15 Lawmakers ask Trump to Reconsider Decision on H4 Visas

[Washington]15 Lawmakers ask Trump to Reconsider Decision on H4 visas
A group of 15 lawmakers asserted that the existing H-4 rule was a matter of both economic competitiveness and maintaining family unity.
“The H-4 rule lessened the burden on thousands of H1-B recipients and their families while they transition from non-immigrants to lawful permanent residents by allowing their families to earn dual incomes. Many entrepreneurs used their EADs to start businesses that now employ US citizens,” they said in a letter to the Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen M Nielsen.
H-4 rule was implemented three years ago for spouses of highly skilled immigrants, over 100,000 workers,
With the future of thousands of Indian professional, mostly women, at stake, the Indian Embassy is believed to have taken up the matter very strongly with the Trump Administration and US lawmakers.
US President Donald Trump signed an executive order for tightening the rules of the H-1B visa programme to stop “visa abuses” last year.