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Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Adopts 500 Children Orphaned in Earthquake-hit Nepal

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev today Adopted 500 Children Orphaned in the earthquake-hit Nepal and said he will render all possible help to them up to fifth standard.
As per Sources ..Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust will provide lodging +boarding for free of cost till 5th standard,
Ramdev today returned to the New Delhi and from there, he reached Haridwar, he said.
Meanwhile, Ramdev’s associate Bal Krishan will stay in Kathmandu and oversee the relief works carried out by Trust,

कोई कहे चाँद उल्टा तो किसी का सूरज टेढ़ा, हर किसी के दिमाग में फितूर ही है फितना

जिधर देखो उधर क़यामत है ढाता जलजला नेपाल से भारत रोजाना कहर ढाता जलजला
कोई कहे चाँद उल्टा तो किसी का सूरज टेढ़ा हर किसी के दिमाग में फितूर ही है फितना
किसी के तारे हुए गायब जमीन कोई ढूंढता ,कोई लगाता अट्ठास तो कोई अनायास नाचता
फितूरी फ़ितनों की जिंदगानी बुलबुला है इस फानी दुनिया में बस इतना ही जान लो
हर मुल्क में हर कौम में है जगह मौजूद हैं जीवट+मतवाले+दिलवाले इस दुनिया में
गम अपने भुला मदद को निकल पढ़ते हैं दुनिया में ,इंसानियत इसी को कहते होंगें ज़माने वाले

Air services to Kathmandu hit again as flights of Air India+SpiceJet+IndiGo failed to land

[New Delhi] Air services to Kathmandu were hit again today as flights of Air India+SpiceJet+ IndiGo failed to land in the earthquake-hit Nepalese capital and returned as ATC personnel at Tribhuvan International Airport were evacuated following a powerful aftershock.
However, National Carrier Air India was able to operate two flight in the morning, one each from Delhi and Kolkata with 118 and 45 passengers on board.
Two powerful aftershocks today rattled Neighboring Nepal , adding to the misery of yesterday’s devastation in which the casualties soared to 2,200 people dead and over 5,600 others injured.
The two flights are back with 135 and 45 passengers,
Air India operates three services to Kathmandu including two daily services from the national capital. The Kolkata-Kathmandu-Kolkata flight is, however, operated four times a week.
Of the three regular services, Air India had operated only one flight yesterday, which had departed much before the massive earthquake had hit the land-locked country.
Besides Air India, other domestic carriers had also cancelled their services to Kathmandu.
A magnitude 6.7 aftershock shook the Kathmandu area of Nepal a day after the massive earthquake devastated the region, killing hundreds of people.

Relief Are On Full Swing:Earth Quake

[New Delhi] Relief Are On Full Swing :Earth QuakeAn earthquake with an intensity of 7.9 on ritcher scale with epicenter 77 kilometer north-west of Kathmandu has been experienced today. The impact of the earthquake has been felt in almost all northern States in India particularly in Bihar+ Uttar Pradesh+Sikkim+West Bengal. Emergency has been declared in Nepal
. As per the latest information, Provided By Ministry Of Home ,34 deaths have been confirmed so far with
[23] deaths in Bihar,
[8] in Uttar Pradesh and
[ 3] in West Bengal. In order to deal with the situation in the affected States, 5 teams of National Disaster Response Force( NDRF) have already been sent; one team to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh and one each to Darbhanga, Supaul, Motihari and Gopalganj in Bihar. 3.5 Ton Releaf Material Has Also Been Sent To Nepal By Special Helicopter.
Each team of NDRF consists of 45 personnel who are fully equipped with the modern equipments to deal with search and rescue operations.There are sniffer dogs in these teams.
The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) in the Cabinet Secretariat has already met and reviewed the situation through video-conferencing with the Chief Secretaries of affected States. The NCMC will be meeting regularly to take stock of the situation and the relief measures.
Control Rooms 24X7 have been set up both in MHA and NDMA with following number:-011- 2309 3564, 23093566 (MHA Control Room ), 011-26701728, 26701729, 9868881801(M) – (NDMA Control Room) Meanwhile , an inter Governmental coordination cell has been set up in Cabinet Secretariat which will coordinate all relief measures for Nepal as well as for Indian States. This will function on round-the-clock basis and the phone numbers are :- 011- 2301 6633, 2379 2281.
A report by the Seismic Division of the Indian Meteorological Department says major damage is expected in and around the epicentral region. The source region is expected to experience an intensity of IX and above at Modified Mercalli scale(MMI) , which corresponds to considerable damage even in specially designed structures . 14 aftershocks were also reported of much less magnitude till last reports came in Immediately in about ten minutes of occurrence of the quake the Indian Tsunami Early Warning Center (ITEWC) of INCOIS- Indian Nation Center for Ocean Information Services and the IMD also sent alert to all higher authorities of the government indicating the epicenter and the magnitude of the quake

Congress Also Asked Indian Govt to Extend Full Support to Earth Quake-Victims

[New Delhi]Congress Also Asked Indian Govt to Extend Full Support to Earth Quake- Victims
L o P in Rjaya Sabha Sh Ghulam Nabi Azad today asked the government to extend full support to quake-hit Nepal and the affected Indian states as he condoled the loss of lives in the natural disaster.
“My prayers are with all the people who have suffered in today’s natural calamity, especially Nepal, in this hour of grief and pain,” Azad said as he expressed deep sorrow and grief on the loss of life and property due to the massive earthquake that struck Nepal and certain parts of the country early today.
Urging the Union government to extend “full support” to Nepal in this hour of distress, Azad said, “In keeping with our tradition, we must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Nepal to enable them to deal with this massive tragedy.”
The former Union Minister also called for “quick and adequate support” to Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and North East, saying that they have suffered severe losses both in terms of life and property.

Earthquake Rocked Kathmandu Airport Is Closed

[New Delhi]Earthquake Rocked Kathmandu Airport Is Closed So Flight services to Kathmandu were today cancelled or put on hold Indian Budget Carriers Also To Bear Monetary Loss
Airport Is closed after a powerful earthquake rocked central part of the Himalyan country.International Flights Are Diverted To India
“Due to the closure of Kathmandu airport following the earthquake this morning, the Kathmandu flights were diverted to India[Lucknow] and would return to Mumbai. Consequently, the return flight from Kathmandu stands cancelled,
Budget carrier SpiceJet + IndiGo+Jet Airways have decided not to operate till they get a clearance from the Nepal government”
IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh said.”In this sort of situation, one can’t predict when the operations would be resumed.
A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal today, causing massive damage in the capital Kathmandu with strong tremors felt across neighbouring countries.