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पुलिस पर कब्जे को “आप”का संघर्ष मुम्बई की उगाही कांड का असर तो नही

cartoon cheeyar leader aap partyआमआदमीपार्टीचेयरलीडर
ओए झल्लेया! ये क्या हो रहा है? ओए दिल्ली में हसाडी चुनी हुई सरकार के सीमित अधिकारों को भी एलजी की झोली में डाला जा रहा है। पार्लियामेंट में विपक्ष के विरोध के बावजूद केंद्र में सत्तारूढ़ सरकार ने राज्यसभा मे राष्ट्रीय राजधानी राज्य छेत्र शासन ( संशोधन )बिल पारित करवा लिया।बेशक राज्य सभा मे हम अल्पमत में थे फिर भी दिल्ली के दो करोड़ लोगों आवाज बने 83 के मुकाबिले 45 मतों की भावना का आदर किया जाना चाहिए था।इसीके विरोध में मल्लिकार्जुन खड़गे जी सदन से वाकआउट कर गए।
ये केंद्र वाले हम पर कानून व्यवस्था का ठीकरा फोड़ते रहते हैं लेकिन दिल्ली पुलिस की कमान हमे सौंपने को तैयार नही होते।गृह राज्यमंत्री जी किशन रेड्डी इसे संवैधानिक बता रहे हैं।
झल्ला आपसे पूर्ण सहानुभूति है। नोटबन्दी के पश्चात अब पुलिस का झल्लासबइंस्पेक्टर ही 100 करोड़ ₹ की उगाही प्रतिमाह करवा सकता है और पार्टी चलाने के लिए पैसा जरूरी है।इसीलिए पुलिस पर कब्जा भी जरूरी है।

Delhi Health Min “Jain” Admitted to Covid 19 Hospital

(New Delhi) Delhi Health Min “Jain” Admitted to Covid 19 Hospital
Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Tuesday Tweeted that he has been hospitalised after suffering from high-grade fever and a sudden drop in his oxygen level.
He informed that he was admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital (RGSSH) a dedicated COVID-19 facility under the Delhi government.

“Due to high grade fever and a sudden drop of my oxygen levels last night I have been admitted to RGSSH. Will keep everyo

Delhi Records 1,366 Fresh Cases of COVID-19

(New Delhi) Delhi Records 1,366 Fresh Cases of COVID-19
Delhi recorded 1,366 fresh cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, taking the tally to 31,309, while the death toll mounted to 905,
According to a health bulletin issued by the Delhi government’s health department, there are 18,543 active cases, while 11,861 patients have either recovered, been discharged or migrated.
No health bulletin was issued on Tuesday.

Saffrons & Broomers are Boomeranging Air Pollution

(New Delhi)Saffrons & Broomers are Boomeranging Air Pollution in Delhi
Delhi’s air pollution skyrocketed after Diwali. A layer of haze enveloped the national capital as the city’s air quality plummeted to the “severe” category for the first time this season.
The overall air quality index (AQI) stood at 463 at 11.30 am, according to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR).
The AQI at Pusa, Lodhi Road, Airport Terminal T3, Noida, Mathura Road, Ayanagar, IIT Delhi, Dhirpur, and Chandni Chowk was 480, 436, 460, 668, 413, 477, 483, 553 and 466, respectively. Ruling AAP on Monday said that the saffron party has “a habit of” opposing everything that the Kejriwal government does.
But Delhi BJP leader Vijender Gupta hit back, saying the Aam Aadmi Party is making these claims to “distract” people from its failures to curb air pollution to a manageable level.
Addressing a press conference, senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said BJP leaders should think about their families before bursting crackers.
He was apparently referring to Delhi unit BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, who posted a video on Twitter where he could be seen lighting earthen lamps and bursting firecrackers with people in unauthorised colonies.
Gupta said ,AAP is making such claims because its government has not done any ground work in Delhi. “Controlling pollution needs work all through the year. The AAP has not done that and now to distract people from its own failures it is making such comments.”

Indisposed CM Kejriwal Approves Pay+Allowances Hike of Delhiites 70 MLAs

[New Delhi] Indisposed CM Kejriwal Approves Pay+Allowances Hike of Delhiites MLAs
This decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting chaired by Indisposed Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at his residence.
They, however, did not specify the quantum of hike in allowances and salary. Delhi has 70 MLAs.
In July, a group of AAP legislators had demanded a significant hike in salary, arguing that their earnings were not enough to run their family and offices.
In October, a three-member committee headed by former Secretary General of Lok Sabha PDT Achary had recommended two-and-half-fold hike in salary from current Rs 88,000 per month to Rs 2.10 lakh.
The committee, which had submitted its report to Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel, had favoured a 400 per cent hike in basic salary of MLAs from Rs 12,000 to Rs 50,000 per month.

AAP’s Delhi Govt Syphoning Fatty Cakes to Its Party Members

[New Delhi]AAP’s Delhi Govt Syphoning Fatty Cakes to Its Party Members
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi today admitted that a few party members were getting benefits like official house and cars.
In a reply to BJP MLA OP Sharma’s question, government said that these members have been appointed as co-terminus staff with it.
Government in its reply said that Bibhav Kumar, private secretary to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Aswathi Muralidharan, joint secretary to Chief minister, have been allotted houses.
The government also said the salary of these staff, who are in the grade pay of Rs 8,700 equivalent to senior IAS officers.
Apart from 17 co-terminus staff, eight contractual staffs are hired and get Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.15 lakh.
There are two advisors who work on the salary of Rs one per month.