thing to do, to write the President.”And By Taking Lunch With Rebekah Obama has proven that it is really not silly
Obama says ” it’s not a silly thing at all. It means so much to me to read your letters. They remind me exactly who we’re fighting for every single day.”