Meditate for SomeTime Daily And Enjoy Brilliant Godly Lights Forever:Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

[New Delhi] Meditate for some time daily And enjoy Brilliant Godly Lights Forever :Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
The Spiritual Guru Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Inspires To Meditate And Light The Soul
Head Guru Of Science Of Spirituality And Sawan Kripal Ruhani Mission Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj ,While Showing the importance of festivals ,says that The festival of Diwali, or “The Festival of Lights,” is a holiday in which families light lamps, which illumine the night.On Diwali, it is traditional to light candles and lamps But It is a time to reflect upon the importance of lighting our inner lamps—the light of the soul.
That light within us is the Light and Sound of God. Once lit it burns forever.The Light of God is within.
By meditating daily, we can see for ourselves the Light of God burning within. As we meditate and go within, we see the same Light of God that shines in us glowing in all other people as well. That sense of unity breaks down the outer divisions that typically divide people. Such holidays which are celebrated as one family are an expression of our sense of oneness both internally and externally.
This holiday is a time to remember to not only enjoy the outer lights but to go within to enjoy the inner Lights. Brilliant lights await us within.We need only to sit in meditation for some time daily to enjoy them.