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Modi Hazir Ho On 9th May:Metropolitan Magistrate On Tricolor

[New Delhi] Modi Hazir Ho On 9th May:Metropolitan Magistrate On Tricolor
A Delhi court today took cognisance of a complaint against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly “insulting” the national flag last year on the international yoga day and during his visit to United States.
“I take cognisance of the complaint. Fix the matter for May 9,” Metropolitan Magistrate Snigdha Sarvaria said while ordering recording of pre-summoning evidence on that day.
The complainant Ashish Sharma, who has sought direction to the police to file an FIR against Modi, has claimed that he had committed an offence under the provisions of Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 and has also violated the Flag Code of India.
He claimed that Modi had insulted the national flag not once but several times. He alleged that the PM had “disrespected” national flag at the event of Yoga Day at the India Gate on the international yoga day by using it as a handkerchief.
“He (Modi) was again careless at the time of handing over the national flag to Barack Obama, President, USA, when he signed over the national flag which is against National Flag Code, 2002,”

Media’s Small Section Causing Own Profession a Bad Name:RTI from Media Needed

[Mumbai] Media’s Small Section Causing Own Profession a Bad Name
As per senior journalist Shashi Kumar A “small section” of media is giving it a bad name,
He was speaking on ‘media and communal politics’ this evening here as part a two-day conclave on “celebrating freedom and pluralism”.
He Said
We are at a defining moment now, not just for the nation, but the media as well. There are sins of commission and omission of the media which we need to be ashamed about
He Added
What has defined Indian democracy is a free media
Bad elements in journalism are getting sanctified We need to ask for a media reform in the country. We need a right to information from media,”
Senior journalist P Sainath said, “They’ve managed to sell the national versus anti-national debate.”
“Last 25-30 years have been disgraceful to journalism.
Sainath said.”Indian media is politically-free, but imprisoned by profits…. I believe this country is ruled by a coalition of socio-religious fundamentalists and market economics,”
Senior Marathi journalist Nikhil Wagle said, “The present period is the worst days in my 35-year-old career.
“I’m not surprised by the attacks on the media. Today, there is state sanction for the attacks, which was not the case earlier,” he claimed.
“We should develop an alternate media, owned by people and one which will stand up for the people,”

JNU [2]Absconding “Seditious”Students Surrendered+Questioned And Arrested

[New Delhi,] JNU [2]Absconding “Seditious”Students Surrendered+Questioned And Arrested
Bassi Police Arrested And Questioned Two JNU Students
These JNU students questioned for five hours
JNU students Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, surrendered before the police last night,
were arrested in the wee hours today after being questioned for five hours.
As per Police Sources,Before being arrested they were questioned for at least five hours in which the police enquired about their whereabouts and hideouts during the phase when police was looking out for them in connection with the sedition case which led to arrest of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar,
The Bassi’s police also enquired whether two of them were the main organisers of the February 9 event against the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, and whether they were involved in anti-India sloganeering which allegedly took place.
Police is waiting for three more students to surrender.
The duo, who returned to the JNU campus last Sunday after having gone missing since February 12, drove from the administrative block to the main gate of the university, got into a Delhi Police vehicle and were taken to an undisclosed destination last night.
Besides Kumar, Khalid and Bhattacharya, the other students are Rama Naga, Ashutosh Kumar and Anant Prakash.
Delhi Police had issued a look-out notice on February 20 against Khalid, Bhattacharya, Naga, Ashutosh and Prakash.

U S A Is set seize control of a Manhattan 36 story skyscraper ,Secretly Owned By Nuclear Weapons Ambitious Iran

,U S A Is set seize control of a Manhattan 36 story skyscraper ,Secretly Owned By Nuclear Weapons Ambitious Iran The United States Of America is set seize control of a Manhattan 36 story skyscraper claiming that it is secretly owned by Iran, , though the ruling is to be appealed.
The seizure and sale of the 36-story building, in the heart of New York City on Fifth Avenue, would be “the largest-ever terrorism-related forfeiture,”
A federal judge ruled in favor of the government’s suit this week, saying the building’s owners had violated Iran sanctions and money laundering laws.
Manhattan Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara said the decision upholds the justice department claims the owner of the building is a front for Bank Melli, and thus a front for the Government of Iran.” building’s owners, the Alavi Foundation and Assa Corporation, transferred rental income and other funds to Iran’s state-owned Bank Melli.
The U.S. Treasury Department has instituted tight sanctions against Iran, to build pressure on Tehran against program to develop nuclear weapons.
The building was constructed in the 1970’s by a non-profit organization operated by the Shah of Iran, who was overthrown at the end of that decade.